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Paysera Payment Gateway


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It's a popular payment gateway in Europe, that allows to collect payments, gives low rate transactions to the whole Europe.

It can help collect payments from credit cards, even via banklinks in different countries.


It already has ready to use plugins for systems as magento, exid eshop, zencart, whmcs and so on

Most of the plugins are created for eshops, but there is also whmcs in the list:



They provided development info on how the payments are made:



I don't know about the quantity of users that would love to have this, but I thought I add it to feature request. Maybe there will be more people that would be willing to see this payment gateway available.

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I'm planning to buy "Owned Unbranded" Blesta license and move from WHMCS, but this  for me is impossible without  Paysera gateway... WHMCS use from ~2007, have Owned Unbranded License with an additional modules. I think there will be enough problems after migration, so without working paysera gateway it is difficult to decide to start... Translation to Lithuanian I will do by myself, it is not a problem. Russian I see exist ~40%.

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