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per-invoice custom fields?



Evaluating Blesta for use in an environment which has some amount of Existing System that we would have to integrate with. The one that looks hard to me is, for every invoice, we need to generate an invoice number in another system, and we need to display the corresponding invoice number on our invoices. I've found a couple of threads on the Blesta forums about modifying invoice templates to add things like custom fields from clients, but that's per-client data. I need a per-invoice datum. (Actually probably more than one, because historical reasons are historical.)

Looking at the actual code for the invoice model, I did not see any hooks for per-invoice custom fields. It's probably within my ability to add such a thing, but before I start committing to any large projects, did I miss an obvious thing?

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21 minutes ago, Licensecart said:

Please see: 

I think that might be what you are looking for? 

That's the "client custom field" thing I had found. But so far as I can tell, that can only insert a client-wide value that's the same for every invoice for a given client. We need a per-invoice field.

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