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    Softaculous Auto Installer Plugin

    A plugin called Soft Auto Installer has been released, and should be included with Blesta 4.5+. Currently it integrates with the official cPanel module to deploy applications when the cPanel account is provisioned. Other modules may be included in the future. To download and use, see the docs at https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/Soft+Auto+Installer Use it to sell WordPress, or Drupal, or Blesta hosting and when clients purchase the application will be automatically deployed right after the cPanel account is created.
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    Hello All, Today we want to announce that we are almost finished the development of our new module for Hetzner Cloud. the module will handel, create, suspend, unsuspend, cancel, rebuild(r- install), reset password and change hostname from admin and client area. in our upcoming release, we will add support for volumes, floating ips . now with this module we will cover the two big companies in Europe (with OVH server module already done).
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    Blesta Addons

    Notice - Blesta Addons Widget

    From 2019, we will release a new version of our widget plugin, this plugin will be required for any other upcoming addons to be installed, this plugin has been improved and rewritten to support our upcoming features, like auto update or manual update with 1 click, manage subscription ... ect. activating the widget in dashboard is not necessary, but installing the plugin is necessary for other addons to be installed/upgraded.
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    Blesta Addons

    Upgrade and Renew Service

    but what hapen if the invoice paid and term changed before the cron run ? and this is what i think has been happen . Payment done in Jan 04, 2019 2:21:03 PM Maybe service term has been changed between 2:21:03 and 2:24:59, so here no open invoice Cron Renew in Jan 04, 2019 2:25:00 PM what i suggest never allow change term if there a re a renew process can be occur, Or add a new option to disable change term in certain packages. another thing is how the domains work, normally domain we can renew 1 year or X year, and this should have another approach than change term. to be hones, blesta should take care urgently for domains process, we are now waiting years to see a new thing from Blesta about domains, if Blesta won't do anything or it need another years to do something just tell us, and we will happy to switch. Everyday we find that Blesta is so far from hosting industry, others are making a huge improvement in this subject and here we are just waiting for the basics !!!
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    Configurable Options Improvement

    Really like the new fields on configurable options. Wanted to propose a few improvements. First, the setup fee is only applied once. For example, if I sell 10 option "seats" I'm only capturing one setup fee for all the seats instead of one setup fee for each seat. Perhaps, a "Setup fee applies to 'all' or 'per'" option? Second, in some cases I would like to make selecting an option required. Perhaps a "is required" checkbox next to the option? Finally, I would like the flexibility to tax options, but not the parent service. Perhaps adding a "inherits product's tax status" with a "yes|no" dropdown to each option?
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    Joseph H

    Wrong invoice date

    I dont think it's wrong. It shows the day of the invoice generation. On your settings you have set generate invoice 10 days before due.
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    Hi, I have a question that particularly pertains to selling physical items. When a client orders an item that cannot be configured, is it possible to remove this step from the 4-step checkout process? This would be most helpful. Thank you, Clare
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    Issue with PHP and backend

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    Softaculous Auto Installer Plugin

    The only other thing to check is that all your config options are properly named. See https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/Soft+Auto+Installer#SoftAutoInstaller-Usage script admin_name admin_pass directory For example: https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/Soft+Auto+Installer?preview=/13664345/13664356/config-option-script.png#SoftAutoInstaller-Usage .. Edit: And of course that the plugin is installed. If it still doesn't work, uninstall and re-install the plugin.
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    Looking for blesta-client.js

    Well doing it as you said worked. Thanks
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    Lamer Note: 1) Read iit again in 20 minutes; If your status remains, repeat 1)
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    Looking for blesta-client.js

    What are you trying to do exactly? If you're creating a new template set, you probably want to write your own JavaScript to use in the client UI. You could strip out the Bootstrap JavaScript from app.min.js. I believe everything defined before "function(t){t.fn.extend({blestaRequest:function" is related to Bootstrap.
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    First week of new year 2019
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    Forget password on blesta.store

    Thanks got the account
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    Forget password on blesta.store

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    Softaculous Auto Installer Plugin

    Yes, the plugin will be updated to include support for DirectAdmin and Plesk for sure. We'll look into CWP.
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    Have a Blooming New Year Ahead!

    Most sincere wishes of prosperity and continued success in 2019 to your entire team from folks here at ModulesGarden! May this New Year bring our way even more great opportunities to work together! As always at this time of the season, we have buckled down to evaluating our past undertakings that helped us become a better software provider, and even greater people. You can view them now through the specially designed infographics, and take part in our New Year poll to make sure that the direction we plan upon taking in the future months is perfectly aligned with your expectations. Wave the old year goodbye with ModulesGarden!
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    Password Reset Help

    You cannot re-install Blesta someplace and copy your database. You will permanently break your installation. /config/blesta.php contains a CRITICAL system key that must match your database. For moving Blesta, please read this guide - https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/Moving+Blesta and note the red box that says the following:
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    Blesta already integrates with authorize.net, 2co, stripe, and many others. If you want to write a payment gateway integration for an unsupported processor, then I would suggest looking at the gateway documentation and all included gateways are open and make good examples.
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    WHMCS to Blesta

    The Blesta trial is fully featured and allows all features and modules. It's the same code, and no restrictions.
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    managed to get it fixed, We edited the email template tags
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    Joseph H

    Clickatell Sms Modules

    We have developed an almost similar Plugin but for infobip. But It's mostly currently event based. Service suspended Service unsuspended Welcome SMS Payment received SMS New Invoice SMS notification It's currently still work in progress, thinking of adding it to github.
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    If anyone wants to know how much an owned unbranded license is worth second hand. I just paid $150+support and updates for a year from @evolvewh
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    Blesta Addons

    [Module] Logicboxes Reloaded

    DNS management are comming soon, we are testing it in live production now.
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    WHMSonic Module

    A new WHMSonic module is available, but it's an early alpha. To install, download the attached whmsonic.zip and unzip the file. Upload the whmsonic directory to ~/components/modules/ and go to Settings > Company > Modules to install it. whmsonic.zip (UPDATED 5/12/17) Sample Email: