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How To Setup Email Piping with C-Panel and Get SMS Text Alerts


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STEP 1 - Go to  Admin --> Support --> Departments --> Edit --> Piping configuration    text field


There is a sample line of code that is generated ...

/usr/bin/php /home/username/support.mywebsitename.com/sub_folder/plugins/support_manager/pipe.php plugin/support_manager/ticket_pipe/index/1/

Use   /usr/local/bin/php    instead of   /usr/bin/php


STEP 2 - Open up C-Panel and go to  "Global Email Filter"


1) - Give it a title

2) - Use " to " and " contains " from the dropdown menu

3) - Insert your email address ( the one you are using for the "Departments" within Blesta )

4) - Go to " Actions " and choose " Pipe to a Program "

5) - Use the following sample path ( modify as needed per your Blesta installation location )

/usr/local/bin/php /home/username/support.mywebsitename.com/sub_folder/plugins/support_manager/pipe.php plugin/support_manager/ticket_pipe/index/1/

6) - Open up your FTP program, go to " /plugins/support_manger " and give the " pipe.php " file  a permission of 755

7) - All done !



Now the emails from generic email providers ( yahoo, gmail, hotmail, aol ) get piped into my support ticket system. :)




STEP 3 - ADDITIONALLY, you can setup the "Mobile Emails" within Blesta and C-Panel, so that the tickets will get sent as "Text Alerts" to your phone.

See Mobile Ticket ( SMS Text Alert ) setup instructions at..



Hope This Helps. :)

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