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Wanted: Prorated Billing (Aka Prorata Billing)

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I like to bill on the first of the month.


Monthly: When a client signs up, it's for the remainder of this month and next month.

Quarterly is Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sep, Oct-Dec. Clients pay whatever is left on the quarter.

Same for annual, Jan 1 - Dec 31. Client pay remainder.


This is standard billing practice at most companies. Hosts, credit cards, and cell phones are the weird ones, basing a billing date on a sign-up date. When billing happens on one day, it's done in a few days, and the person can do other things. Messing with billing every day is ridiculous.


Anyway, want to see this feature in Blesta. WHMCS has it, but Blesta was better in many ways. This is the only thing missing.


It shouldn't be that hard. It's nothing more than manual billing with a calculator in-app that automates it.




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Are we there yet?


It was 3.1, then no.

Then 3.2, then no.

Now 3.3, yet I do not see any mentions anywhere on the blog.



What’s next?

Based on your feedback, we have the following features planned for 3.3:

    Proforma Invoices
    Price Overrides


The main reason I bought it to begin with was the promise of this feature -- and it's been almost a whole year now!

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