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Backup Cron Task Not Running


I've setup Amazon S3 backup configuration. I've tested the connection and it works. I've forced an offsite backup and it succeeds (confirmed in S3). But when I initially went to Settings -> Company -> Automation ... I didn't see Amazon S3 as an option. I noticed in the database in table cron_task_runs the entry for Amazon S3 (in my case id #14) had CompanyID=0. I manually set this to 1 and now I see the Amazon S3 section in the Automation page. But still when the cron job fires, the backups_amazons3 task does not run. I've also confirmed in Global settings that my tmp and upload folders are readable / writeable by the web user Blesta is running as. I've also confirmed that the cron is setup for that same user via crontab -u [username] -e.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Thanks!!






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