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    We are excited to announce the change of our Model Business in Blesta Addons, we have worked hard last month to finish the module and the plugin related to this change, the new system will give the client a wide range of addons (Plugins/Modules/Gateways/Themes ..ect) in open source format, the new license allow client to use the Addons in the licensed domain entered during the checkout, so one subscription per domain. The new system ill allow us to focus more in providing extra quality addons and most wanted addons . the susbscription plans are the fallowings : Access Level (Free), this will be free membership that will give access to all addons related to this group freely . Basic Level (Bronze), this membership cost (10$ Annually), this level give the client access to the Access level addons and all related addons to this level . Pro Level (Silver), this membership cost (25,99$ Annually), this level give the client access to the Acces + Basic levels addons and all related addons to this level Vip Level (Gold), this membership cost (45,99$ Annually) , this level give the client access to the Acces + Basic + Pro levels addons and all related addons to this level . a complete list of level's addons available from here . Some Addons will require a small amount to get access, also the new system is cheap than the old system, let say a sample case : OLD SYSTEM : Ovh Module = 49.99$ Yearly , Data Pools 29.99$ yearly , Seo Tools 29.99$ yearly , the total cost is 109.97$ . New SYSTEM : VIP Access will give you the access to Data Pools, Seo Tools Freely, with other addons like SolusVM client, Blesta Connect , Logicboxes Resellers ...ect with only 45,99$ Annually . With Extra 5$ you get access to OVH Servers Module . so the total is 50,99$ Annually . you will save 58,98$ Annually . With Other Extra 5$ you get access to Observium Module . at the moment will will begin with 29 Addons, and we have another 16 Addons in the road, about 10 of them already tested and ready to be added to the access list of addons . we will try to arrive to 50 addons by the end of 2017 . You can subscribe from this link . Some of our client has asked us how we could lunch some addons in open source format ?! they will be distributed in the internet without our control !!! We believe if someone want to bypass a license he will do even if the files encoded, and some of our module already was nulled by others even if Blesta itself is nulled now. but also we believe in support of our clients that need a great support and regular updates for any issue and error in the Addons, they regular renewal of subscription will make us providing more addons and add feature to actual addons. What is your new terms of license ? our new terms are very simple, you have the right to use any addons that your subscription give access to it for only the licensed domain during the checkout, once the subscription is canceled or suspend, you lose the right to use the addons and you should remove them immediately. I have addons companies in blesta, 1 subscription for the main domain is enough ? No, our subscription is limited to 1 domain, even if our addons are multi-company support, is you want to use them for another domain you need to purchase another subscription for the second domain . i have changed my domain , i can change the domain in my subscription service ? No, we don't allow changing domain in the subscription, once the service was activated you can't change, but we can correct the domain if you enter a wrong letter or character . Are you providing a money back guaranty, refunds ? No, we don't provide any refund for any activated subscription, the client should ask us anything regarding any addons via our ticket or via email or in the forum thread related to the addon before any purchase, some advanced plugins will remain with a monthly basis package for any testing purpose, then after you can order the subscription that will give you the access to the addon . I already purchased a yearly license for a module, i want to switch to the new subscription ? Yes, you can switch the equivalent subscription level based in pricing term, just open a ticket and we will switch your service . What about my other free addons that was activated before this change ? You can still use them without any limitation, but you can't benefice form new update, so e suggest you to go with the access subscription to get access to some free addons . I use php 7, your addons are compatible with it ? Yes, since the addons are open source will no longed need to any encoders loaders, the addons will work in almost of php version from 5.4 to 7.2 . What happen if any day blesta-addons will disappear ? don't worry, we are not only creating addons , we also use a lot of them, as we have a large network of websites in the hosting industry, from domains to hosting, vps, dedicated servers, cloud, licensing and much more, so we are the first client of our addons, and we are using blesta from the first beta, YES first beta since 2007. I can't buy any encoded addon as i feel the company will disappear and let me in troubles . Don't worry again, all our plugin will goes to open source format, so you have the full source code, the only limitation is you need to renew your subscription to use our addons legally. the second wonderful thing is we are giving to Phillips Data, Inc (Blesta) the full right over our addons, so when they feel we are a ghost in this world they can redistribute the addons as they want , this is only if we are disappeared for a long time (6 month) . What now ? We will open the subscription packages this week, so stay tuned. What Next ? we have finished the fallowing addons and they will be pushed in the system this month : Virtualizor Extended = The same logic and interface as the Solusvm Core Module, it support Config Options and licensing control panel CMS pro = Advanced CMS for Blesta, build pages as you want with online checked for domains and builtin php and javascript system . Logicboxes Gsuite = Module To manage Gsuite (Goolge Apps) in Logicboxes, support add/suspend/unsuspend/cancel/renew . Store = convert your blesta to a real store, the same used in blesta-addons Cart Menu = show the cart in items even the client leave the order page . News System = a complete news system with categories and posts, the same used in blesta-addons Cron Debugger = utility to run cron and see the errors with debugging , usefull for who have cron stack a lot . Monolog Viewer = you no longer need to enter ftp to download, and see the logs, from admin side you can read the logs and check errors/info/alert, you can also deletes the logs Logicboxes Reloaded = more feature to the core logicboxes module, support the new transfert policy, forwarding domain, protect privacy, name child servers ... Epp Registrar = Module to manage Registrar that use EPP system like mx, ma, eg, and more ... What comming ? Admin LTE Client = update the them to be fully compatible with latest blesta version cPanel Reloaded = rewrite the module to support more features than the core one has. Admin Theme = a bootstrapped cleaned version of admin dashboard with cool design and features Affiliate System = we want to make one , but not yet decided to attack it under a massive development . (searching sponsors at the moment) Ovh Domains = a module tomanage ovh domains Dynadot = a module to manage dynadot domains Xero Plugin = in our radar Credit Notes = plugin that handle credit notes, another step to help European customers Digital product Pro = Digital downloads with integrated licensing system AutoInstall = A module/plugin to handle auto install scripts in account creation, You can subscribe from this link . Any question or feedback we are ready to answer
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    Blesta Addons

    [Plugin] Monolog Viewer

    Hello All Again . Blesta from version 4.0.0 has added logging errors, alerts, warnings to files, and there are no option to see or manage them from admins side . this plugin is another must have tool for admins in blesta, this plugin will allow you to show log files and errors, alerts, warnings from the admin side without the need to download log files from ftp, you can filter logs by type, dates, and you can delete or empty any log file, you can also mass delete file. this plugin requiere a the Pro (Silver) subscription . Order Link Plugin page Screen Shoot . Have nice plugin ! Complete list of released addons
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    Blesta.store Suspend my License

    @Serverhosh Sorry to hear about the trouble. I have sent you a PM with a temporary license you can use until the issue is resolved with BlestaStore
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    Store Hours

    I have removed most replies here (some simply because they quoted a post I removed). If you have an issue with something that someone has worked hard on, please do not "trash" their ad. If you have constructive criticism feel free to PM them, otherwise please keep it to yourself.
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    CentOS Web Panel "CWP" Module (Alpha)

    A new CentOS Web Panel (CWP) alpha module is available. To install, download the attached centoswebpanel.zip and unzip the file. Upload the centoswebpanel directory to ~/components/modules/ and go to Settings > Company > Modules to install it. Per http://wiki.centos-webpanel.com/cwp-account-api You must set an API Key on your CentOS Web Panel server in: /usr/local/cwp/.conf/api_key.conf You must add your Blesta server's IP address on your CentOS Web Panel server in: /usr/local/cwp/.conf/api_allowed.conf Any comments or suggestions, please post them below. centoswebpanel.zip
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    Release 4.1.1

    Version 4.1.1 is now available. Please see the announcement. This is a patch release that corrects issues with 4.1.0. Be sure to run /admin/upgrade after uploading the patch or full versions. NOTE! If you have a large number of invoices, it may be necessary to run the upgrade via CLI as the upgrade process can take some time while a new table is populated. To upgrade via CLI, from your Blesta directory run: php ./index.php admin/upgrade Patching Blesta See Patching Blesta in the User Manual for instructions. Release Notes See Blesta Core - Version 4.1.1. See all Change Logs.
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    ISPConfig Module

    A new early release ISPConfig module is available. To install, download the attached ispconfig.zip and unzip the file. Upload the ispconfig directory to ~/components/modules/ and go to Settings > Company > Modules to install it. Please give it a spin and give us your feedback! Here's a sample welcome email you can use for your Package:
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    During the course of the campaign, several users have reported various problems with cPanel Extended v5, from simple bugs to problems that impede the correct running of the business. We know how important it is to have a reliable tool and fully functional in a business, to avoid problems with the customers. Since cPanel Extended v5 no longer meets the security and reliability requirements to be used in a business, we have developed cPanel Migrator, a simple plugin for Blesta that allows you to migrate temporarily all the packages, services and servers from cPanel Extended v5 to cPanel core, until the new version of cPanel Extended is released. The tool can be downloaded free of charge from the following link: https://github.com/CyanDarkInc/plugin-cpanel-migrator/archive/master.zip
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    Blesta on PHP 7.1 server

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    'Remember Me' by default for admin login

    Around line 49 you will find the following line of code: $this->Html->ifSet($vars->remember_me) == 'true', just replace it with: true, I tried it in Blesta 4.1.0 and it works well.
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    Blesta.store Suspend my License

    Please feel free to click "Report post" on any posts you feel contain personal information, when they should not.
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    In Settings, System, Staff Groups, When i put check [ ] Packages (Check All / Uncheck All) and only view Package Group, Staff could delete packages. Staff should not delete any packages. When there is an option to add or edit, deleted should not be permitted. Thanks, Sakis
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    Staff should not permit to delete packages

    So you are asking for another permission for package deletion? That seems like a good idea. CORE-2484
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    Sorry Paul Now this has been fixed.
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    Looks good, nice work! The demo should probably say for reseller hosting "GET FREE BLESTA" though, you know, instead of those other guys. Other than that, great work!
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    Store Hours

    Thanks @BeZazz We want to encourage people to write and sell extensions. If someone posts an ad for their extension and you don't like something about it, PM them as BeZazz mentioned. You're more likely to convince them of something in private than in public. If there is something misleading or untrue about the ad, you can report their post or PM a moderator.
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    Store Hours

    GosuHost - Store Hours plugin Don't leave your customers in the dark, let them know that you are on your break or that you are closed.... Not every customer goes to the footer or contact us page to find out your opening hours.... Now all that changes, with the Store Hours plugin for Blesta a nice tidy and effective bar shows up when you are on your break or when you are closed, no more second guessing. You can set up holiday hours so when you are closed for the whole day or have different opening hours you can do way in advanced so your customers can find out on the day without getting annoyed that they are being replied to. Improve your customer service and much more for a small price. Prices: Monthly: $2.99 Yearly $19.99 Owned: $125.00 one-time. Buy it now or start a free 30 day trial today
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    you are totally wrong, the cpanel accept any true full qualified domain even if is a sub-domain, so in cpanel part is working, now it should a mechanism to allow only some domains to be the main domain and make the regex and the control of what we should accept as entered domain, this part should be from order form . all the competitor has the same logic and doing it as i described before . if i have time i can do a template order that will do what you want from the order plugin without touching any core files, but i'm sorry, i don't have free time to do it, if you want we can quote something for you or we collect some sponsoring and we will bring the work freely to the community .
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    CloudFlare login issue

    I never recommend CloudFlare it causes more problems than it resolves, but feel free to edit: /components/modules/cpanel/views/default/client_service_info.pdt
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    PayPal Subscriptions

    if your using cpanel it should be /usr/local/bin/php instead of /usr/bin/php
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    @Paul I don't know if this has been discovered / considered or not: When a client transfers a domain away, the service remains active in Blesta and should instead be marked for deletion from Blesta. Right now, it's a manual process to check and schedule cancellation and often times falls through the cracks if there are multiple domains being transferred away.
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    [Plugin] Monolog Viewer

    sorry, i meant on your download page. have you thought of adding a sort by select. by name, by tier, by release date. its a large list and getting bigger. Need some way to sort them easier than searching a big index list
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    thanks its working... need to add in the end of url &coupon=couponcode
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    Just a quick and dirty script I threw together to email some stats. https://github.com/neonardo1/blesta-ytd-rev
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    Blesta.store Suspend my License

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    Blesta.store Suspend my License

    I get that but as a business owner, you should make sure that all of your customers and their services were properly transferred. Your clients shouldn't have to suffer because a mistake was made on your end when you sold your company and transferred things. They're helping to support your business and you're hurting theirs when this happens. It's basic customer service and I can sympathize with them. Rather than blaming this and that, it would be wise to apologize and figure out how to make it right with them. You seem to have a lot of clients and ones that like to praise your services when things are going well. That's the best form of advertising you can have and other businesses would love to have that same type of support and recognition by their clients.
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    Blesta.store Suspend my License

    I am showing Attitude? Without any Notification cancelling my Working License is very Simple? What if you Client think when they saw a Suspended Page or Invalid License error on your Site.? What if the PayPal Deduct the Recurring payment and Client invoice wasn't get Paid Automatically and Suspended due to this? The License was shift from another Company to yours and IT"S YOUR DUTY TO KEEP EVERYTHING AS NORMAL. Doesn't care What's CMS and other stuff.. I have Bunch of License from Buycpanel and their Support is No Doubt AWESOME.
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    Blesta Addons

    [Plugin] Blesta Connect

    New release 1.2.0
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    Multi-Company License Set-up?

    Hi Michael, I sent my hostnames via a support ticket and Paul sorted the license problem immediately. Thanks. Gary
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    a lot of users asked as a complete list of every level and it available addons, we have made the page and is auto update with any new addons . you can see the complete list of available addons at this link https://blesta-addons.com/client/plugin/membership_club/main/
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    We have added now the subscription link to the post . if anyone has a paid addons and want to switch, just open a ticket with us .
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    not yet implemented in blesta, even if we can't do it as a plugin . it need blesta team intervention to make blesta fully European LAW, like proforma, numbers, prevent invoice from being edited if the client has changed his profile info, VAT numbers, credit notes, ... ect .
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    aakash singh

    CloudFlare login issue

    Thanks a lot @BlestaStore, works perfect.
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    1. Packages->Order Forms->Add->Type->Client Registration. 1b. https://domain.com/clienturi/login/reset/ 2. Support->Departments->Whichever department->edit-> untick Allow only clients to open or reply to tickets
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    Blesta 4.0 Breaking API changes

    I'm adding Tyson's solution to this thread in case it comes up for anyone else. Nobody should do this unless they rely on snake_case and are having the same issue as @barryf CamelCase should be used going forward.
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    Blesta 4.0 Breaking API changes

    4.0 was a major release, which included an upgrade to the framework minPHP, PHP 7 support, and a lot more. Major releases can have backwards incompatible changes. Any custom extensions should be tested with a major release in a dev environment before deploying live.
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    Blesta Addons

    Suspension Error Email Notice

    this is fixed now in v4.1.1 , Confirmed .
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    SwiftMailer DKIM option

    Well yes...in first case you authorize only zoho.com to send emails but you sent all your mails from localhost using PHP ,generaly in spf record you should include A records,IPv4 (address of your hosting account),mx record and + any remote smart host or smtp server you want relay in. For example this will authorize one IP xx.xx..xx.xx + all your A records in hosting account like mail.yourdomain.com and yourdomain.com + mx records + zoho and mailjet v=spf1 ip4:xx.xx.xx.xx +a +mx +include:spf.mailjet.com +include:zoho.com ~all
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    SwiftMailer DKIM option

    You can send mail by php function or SMTP ,if you select PHP as method for sending emails ofcourse it doesn't use zoho mail server..infact it doesn't use any mail server...it is sent using php mail function.If you want to send emails with mail server you have to select SMTP and configure mail parameters properly ....username,password,hostname and port.I'm using office365 and didn't use zoho for quite long but as I remember you have to whitelist IP address in zoho control panel. mail class is in blesta/components/email/email.php but you can't just set dkim signature and expect just to work...you have to add key to your MTA ..it is easier for you to set SMTP ....and may I ask why you can't send emails from your hosting account in first place... Here is instructions from their site...as you see sending mail must match authentication email,so if you want to send emails from noreply@yourdomain.com and you are authenticate with admin@yourdomain.com or any similar usecase than you have to add sending mail as alias..also make sure to whitelist main server IP and hosting account IP (if are not same) SMTP Configuration settings for Zoho Mail - SSL Outgoing Server Name: smtp.zoho.eu Port: 465 Security Type: SSL Require Authentication: Yes. The email address should match the email address/ aliases of the account, for which the authentication details are provided. SMTP Configuration settings for Zoho Mail - TLS Outgoing Server Name: smtp.zoho.eu Port: 587 Security Type: TLS Require Authentication: Yes. The email address should match the email address/ aliases of the account, for which the authentication details are provided
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    SMTP issues - Blesta 4.1

    Blesta uses the Swiftmailer library for outgoing mail. None of that is encoded. The only thing I can think of is that if you have a strict set of CipherSuites and Protocols that Swiftmailer may not be able to communicate with them. For example, if you're running a web server that only allows TLS 1.2 with a specific set of CipherSuites, even a browser that's capable of communicating with TLS 1.2 may not find a cipher they have in common... or, the browser may only be able to communicate with TLS 1.0/1.1. The same rules would apply for mail servers.
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    +100000000000000000000000000000000000000000 . this is the real happy end story We want to do something as plugins for those two feature, but we found we need to make some core files change, so we stopped the work . We Still with blesta because we support it, even if the competitor has a importer of blesta now . when we support any project that not mean we should always applause anything they do, anything they want to do, we should give ideas, advices, notes, and we punish them when we found something that should not be as it should. in the end, they invent and manufacture the soft, and we are who use it in real life .
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    Hey thanks, based on your reply I was able to fix my issue. I didn't recall each order forum you could select the payment gateway.
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    It was announced on August 22, 2016, and now it is already one year and i see no progress, it was meant to be released in Blesta 4.1. I don't know why these features are not added which are so necessary for hosting companies.
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    [BUY] Improved LogicBoxes Module

    Same here. It's really hard to offer domain promotions and continue to boost sales of domains right now. Hopefully they have something to beta test soon.
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    ISPConfig Module

    In /ispconfig/apis/ispconfig_api.php will find the function "apiRequest", in the function you will see two variables, $soap_location and $soap_uri, replace "8080" with "8083"in these variables.
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    @FloXera-Jose The crowdfunding campaign is already active, you can check the main thread for more information or go directly to the campaign here: https://fundrazr.com/cpanel-extended?ref=ab_f6r2W1 After talking with some users, I finally decided to try luck with a crowdfunding campaign. If anyone has any questions, complaints or suggestions you can write me a message, I will try to resolve the doubts as soon as possible.
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    [Plugin] BlestaCMS

    BlestaCMS 1.2.5 is out now! http://docs.blesta.store/changelogs/125/
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    Amit Kumar Mishra

    ISPConfig Module

    wonderful another giant leap....
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    Square Payment Gateway (Alpha)

    If people want help to configure it I've done a tutorial as I was a bit confused lol https://blesta.store/plugin/support_manager/knowledgebase/view/2/how-to-connect-blesta-to-square/8/
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    Nextop Host

    Change Model Business

    Set a limited number of addons per membership & allow members to choose their desired addons