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Professional Blesta Development Service


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Today we want to offer our official Blesta Development services in the forum, We offer a professional, and customized service, with a lot of happy clients in the forum! :blesta: 

If you are a recurring/previous client of our services, you can get a special price! :blesta: 

★ Our Services

★★★ Theme Integration ★★★
We can convert and integrate and customize your actual theme or template to a Blesta Theme.
Starting From: $49.99

★★★ Theme Design ★★★
We can make a unique, professional and modern design, for your Blesta site.
Starting From: $99.99

★★★ Blesta Development ★★★
We can make anything that you want, From a simple module, a beautiful theme, through a complex plugin for all kinds of tasks that you want.
Starting From (Modules): $99.99
Starting From (Extended Modules): $199.99
Starting From (Plugins): $199.99

Get a free quote, Talk with us! Open a ticket now!

★ Payment Methods

  • Credit and Debit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB) (Processed by 2CheckOut)
  • PayPal
  • Bitcoins (Processed by BitPay)

Please, If I posted the thread in the wrong section, please move to the correct section and sorry. :blesta: 

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