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    [Module] NameSilo Domain Module

    NameSilo Domain Module This module is a complete solution for domain registrations and transfers through NameSilo. This module builds upon and continues the work by @NETLINK. He and I will be jointly contributing to this project and we welcome any other contributions on GitHub. An old thread related to this plugin was at https://www.blesta.com/forums/index.php?/topic/3399-namesilo-plugin Features Domain registrations Domain transfers Supports all NameSilo-supported TLDs by dynamically listing the available ones to package creation Proper .us/.ca support with necessary fields on order forms NameSilo audits Sync service's renewal date with domain expiration date Register/manage nameservers/hosts Set/change nameservers Update WHOIS details Lock/unlock domain Retrieve EPP code DNSSEC management Check email validation & resend validation email if needed Toggle WHOIS privacy Manually extend registration Transfer status tracking Screenshots Coming soon Installation https://github.com/knownhost/Blesta-Namesilo/blob/master/README.md Upgrading Nothing special is required except when updating from <1.8.0. In this case see the "Other" section below. Known Issues A domain transfer can be ordered for more than 1 year. NameSilo's API does not allow a transfer to extend more than one year so the extra years would be lost if not manually corrected. I'm unsure of how we'll solve this at this point. Future Plans Update for Blesta's new domain management system when release. This will be the v2.0 milestone and will likely be mostly a rewrite of the module. Clean code and remove unnecessary code. Manually extending as an admin should support invoicing/queuing to post-payment. We should be able to do this with the proration logic. DNSSEC management Source This module is fully open source and can be found on GitHub. Two repos are kept fully updated with releases currently being built on the second: https://github.com/knownhost/Blesta-Namesilo https://github.com/NETLINK/Blesta-Namesilo Download I will make every effort to maintain the listing in the marketplace at https://marketplace.blesta.com/#/extensions/80-NameSilo Module GitHub will always definitely be up-to-date: https://github.com/NETLINK/Blesta-Namesilo/releases Other The version 1.8.0 release is a major update building upon @NETLINK's work. The new auditing features will not work properly until you "manage" and save your NameSilo account settings. Everything else should be fully backwards-compatible.
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    might we can say in a future release a new fields in contacts for age(birthday) and gender ? some companies need this two data for some interne stats, and i really see this a nice new fields to add, it mandatory of course, but we can force client to fill them .
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    Managed to fix it today by re-installing CentosWebPanel and installing everything from scratch was an ioncube issue.
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    I have to imagine others see this too: A client has numerous addresses and they add them all and then they can't remember where to check for follow up emails or which one to use for signing in and they create their own confusion. I personally don't see the need for all of those addresses so it would be nice to control it a little bit and cut down on the live chats and support tickets about it.
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    You can use our Universal Paypal Gateway to use your native currency with PayPal even if is not supported by PayPal .
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    Yes its working with USD Option! Thanx for the help!
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    As far as I know they link to this github project from https://www.namesilo.com/Support/Reseller-Options
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    [Module] WHMPHP Module

    In order to understand recursion, one must first understand recursion.
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    @cherry I found the issue...
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    Blesta Addons

    Pricings Model getRules()

    the function in the model is not returning the rules set, private function getRules($vars) { $rules = [ 'term' => [ 'format' => [ 'if_set' => true, 'pre_format' => [[$this, 'formatTerm'], ['_linked' => 'period']], 'rule' => 'is_numeric', 'message' => $this->_('Pricings.!error.term.format') ], 'length' => [ 'if_set' => true, 'rule' => ['maxLength', 5], 'message' => $this->_('Pricings.!error.term.length') ], 'valid' => [ 'if_set' => true, 'rule' => [[$this, 'validateTerm'], ['_linked' => 'period']], 'message' => $this->_('Pricings.!error.term.valid') ] ], 'period' => [ 'format' => [ 'if_set' => true, 'rule' => [[$this, 'validatePeriod']], 'message' => $this->_('Pricings.!error.period.format') ] ], 'price' => [ 'format' => [ 'if_set' => true, 'pre_format' => [[$this, 'currencyToDecimal'], ['_linked' => 'currency'], 4], 'rule' => 'is_numeric', 'message' => $this->_('Pricings.!error.price.format') ] ], 'setup_fee' => [ 'format' => [ 'if_set' => true, 'pre_format' => [[$this, 'currencyToDecimal'], ['_linked' => 'currency'], 4], 'rule' => 'is_numeric', 'message' => $this->_('Pricings.!error.setup_fee.format') ] ], 'cancel_fee' => [ 'format' => [ 'if_set' => true, 'pre_format' => [[$this, 'currencyToDecimal'], ['_linked' => 'currency'], 4], 'rule' => 'is_numeric', 'message' => $this->_('Pricings.!error.cancel_fee.format') ] ], 'currency' => [ 'format' => [ 'if_set' => true, 'rule' => ['matches', '/^(.*){3}$/'], 'message' => $this->_('Pricings.!error.currency.format') ] ] ]; } i think it should have in the end a return $rules;
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    i did create an EER Diagram using MySQL Workbench's Reverse Engineer option, but it is not linking the table fields. Although the naming of the tables and sub tables and fields is self explanatory, I am not sure if I should link an id of id_value field to an appropriate table without investigation, because there is no primary foreign key relations on the diagram, thus not in the db.
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    My Setting it up thread

    It's fine was just a long shot
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    Personally i prefer to be in the core, and can be for the primary contact or additional contacts, this will make blesta support COPPA laws, for gender field is needed for some industry law firms or any other service provider for social issues. this issue i have already talked about it here
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    Logging out on clicking Services

    have you set the order form to accept PayPal, is the currency accepted on PayPal (ticked the box on the PayPal gateway for the currency).
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    Company Extension Plugin

    There is no hard limit, but we do not recommend a very large number. Multi-company is intended for a single organization that operates multiple brands/companies. It's not meant for companies to offer addon companies to their customers/resellers. If you're thinking of offering Blesta to your customers/resellers as addon companies, I'd highly recommend becoming a reseller and setting them up with their own installations instead. See https://www.blesta.com/resellers/ It takes time to process automation tasks the more data and companies you have. Depending on hardware, number of addon companies, and data stored, automation tasks could take a significant amount of time to run.
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    +5 I had a custom date of birth but nice to get it as default.
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    We have added to our cms PRO a function to list the domains, a proof of example are in live production here https://nh.ma/en/domains admin side for the page
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    Janitor: Order Cleanup Utility Plugin

    Blesta: Janitor Small Blesta plugin to automate cleaning of abandoned orders, invoices, and services. Installation Download the latest release version from our releases and then simply upload the janitor folder to ~/plugins directory on your Blesta installation. How it Works: Janitor creates two cron entries which can be configured both by the cron settings and by the direct plugin settings. All of the plugin’s settings are based on the time the order was created. It may be important that you not cleanup and cancel at the same interval if you expect the orders to be marked as cancelled for any amount of time. Both cron tasks will never cleanup any orders or services which meeting the following criteria: The order’s invoice has any amount paid towards it. The order’s service is active or already cancelled. The order’s invoice is completely paid and is already closed (database: invoices.invoice_date_closed) Cron Task: Cancel Abandoned Orders This task is designed to strictly check for open orders which have never had any payments attached to them. First, the task will cancel the order and then next, it will void the invoice with a message as described in the language file. This cron task will also cancel any services attached to the order. This part of the cron intentionally leaves orders, invoices, and services in the database, in the possible event of this data being used by sales automation, etc. Cleanup Order Database This task is designed to completely delete all related database entries related to the order. It will remove the orders database entry, the order_services entry, and provides you the option to either leave the services as marked cancelled, or completely delete the service from the database via the plugins options. Only canceled services will be deleted if this option is set. If the service on this task is any other status than canceled, as set in the ‘Cancel Abandoned Orders’ cron task, it will ignore the service entirely. Download: https://github.com/nodecraft/janitor/releases Issues/feature requests: https://github.com/nodecraft/janitor/issues
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    Pricings Model getRules()

    Thanks, CORE-2683
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    We are still waiting the staff answer if what we have put are enough or exist something else we have not included ? it great if you can do something and always i'm ready to help you finish the work .
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    Blesta Addons

    [Plugin] Merge Invoices

    new update 1.4.0 - Fixed cancel redirect Button
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    We want you! :)

    PM answered
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    GDPR , in some years in the future, will be a universal feature. We have in our TODO list a plugin called Cancel My Account, specially for this purpose, but we wait to see if blesta will come with something in the core, if not we will be forced to develop it.
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    SSLCommerz Payment Gateway (Alpha)

    A new SSLCommerz gateway (alpha) is available for testing. SSLCommerz is a Bangladesh gateway for processing BDT To install, download the attached sslcommerz.zip, unzip and upload the "sslcommerz" directory to ~/components/gateways/nonmerchant/ and visit Settings > Company > Payment Gateways to install and configure. Additional notes:
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    Take a look at the example in the docs. I can't speak to the error you received as I don't know which line the error refers to from your example. In any case, the BlestaResponse is an object. You are looping over the object's properties rather than the package pricing you want. // Fetch the packages $api = new Api($url, $user, $key); $model = "packages"; $method = "getAllPackagesByGroup"; $params = array('package_group_id'=>'2'); $response = $api->get($model, $method, $params); // Output each package's pricing if (($packages = $response->response())) { foreach ($packages as $package) { print_r($package->pricing); } }