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Install Your Extension With Composer


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We've recently released a Blesta extension installer so users of composer can install Blesta extensions into their Blesta installation.


This makes it super easy to install open source Blesta extensions, or your own customer proprietary extensions using a private composer repository (such as satis).


This installer supports the following extensions:

  • Plugins
  • Modules
  • Merchant Gateways
  • Non-merchant Gateways
  • Invoice Templates
  • Reports


See the instructions for usage in the README.


Note that for Plugins, Modules and Gateways, the installer simply makes these extensions available in Blesta. You still need to complete installation in Blesta, like you would normally, for each of your companies.

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any chance of updating this to support composer v2? 


I'm seeing warnings which will most likely scare the uninitiated and perhaps make them not complete the install

  - Installing blesta/composer-installer (1.1.0): Extracting archive
Loading "blesta/composer-installer" which is a legacy composer-installer built for Composer 1.x, it is likely to cause issues as you are running Composer 2.x.

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