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The Marketplace (Beta)


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We've soft launched the Marketplace (beta).




You need to have a valid account with us as well as a developer license to list extensions on The Marketplace. No account is necessary to browse or download extensions from The Marketplace. Click "Developer? Log in / Sign up" in the bottom left. Enter your Blesta client area credentials from https://account.blesta.com/client/login. (You will always login with your current user/pass from the client area) Then, you may add and manage your extensions. Please only list extensions that you have created.


There is no moderation process, so please play nice, we don't want to disable anyone's account.


Also, this is a beta, so please report any issues or suggestions you may have.


We'll be adding support for Github in the future, as well as many other improvements. The Marketplace will also be tightly integrated into Blesta in a future release.

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Feature Request: There should be a report plugin (or whatever) so users can report broken plugins or malicious plugins.


+1 (if it hasn't been added yet since this is so old and I didn't check yet)


Also...any plans to eventually have the ability to load plugins directly from the marketplace within Admin?

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