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An internal error occurred. The module row is unavailable.




I am very new to Blesta, so far I really like the software, nice job.
Unfortunately I have a problem to add existing hosting services to Clients. I have 60 hosting accounts on one server, that the Blesta should manage in the future. But I cannot add existing services to client. I am getting error: "An internal error occurred. The module row is unavailable." every time I am trying to add service to client.

What I do:
1) I have Installed cPanel module, and added one server.
2) Then I created new packages for this server.
3) I am navigating to Clients page, opening needed client and clicking on "Add Service" link, to add new service to this client.
4) On next window I am selecting Package and clicking Continue
5) Then choosing Term, Status: Active, unchecking 'Provision using the cPanel module' because hosting account is existing. Then in cPanel Options entering domain (existing account domain), and username (existing real account username). I am leaving password fields untouched and clicking Continue.
6) On next, confirmation page, I am clicking on Add Service, and that's it, that will return error: "An internal error occurred. The module row is unavailable.".

What I already tried:
1) Re-adding all packages
2) Reinstalling cPanel module and re-adding all packages
3) Re-saved all packages, server groups, servers (if for some reason some field would not be saved correctly).
4) Changed cPanel remote access key and re-added server with new key. 

Under cPanel module management page, I can see that Blesta had connection to my server as it show that I have 60/∞ accounts, that I actually have on server. So I believe Blesta was able to connect to server.

I don't know what else to try. Can you please help with some advice? What else to try?
I have: Blesta Version 3.6.2

Thank you!

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No module row is returned from cPanel when trying to provision the service. Set the maximum number of cPanel accounts to something specific for your module row. Instead of blank (unlimited) use 1000 or something.

This is an issue that's resolved in Blesta 4.0. While blank should correlate to unlimited, it is not actually treated that way in the current release.

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9 hours ago, Gatis said:

Hello Paul,

After changing maximum cPanel accounts to 1000 everything worked, result: " The service was successfully added. ".
Thank you very much!

You are very welcome! In 4.0 blank will be treated as unlimited properly (Per CORE-2097). Also, there is a new option for Add Order per CORE-2139 called "Evenly Distribute Among Servers", which should allow for better distribution of accounts across multiple cPanel servers. Should be useful for a lot of people.

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