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Problem With Invoices And Sales Tax


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I'm having some trouble with the calculations of VAT/Sales Tax and invoice totals.


For example, I have 2 line items...


Line Item 1 -- Quantity 3 -- Unit Price 32.50 -- Cost 97.50

Line Item 2 -- Quantity 3 -- Unit Price 32.50 -- Cost 97.50


Subtotal: 195.00

VAT @ 23.0000%: 44.86

Total: 239.86


The subtotal is 195.00, which is correct. The sales tax on this invoice is 44.86, which is incorrect. 23% of 195.00 is 44.85, so the invoice total should be 239.85, not 239.86.


The problem seems to be that the VAT/tax is being calculated on a per line basis, rounded, and then summed up. However, it should be calculated on the subtotal and then rounded. Or calculated on a per line basis, summed up, and then rounded.


23% of 97.50 is 22.425

Rounded, that becomes 22.43. 22.43 x 2 = 44.86. The rounding occurs before the addition. It should occur after the addition.


Installed Version 3.6.1

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