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Hello All Again .

i'm Alive :)

BLESTA Connect is a single centralised interface to administer and manage all of your servers. Provides a single sign-on solution based on the Cpanel SSO .

Utilising Single Sign-On Technology, BLESTA Connect allows you and your staff to access the control panels of all the servers configured in your BLESTA installation that support Single Sign-On with one click , no need to share root or resellers password with your staff .

the plugin support permissions, so you can set the permissions for staff groups .

Supported Modules :

  • Cpanel (Blesta core)
  • Cpanel Extended (you should setup it with access key)
  • LogicBoxes
  • LogicBoxes Extended

More modules will be added if the panel support the SSO .

this  plugin requiere a the Pro (Silver) subscription .

Order Link

Plugin page

Screen Shoot .






Complete list of released addons

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Nice but probably best if you made it open in the tab or new tab not a little box.


There's also no link to your order page...? And if you are using a server list maybe it would be better if you had Blesta Connect - Server Name not all in one line.


maybe next version i will add options to plugin to choose how the page will be render .


for the link i have forget about it :) ....

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Hello naja7host :)


Great Plugin :) I have send to you anouther PayPal Donation ;) hope that helps :P


Why dont you add a "Full Screen" option like on Support Manager? its easy :) this way we canuse on Full Screen and continue on Blesta :blesta:


Keep it comming ;)



 .... your idea i think is the best option , rather than a new popup windows ... i go with it .

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22 hours ago, Blesta Addons said:

New Version  released 1.2.0 , with support for Logicboxes panel (ResellerClub, NetEarthOne, Resell.biz and Resellercamp ...ect) .

you can now give your staff the option to login without sharing password .

the ne version Require Ioncube V5 .

Work like a charm ...

You can add proxmox and ovh panel ?

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On 03/27/2017 at 2:14 AM, Blesta Addons said:


at the moment no offer fort this plugin , as it has a one time payment for small amount (29.99$ one time) and you get lifetime license with support , no renewal fees :)

Why not make a yearly price of 10$ for exemple ?

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