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[Report] Blesta Vat Moss Report Is Here :)


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Hello Blestars :blesta:




Here it is Blesta VAT MOSS report for all EU blestars :P




Here is some teasers:








How to Install/Update

1º- Download the Blesta Vat Moss Report: Download Here (updated 16-04-2015)
2º- Uncompress, and upload the folder "vat_mos" to blesta /components/reports/ directory.
3º- Go to Blesta Admin, and click on Billing->Reports->Report Type and it will list the "Vat Moss" report, just select.
How to Uninstall
Just remove the folder "vat_mos" from blesta /components/reports/ directory.
Hope you like it :blesta:
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i start by saying that i'm not a MOSS expert but i think that there's a small issue: if invoice has more than 1 row/item, in column "Total Value Invoiced (Excl. VAT)" of report you get only the value of the first row/item and not the total.


I think that the problem is the join on "invoice_lines" and maybe you don't need to define "total_invoice" as "ROUND(invoice_lines.amount*invoice_lines.qty,2)", but only get "total" from "invoices".


What do you think about?



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