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[Gateway] Paymentwall

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Paymentwall has released a payment gateway for Blesta. You can download the gateway, and find out more about it and Paymentwall at https://www.paymentwall.com/en/documentation/Blesta/3439


Paymentwall supports many different currencies in many different countries. You can read their announcement from their blog at http://blog.paymentwall.com/en/company/news/paymentwall-added-payment-modules-for-blesta-whmcs-hostbill/

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See below:


  • Download the plugin archive at the top of this page

Upload the app folder into your Magento root folder using an FTP client of your choice

Go to Blesta Admin Panel -> Settings at top menus

Select the tab Company, choose to open Payment Gateways

Select Available under Payment Gateways section

Choose Install Paymentwall and fill out all fields

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I can not say from concrete experience, but check parameters for gateway at both sides:


- paymentwall parameters/settings at blesta

- explore your paymentwall settings at paymentwall website (your account)

Can you advise on what you changed on blesta excluding the gateway details ??

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Now it installed but giving the following error:


Enable Delivery API must be set to "true" if given.

Hi I had same issue and I just had conversation with support staff there and they say it is fixed,you need to uninstall and install it again,first go and download new fixed files.I can confirm I was able to configure both brick and paymentwall after I download new files.

here is response from staff

Hi Sanel,

Can you please reinstall it again? We just fixed it.

Please refer to : https://www.paymentwall.com/en/documentation/Blesta/3439

Paymentwall Team
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