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EG: All about install webserver, Apache, nginx, litespeed - Centos,debian SolusVM alredy requested Setup Openvz - vps Setup Kvm - vps Install control panel, vestacp,

I am very excited, I just created some tutorials on SolusVM Control Panel. After this, I will focus on suggestion of @Jawanet  

Total: 347 Articles.   Note: Reselling our Selling our Articles is not allowed. Now you can save time by purchasing our Latest and Up-to-Date Ready-Made Articles for your Blesta Billing

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v1.7 Released - 30 New Articles added and one article updated.


Total Articles now we have: 269

  • 30 New Articles Added
  • 8 Articles on cPanel (MX Entry, DNS, etc)
  • 5 New Articles on Installing a control panel like Plesk, DirectAdmin, Webmin, SolusVM, etc.
  • Wordpress (6+ Articles on WP)
  • Article of Namecheap was outdated, We updated this article.
  • 106+ Images added.


Open a ticket for getting upgrade file, Do not post to many reply to same ticket or do not open multiple ticket. Think that we will need to do lot of manual work so it can take long time but we will not close your ticket unless we provide update file.

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v2.1 Released!


This release is different from all our earlier versions, and upgrading is not the same as our earlier process.


Articles removed: (Related to Softaculous)
1. Ghost
2. ocPortal
3. jCore

- We updated all existing articles because many articles were outdated.
- Removed some Softaculous articles which were removed by Softaculous.
- Softaculous article renamed from OpenBlog to Pubvana.
- Softaculous article renamed from Kliqqi to Plikli.
- Some images are also removed. Most of the images are updated.
- The proofreader checked all articles.
- Articles on Android is now based on Android 10, and Apple articles on iOS 13.
- Images are far bigger than earlier images.

No, any new article added because we needed to update our outdated articles and images.

Total Articles: 347

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I cannot hold this secret anymore. Before releasing v2.2 I want to let you know that it have following new categories.


- Plesk 😙

- Virtualizor 🍋

- Cloudflare ⛈️

- CloudLinux (For cP, DA & Plesk) 🌤️

- Microsoft Outlook 2019 📧

- PayPal 💰


Plus price for Blesta supported KB is now only $41. 🤗

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