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    A new GoCardless alpha non-merchant gateway is available. To install, download the attached gocardless.zip and unzip the file. Upload the gocardless directory to ~/components/gateways/nonmerchant/ and go to Settings > Company > Payment gateways to install it. Documentation is right here - https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/GoCardless Any comments or suggestions, please post them below.
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    New Version Released, added new Notification App, Dashboard PopUp Notice, Now you can watch what has been changed in blesta in a smart way .
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    Switching Currency in order form

    I don't encounter that particular error, but it looks like a simple fix nonetheless. CORE-2812
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    Hi @od-ana On the 'orders' widget on the 'Billing' -> 'overview' page, click the cog, set your email preferences.
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    License not for sale anymore. Thanks everyone for showing interest.
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    Usman Nasir

    CyberPanel Module (Alpha)

    Hello! The issue mentioned on Github is fixed, I've tested with blesta v4.3.0 (ships with CyberPanel module by default). However recently we released ACL Manager (https://docs.cyberpanel.net/doku.php?id=users) due to which users created via API are defaulting to admin access, this specific bug will be patched and released soon after testing. Regards
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    Those, who file permission issues

    A lot people on shared hosting have problems with file permissions, cPanel .... The webfolder, something like commonly /home/username/public_htl should be owned by username & root [username:root], chmod 777 for folders: uploads Uploads cache logs_blesta. files ONLY: plugins/support_manager/pipe.php AND app/controllers/cron.php (if using piping for ticketing, remember the #hasbang to) Get the server admin [root]to install this script, I run it once an hour. Enter your username and the path to your blesta,. Lamer note: lines and 4 #!/bin/bash # edit the following vars, keep the "" where they are myusername=”username” myblestapath=/path/to/blestainstalltion # No need to edit below, you might have to swap your enemy; root TO 999, just dependinr config find $myblestapath -user "root" -exec chown ‘$myusername’:’$myusername’ {} \; -exec chmod 02777 {} \; This will correct frequent issues and inheriting a 'pseudo root' (you re now root in this directory) and do with the new created [files owner:root] / [12345:999] do, whatever you want, until you might have suddenly a new file or folder. After the nxt script run, all will fine again until the next file or folder appears and then comes the script again, I am ok with once an hour in roots crontab (0 * * * * /path/to/the/script) Have fun
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    php 7.1 added an error notice when calling tempnam in which it falls back to using the system's temporary directory. That will be displayed if error reporting is enabled. This is a new requirement added in php 7.2. A simple fix can be added to that module template to resolve that issue, which should be in the next version.
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    please clocate product in this image

    You added the product to the Universal Module, from the administration area goto Settings->Modules and click manage on the Universal Module.
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    Blesta Addons

    [Gateway] Payssion

    Hello all. Today we have released a new gateway for Payssion, the gateway in Test and Beta Release . the package require the Pro subscription . https://blesta-addons.com/plugin/membership_club/main/
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    Thank you for providing additional information to help us duplicate the issue. I'm not sure exactly why the package option was created without a value set, however, you should be able to delete that package option from the system and create another one instead. I did encounter the error, as you described, when the "min" quantity is left blank. We will look into fixing that soon in CORE-2804.
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    I always thought you can only claim tax back if you pay it on the item. Eg: Product A: £4 no vat = you can't claim it. Product B: £4 + 20% VAT = you can claim the 20% back.
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    Blesta Addons

    [Plugin] Multi Languages System

    that is not true, if you buy a pro subscription you get access to all plugins available for this subscription, in your case Multi-languages and Quote are both available in the pro subscription with more than 15 others addons, from this link you can see what every subscription level offer https://blesta-addons.com/plugin/membership_club/main/ other billing software offer subscription for every addons.
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    Automation showing no Option

    Thanks. It's worked. 😃
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    Blesta Addons

    Switching Currency in order form

    In our website if we use EUR with error reporting disabled we get a empty fields https://blesta-addons.com/order/main/packages/subscription/?group_id=7&currency=EUR Fixed with unchecking Use Package Pricing for New Services Only ? not sure why it was checked, maybe one of our staff has checked it !!!!
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    No it wouldn't, since it uses similar syntax that's what really matters. Blesta on the back-end would have some work to do but when changing libraries that will always be the case. If it can be done with little to no impact to end users and how their templates are built then it can be done without customers noticing since templates wouldn't have to be updated.
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    Nothing to understand big there. Is just sad, that I here in Vietnam, can't use it
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    Of course not, but I run my dev env. with debugging on and when this happens it's quite confusing as to thinking my code is broken, and of course preventing me from debugging errors of mine that are hit after this point.
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    Only thing I can think of - Create a department for the Staff member, then change a ticket's department when you want to assign it to them. The Staff member will not see any tickets in departments that they are not part of. Easiest way to limit what a Support Staff member sees.
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    Blesta Addons

    is time to talk about domains ?

    all we know blesta is working or has attention to create a new domain manager. it will take time of course, not sur what is the ETA and what is the progress in this subject . but what i'm sure of it it time to talk about this, the silence that blesta staff has about this subject render it a bit Unclear and hazy . we need a word from staff about what they have as ideas or in what step they are now, leaving us like this for almost 3 years is something unacceptable.
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    @Mariano I see no reason that wouldn't work. It's actually a great idea and I don't think would be too hard to implement.
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    Blesta Addons

    From emails how to change?

    as @activa say, is only from email templates .you can, do it from database directly, but is safe to edit them from admin side .
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    Universal Domain Module

    You have to add TLDs by yourself..if I remeber correctly there are only 3 tlds by default ..there is file universal_domains.php in components/modules/universal_domains/config/ and there you can add TLDs you want to sell in array and than it will be visible on order form.
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    We are a web development company and use Blesta strictly for invoicing and the ticketing for support requests. For whatever reason, we couldn't find any other solution that fit our needs. Most CRM's just handle the "lead" and "nurturing" side of client management, but nothing in terms of real management after you have onboarded them. For the price, and not to mention the support and love on the boards... it was a no brainer! Blesta FTW!