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    We are in the process of fully spec'ing out the Domain Manager plugin for 4.1 and would love your feedback. I want to give you a basic overview of what we're considering for the Domain Manager, and get your feedback. We want to resolve the current issues and frustrations with how domains are currently handled. Please understand that the new domain system may not include everything in the first release, but our goal is to build the proper foundation so that it can easily be improved upon in the future. What is the Domain Manager? The Domain Manager is a plugin that will be responsible for all things domain related. Think of the Order System, and the Support Manager which cover all things related to orders, and support, respectively. How will I define pricing? A pricing grid will exist, likely under Domains > TLD Pricing where the price can be set for each TLD for 1 through 10 years for Register, Renew, and Transfer. This will provide a simple pricing grid, with different price options for Register, Renew, and Transfer. Additionally, special pricing can be set on a Client Group level, which will override the default pricing. Additionally, domain extras like ID Protect, Email Forwarding, and DNS Management will be options on a per-TLD basis and pricing can be set for these. The customer would be able to check if they want these options during checkout. Question: Is it sufficient to have a single price of ID Protect, Email Forwarding, and DNS Management for all TLDs, or would you want the ability to set a different price for these extra options on each TLD? Are domains services? This is a question that has resulted in much debate internally. My personal thoughts are that domains are very unique and do not easily fit with services. I am proposing that domains be treated completely separately from services. This means there would be a separate table in the database that stores domains and information unique to domains like: Domain Name, Registrar, Status, Date Registered, Date Expires, Management Features Available, Expiration/Renewal Reminders, Last Sync Date, and whether to Auto Renew or not. If domains are not services, they will not be listed with services. For the Staff area, I propose a new Domains widget on client profile pages. For the client area, I propose a new primary nav link called Domains. The Domain Manager would be responsible for renewing domains, and invoicing for them and services and domains would not appear on the same invoices, even if they are billed on the same day. Question: What are your thoughts on domains not being considered services? What about email templates? The domain manager would create several new email templates, likely to include the following: Domain Registration, Domain Transfer Initiated, Domain Transferred, Domain Renewed, Domain Expired, Domain Renewal Notice (domains listed are going to expire in the next x days). What about automatic things? The Domain Manager would be responsible for the following Automation Tasks: Send expiration emails at the reminder intervals Renew domains that are set to automatically renew Synchronize renew dates with the registrar at a given interval What about Registrar Modules? The Domain Manager would implement its own module system, and existing registrar modules would not be compatible. The new registrar module system would be drop-in similar to the existing, but these would be enabled and configured under Domains > Registrars. New registrar modules would likely be more lightweight than current registrar modules as the plugin would implement the common features across registrars. What management features would be available? This will depend on the specific registrar module, but the following features would be supported: Register, Transfer, Renew Domain (obviously) with Renew Domain being an option for Clients and Staff Manage DNS for Domain (Get, Update DNS zone records if DNS hosted by registrar) Manage Registrar Lock for Domain (Enable, Disable registrar lock) Manage Email Forwarding for Domain Manage ID Protection for domain (Enable, Disable ID Protection) Manage Contacts for Domain Whois (Registrant, Admin, Tech) Update Name Servers for Domain (Get Name Servers, Update Name Servers) Register Name Servers (Unsupported by many registrars or not commonly done by average users, may be optional for first release) What about existing registrar modules? Existing registrar modules would be incompatible with the Domain Manager plugin. However, services using current domain registrar modules will continue to work as they do now. Any bulk features? We plan to have bulk features for both Staff and Clients. For Staff, under Domains > Browse Domains and under the Client Profile, Domains Widget. For Clients, under the Domains page. Bulk editing/tasks would work similar to selecting invoices for delivery with a checkbox on the left and some options to choose from like Renew Domain, Manage ID Protection, Domain Lock, Name Servers. I'm certain I'm missing something, but wanted to give you a rough overview of what we are planning and get your feedback. Please let us know what you think!
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    Attached is a beta PayUmoney non-merchant gateway. Please give it a try and let us know if you have any issues with the gateway. To install: Unzip payumoney.zip Upload payumoney directory to ~/components/gateways/nonmerchant/ Access Settings > Company > Payment Gateways > Available, and click to install & configure payumoney.zip
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    we are testing the order form template for hosting provider in that website, at the moment is working fine with a few simple issue that was fixed now ... we will release it when we are soon to v4 final .
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    Observium Module For Blesta We are excited to announce the release of one of the advanced module for blesta, is OBSERVIUM, with this module you can add port as a service and asign it to a client, the client can view the real time statistique and the overusage and the projected overusage, the click can also see the graph bandwith from X to X date . the admin also can see stats and graph for observium port, admin can also change the assigned port to the client and add a new one. Admin can set the bandwith calculation, either 95th or total bandwith, can set the price of the overusage bandwith witht a selected unit. the module come with a helper plugin, is used to generated the overusage invoices in the ifrst of every month for the last month. the module also come with thier own api wrapper for blesta, just upload the file to the HTML directory of observium. Compatibility the plugin is fully compatible with Blesta v4 & Blesta v3 Features - Module fully customisable from package section. - Assign port to client. - Clients/Admins can view real time usage, stats and ghraphs for a selected period. - The helper plugin for observium is used to generate invoice for overusage. Screenshots overview of bandwith Graph Overview Real time port bandwidth info Order More Info the price is 49.99$ Yearly , (or 5$ Monthly in case any one want to test the module before make the yearly subscription) . you can order here. any bug/feedback report it here . best regards
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    Domains will almost certainly remain as services but be given a designation as domains so they can be displayed a little differently. That seems to be the simplest way forward. There will still be a plugin, which will handle creating a pricing grid, syncing renew dates, whois etc. The idea with the pricing grid is that packages will have the ability to defer pricing to a plugin. So, the idea is you could create a single package and not set any pricing, and it will obtain pricing from the plugin/pricing matrix for all TLDs and register/renew/xfer. This is subject to change to some extent, but should give you some idea of where we are headed.
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    @adam @Licensecart thanks. it's just that Kloxo-MR didn't have that extension, while now i installed Blesta in a seperate container and i got mailparse from Remi's repo. So for my part, i got all the dependencies of Blesta installed with green ticks
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    I fixed this by removing the preceding forward slash on Line 11 in default.pdt from this: array('name'=>$this->_("HtmlInvoice.pay_invoice", true), 'attributes'=>array("href"=>$this->Html->safe($this->client_uri . "/pay/method/". $invoice->id ."/"))), to this: array('name'=>$this->_("HtmlInvoice.pay_invoice", true), 'attributes'=>array("href"=>$this->Html->safe($this->client_uri . "pay/method/". $invoice->id ."/"))), Make Payment URL works fine now.
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    Go to the page(s) you want to quick link and you'll see a star on the left side of your screen just below the menu. Click it and it'll turn solid yellow meaning you've created a quick link.
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    We are installing Blesta 4.0.0 and notice that during the installation process an alert was issued saying that our cache directory was not writable. This was strange to us because in our environment, the user who runs PHP has write access (we use suPHP for security reasons). Upon closer look we notice that Blesta 4.0.0 does not ship with an empty cache directory (as defined by CACHEDIR). Rather, the code assumes that the cache directory already exists. You can see this below: app/controllers/install.php 807 'cache_writable' => [ 808 'message' => Language::_('SystemRequirements.!warning.cache_writable.recommended', true, CACHEDIR), 809 'req' => true, 810 'cur' => is_writable(CACHEDIR) 811 ], // To cache view files for performance The PHP function is_writable does two things: checks if the user can write AND if the file exists. Since Blesta does not ship with an empty CACHEDIR (nor was anything mentioned to create one in the README), we get an error for no reason. Below is a patch for a proposed fix. It checks to see if a file exists, if it does, then performs the is_writable test. Otherwise, attempt to create a directory and check if we can write to it The second test is probably pointless cause if you can create a directory you should be able to write to it, but edge cases can be tricky if parent folder has sticky bits enable, etc. -Adam diff --git a/app/controllers/install.php b/app/controllers/install.php index a6c462e..414d3a8 100644 --- a/app/controllers/install.php +++ b/app/controllers/install.php @@ -807,7 +807,7 @@ class Install extends Controller 'cache_writable' => [ 'message' => Language::_('SystemRequirements.!warning.cache_writable.recommended', true, CACHEDIR), 'req' => true, - 'cur' => is_writable(CACHEDIR) + 'cur' => (file_exists(CACHEDIR)) ? is_writable(CACHEDIR) : (mkdir(CACHEDIR, 0755) && is_writable(CACHEDIR)) ? true : false ], // To cache view files for performance 'ext-simplexml' => [ 'message' => Language::_('SystemRequirements.!warning.simplexml.recommended', true),
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    Paul nailed it - iconv() was missing from the PHP installation.
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    Thank you both for your help. It turns out my mac was hiding the .htaccess file bundled with Blesta. Everything is now working :-).
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    we have released version 1.2.0 that fix a issue with blesta 3.4 . also we have make some change to make the new settings in future release about adding fees in the same invoice . is strongly and recommended upgrade to this new version .
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    Wow, Really good for me. I have a "PayUmoney India" account and this plugin support it Many many thanks.
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    I think you are missing the point of what I am saying. You come across, at least to me, as very combative which is very off putting. I honestly don't think anyone here is attacking you even if they are criticizing some things you are doing. I am just making suggestions of things you can do to improve your coding which will in turn improve your products. This doesn't mean you need to drop everything you are currently doing and/or release anything/everything open source. However if you find a small project that you can create and release it open source you will get feedback from others, be it code style, organization, or unit tests, which you can learn from. If you don't want to go that route there are a ton of good examples with Blesta being one of them that you can draw inspiration from as well.
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    It should probably be updated to use bootstrap columns (ie. col-md-4), which we added in 4.0 and started using with the mass mailer. That'd probably solve it.
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    for taxes we can have solution and quickly i think, i will try to push this in our top list to make it available maybe the next week or at a late date the end of this month . so we can confirm for you that tax issue we can resolve it, we ill ad a new option in the plugin to make late fee taxable or not . we have also searched alot before we begin the work on this plugin, and never we have arrived to a case like yours, all the late fees case we found is a fixed or percentage amount (taxable) and after a XX day . making it recurring that should another work, as we need to conserve the core functions of this plugin. as told before we will try to add your request, if we found it will break the normal usage we can negotiate another plugin only for you .
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    See my response in another post on how to install this Thanks, -Adam
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    is working normal when we make a manual example. what i have arrived to make it work, with this small change "key":"<?php $this->Html->_($data['name']);?>", to "key":"<?php echo $this->Html->ifSet($data['name']);?>",
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    Have you tried installing it? If not what PHP version, OS and Control Panel?
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    when a service has a children services , the price tab for the parent service didn't include the children service, the client see for example 25$, when he get a invoice he found 50$ (25$ plus for service addons). is possible to make the price include the children services like config options ?
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    this info is not correct , you can edit nameserver from default module in blesta .
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    This is NOT production-ready, but this is what I've got going so far. In particular: I don't really understand the db migration tasks, or how I would create a migration and hint for it to be run, so right now if you want to use this, you'll have to manually add discount fields to services, service_options, invoice_lines, and invoice_recur_lines. (In all cases, any-old-int type should be fine.) What this is supposed to do: Allow per-item discounting. This is distinct from coupons in a couple of ways. One is that the discount can be distinct for each package option in a package. Another is that the discount is actually preserved as a trait of the line item, rather than being computed statically and stored as a separate line item. So if something changes that would change the cost of a given line (pricing or quantity, for instance), the discount reflects that. I haven't fully tested this, I don't think I've gone through the recurring line item use case at all, and I haven't figured out all the GUI elements. I'd quite like to see this get merged into core, or something like it, and I'm aware that it'll need significant cleanup before that would be plausible. But I want to get it out there for people to look at. (I think @Tyson might be the person to look at something like this?) It's a patch, not a plugin, because plugins can't alter invoice pricing computations. discount.patch
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    That's great news. I have updated the docs for recommended requirements, and also the support manager to mention iconv. I wonder if iconv was previously included in most PHP builds by default, it only recently seems to have become an issue. Either way, good to know and glad you're up and running!
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    I actually got that same error today on a testing server that I was installing mailparse on. You're missing re2c and possibly gcc. As root, run the following command via SSH: yum install gcc re2c -y Then, retry
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    It looks like your account runs from a jailed shell, I wonder if that might be causing it some how. At least for piping, not sure why that would affect POP/IMAP. I just created this tutorial on testing piping, see https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/Support+Manager#SupportManager-TestingPiping This will help you to try piping a sample email from a text file into Blesta via SSH. It should help narrow down the issue.
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    Might not work for some. You can give per package options to choose which packages would be shown on the upgrade/downgrade page.
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    This is intentional for now, because even if a module is used by a cancelled service, the system may reference it and produce errors. It's likely we will change this, by more fully separating packages from services, in which case this will become much more flexible. If you wanted to remove them, I'd suggest removing the services that are associated manually in the database, then trying to remove the module. Of course, always back up everything first.
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    For anyone wondering, this is resolved now. I don't know what the issue was, I simply uploaded 4.0.1, ran the upgrade, and the license validated fine.
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    I did another server backup restore ( full server ) and all is good Everything is fine now, I guess it was my bad to share my FTP info with them, I just sent a copy of my website theme and they sent a zip file for the theme.. But just FYI guys, never share ur FTP info to websiteintergration
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    If you never got to the upgrade screen and ran the upgrade, then your database is most likely untouched. Be certain that your original /config/blesta.php config file is in place, as it's the most critical file in your installation.. as well as the Blesta files for your exact version prior to attempting an upgrade to 4.0
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    After uploading the files, before running the upgrader try removing the following files, per https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/Upgrading+Blesta If Blesta redirects to /install it's usually because it doesn't detect a config file config/blesta.php This file should not be removed when upgrading, it's critical that it remain in place and unmodified.
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    I've reported it to the SSL Store and they confirmed the bug too so they're looking into it. Hopefully there is a solution soon.
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    1 min pleaese. why not leave the first line of item as it without any change, then add a line discount for it with negative amount. in the past we have made a plugin for a client that do maybe the same request but with a whole discount with free domain, so the Packages X, XX, XXX who include the domain Y, YY, we include a 100% coupj discount for the domain, wo they can offer free domain with only some packages, in creation and renewals, and is working perfectly . in the plugin setting we have page that he select the terms that will have free domains, and another setting for selecting the free applicable domains packages. so finnaly you can have invoice with lines Line Description , Qnt , Unit Price , Total package name (from ...to ....) 12 mounth , 1 , 10$ , 10$ 10% Discount for package name (from ...to ....) 12 mounth , 1 , -1$ , -1$ Total Invoice ; 9$ is this what you want ?
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    The task is CORE-2397 which appears to be a side affect of CORE-912
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    I am able to duplicate it. The renew date is changed when it's provisioned and I think I know what task caused this to happen. I'm going to create a task for this and discuss internally.
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    The gateway is available at https://github.com/blesta/gateway-payumoney If you'd like to contribute to it, so that it supports all of those regions, a dropdown option when configuring the gateway so that it knows which API endpoint to use may be the way to go. Feel free to submit a pull request.
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    We've been replying via ticket, but the most likely cause is that the Blesta.system_key does not match the database. This is a good place for someone with the same issue to start: https://docs.blesta.com/display/support/Encrypted+Data+Won't+Decrypt
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    Because the cache directory was empty, it was removed automatically by our build process. This was corrected in CORE-2366 for the full build of 4.0.1, and will ship with full builds going forward.
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    Thanks Paul. That is awesome. Once Blesta 4.1 is release I can release my Cerb (www.cerb.ai) module with Blesta. -Adam
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    if a moderator can add a notice in the first page that the plugin will nor work with latest version of blesta and php 5.6 . that will made attention to clients to not download and use the plugin at the moment .
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    In Canada, we can modify an UNPAID invoice.
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    We will add this option a settings (disabled per default) in our upcoming release .
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    This has been resolved by re-installing Blesta and the PHP7 hot fix.
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    We added 28 new events to 4.1. You can see them in the documentation at https://docs.blesta.com/display/dev/Event+Handlers (Search the page for 4.1)
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    I just noticed that the add ons should have the same fix applied that CORE-2016 addressed.
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    also it would be nice to see it in edit mode . sometimes we transfer site from server to another server , and we should update module row id also .
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