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Provide Tooltips For Package Options


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Ubersmith have excellent tooltip options for any product and add-on package like shown for the end-users in the attached screenshot:




On the contrary Blesta doesn't allow to add any explanatory notices which would help end-users to take their decision. I really wanted to add something like 


Every plan comes with one IP-address by default. However, because some registrars require two different IP addresses for registering custom nameservers using your domain name, you might want to order additional IP-addresses.


but after trying different approaches I failed to do so and now my configurable option looks like this:




Really isn't helpful much for the to the end-users :(


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How does ubersmith allow these to be configured?  I can see this as being useful, and the information could be displayed in a tooltip or other information section depending on the order template.


During creation of order form... you can select to enable a tooltip for each one, and you input the data there at the order form creation wizard.

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