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Navigation Links , Refactor !

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Hello All ,


Today i want to suggest/talk about the navigation links , for my poor point of view , it need a full re-factor not just a improvement . why ?


1 - Normally the navigation links should be totally controlled by the admin/staff , as now some of the navigation are not stored in database and is added directly to the navigation.php , it's a -1 point for blesta .

2 - the admin/staff should be able to add/edit/delete links as it want .

3 - the navigation link should support access levels , like (all, guests, clients, staff, or based staff based permissions ) , for example i want to make navigation link only showed to the guests , like a registration link , or make a link showed only to clients like payment account .

4 - the link should also support orders , as i can move order (up/down) of them as  want .

5 - links should be multi-language of course . (i think that it was the main goal to make them n navigation php class by blesta ).

7 - the navigation links should support external urls .

8 - the navigation link should be out of the show_header var .


at the moment , getPrimaryClient is the most wanted .


if blesta accept the deal , they jst add the structure database tables and the class . i can provide a free plug-in to the community to ad/edit/delete/order the links :)









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I just want good UI for both customers and admins.


- The ability to remove or customize anything, due to it being unneeded or confusing (or both) for the customer. Honestly, the admin area needs it as well (WITH DROPDOWNS!), as not all "staff" has the same permissions and needs.


- Mobile theme for both admin and customers areas.


Blesta is nice, because it's simple. But it's also "simplistic" (not a good thing). It's 2015, yet Blesta acts like a script I would have expected back in 2008 (not quite 2010, not quite 2005). Sadly, because of this, it's not really usable for many. So we're forced to deal with ClientExec and WHMCS. Those aren't perfect, no. But the UIs are much better. Admins can take care of basic tasks much quicker.


The Blesta UI hasn't changed in years. That's just not acceptable.


So what ever can be done to fix this, I'm all for it. :)

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