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    Are Blesta urls relative?

    You don't have to modify URLs. You will need to reissue your license though. See the documentation.
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    So you do not charge tax for any customers that are outside of India? You should be able to handle that by configuring your tax rules to only apply to India rather than "-- All --" in the system settings. Any orders placed by customers with addresses outside of India would then not be charged the tax.
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    when a client is logged in, blesta set the client info to the global structure view, but for staff is not the same, we can't get the staff name, email ... ect in the structure, this info is only available in the edit setting for profile. sample case, we need to show a welcome message (Hello mr xxxxxx, ....) in our theme . i think the code should be like this, and it should be done in the app_controller.php asi think, adding it to the admin_controller.php is not take any effect that because all admin_xxx file inherit from AppController directly $this->uses(['Staff']); $staff = $this->Staff->get($this->Session->read('blesta_staff_id')); if ($staff) { $this->structure->set('staff', $staff); } or the magic option is to allow as inject vars to the structure view from preAction event or any new similar hook, let say i want to inject a list of PM's to the structure to use it in our custom admin theme .
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    The form token is invalid.

    Blesta comes with an .htaccess file in the root web directory and you should use that one. There is already a rule in it to force HTTPS and all you need to do is uncomment it to make it active.
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    The form token is invalid.

    You may want to re-upload all files for Blesta and/or check your web server configuration. I notice that the CSRF token changes on every page load, which indicates the server is recreating a session each time. It's possible your web server does not have permission to write session data.
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    Take a look at using the Order plugin's Embed Code field to add HTML to the footer. You can specify your JS there (i.e. Packages > Order Forms > Settings tab) and add a conditional to display content only when on the checkout/complete page. There are fields for order number and total price that you can use too, but there is no coupon code field. You could try to parse the coupon code field from the {{invoice.line_items}} if you really needed it, via other custom JS. e.g. {% if order_page == 'checkout/complete' %} <p>Total: {{order.total}}</p> <p>Order #: {{order.order_number}}</p> <p>Currency: {{order.currency}}</p> {% endif %}
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