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Centovacast Module

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A new Centovacast module is available, but it's an early alpha.

To install, download the attached centovacast.zip and unzip the file. Upload the centovacast directory to ~/components/modules/ and go to Settings > Company > Modules to install it.


Please give it a spin and give us your feedback. Here's a sample welcome email you can use for your Package:


Thank you for choosing us for your Shoutcast Server!

Login at: http://{module.hostname}:2199/login/index.php
Hostname: {service.centovacast_hostname}
Username: {service.centovacast_username}
Password: {service.centovacast_adminpassword}

Title: {service.centovacast_title}
Genre: {service.centovacast_genre}
Max Clients: {package.maxclients}
Max Bitrate: {package.maxbitrate}
Transfer Limit: {package.transferlimit}


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Just now, marchol said:

Hy, i'm a centovacast stream reseller.

Is it possible that the plugin not works  for the latest version of centovacast?

It should work on their latest version, unless they just recently released a big update. Are you having trouble? Can you tell us more?

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Hi there,

Does this plugin only work for root access?
The whmcs centovacast plugin works for resellers.
There are many resellers today.
  It would be nice if the plugin also works for them at Blesta

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