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New Account Not Created In Whm - Password Too Weak


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7 minutes ago, MistaGrk said:

wanna share how

i use cpanelextend module, open up the module inside components folder and find the main php files, here for cpanelextended the files is; cpanelextended.php, then find; function generatePassword , and look for ;

public function generatePassword($length = 8) {

replace to 12 and it would be like this;

public function generatePassword($length = 12) {

then finish.. :)


see here for more details;



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No thanks - I'd rather the automated billing software I'm paying for actually work in an automated fashion.



It is automatic if 1. you have the plugin enabled. If it was fully automatic and you wanted to allow a client time to pay an invoice it would be cancelled and you would be moaning here again. But this time because Blesta was removing services you was allowing a client time to pay. You can't win. Really makes me wonder if you run a business or a lazy let it do everything for me business. No manual labour required.

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1 hour ago, ademe said:

hello, did anyone know how to fix this one from keep happening ?.. i want to password is auto generate by blesta and meet that requirement for WHM.. someone found solution please share

Easiest way would probably be


Home »Security Center »Password Strength Configuration

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