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[Plugin] Late Fee

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Late Fee For Blesta

We are excited to announce the release of late fee plugin, this plugin will give you the option to add a late fee for every past due invoice. You can manage the late fee plugin from the admin dashboard , just configure it and let the plugin do the work for you, is out-of-the-box plugin, never though about your past due invoices. The plugin give you the choice to add a fixed amount to any late fee, or to add a percentage fee of the total amount in past due invoice, that not all, the plugin give you the ability to set a minimum amount to make it as a late fee when the percentage amount is smaller than X amount .

The plugin run periodically to generate a late fee for past due invoices, then he notice the client about the late fee invoice was added .


the plugin is fully compatible with Blesta v4 & Blesta v3


- Add late fee for past due invoices in XX days.

- Option to add a fixed amount or percentage from the invoice total amount.

- A minimum amount to add as late fee also possible.

- Send notice email to client about the generated late fee.


the plugin is PAID, with a small yearly subscription 9.99$, this fee is only to support our time.

open source version available with addon of 100$ .


you can order the plugin from this link







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