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Client account cancelled - find out why and reverse



A client of ours has notified us that their account was cancelled via Blesta. I can see in the logs that a request was sent to WHM to delete their account.

Their billing is all fine and I can see no reason for the cancellation. The only possibility I can see is that they did it themselves, which seems unlikely.

How do I reverse this?

In actuality, it seems the client may have cancelled and is playing games. How can I determine if they initiated the cancellation? Is there a note of this in the log?

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Did you check the login log to see if they were logged in at the time the service was canceled?  Tools -> logs -> User Logins

Without playing in MySQL you would need to create them a new service using the same username and just modify the date due, and restore the account from a backup on the server.

Kind Regards,

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Normally , exist a option to allow client cancel their services , and a popup windows is shown to let him select at wich date they want cancel the service, on of this option cancel immediately . i think that is the reason .

you can disable this option from company settings under billing i think .

you can check database to see if the date_canceled is filled or not .

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