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    John Vaudrey

    Product One Time Pricing Term

    Thank you, it was a cancelled service. I have now been able to remove it Thanks again
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    Declined means the bank declined the charge. Error means there could have been a problem with the gateway and the charge may otherwise go through. In both cases, the charge did not complete and will not settle. However, there is a major distinction between the two. In the case of a decline, there can be many reasons. Account doesn't have the funds, or the address doesn't match the one provided (AVS mismatch). Whatever the case, you should check Tools > Logs > Gateway to see what the raw response was from the gateway which may give more clarity to the reason.
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    Is mcrypt Still Required Beyond PHP 7.1

    You shouldn't have any problem removing mcrypt and still have your data encrypted/decrypted the same as before so long as your Blesta system key remains the same.
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    Pretty sure the problem with the coupon is that it is only set for the NAD currency
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    Hello Sir we are working on a hetzner dedicated server module (robots) not the cloud one.
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    The mcrypt extension is a recommended requirement, but it is optional. You can run without it.
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    Blesta always needs to check you have a valid license. If you decide to sell it to someone else later, why should your copy of it continue working? I don't play the lottery, but if I did, it wouldn't change anything. There may be more money to spend making it better though.
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    1 (One) Minute Cron Jobs :)

    Customers may pay with a payment method that takes the client away from Blesta, which posts back to Blesta when the payment is completed. Provisioning services through certain modules may take a significant amount of time to complete, such that making the user wait in the browser may result in a timeout. We are considering an enterprise level feature that adds a daemon to your server that runs continuously and processes certain jobs like order provisioning in near real-time.
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    Blesta Addons

    Can't Apply payment

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    1 (One) Minute Cron Jobs :)

    The whole 5 minute cron thing is bizzare, why do orders submitted via the order form even need to wait for a cron job to fire... Perhaps also look into implementing something similiar to hostbillapp. https://hostbill.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DOCS/pages/491527/HostBill+Queue+Performance
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    Product One Time Pricing Term

    Chances are that it is on a non-active service and was overlooked because of it. The pricing id can be found be going to the package edit page, right clicking on the term test box and opening your browsers inspector. Right above the term field you will see a hidden field called pricing_id. You can take this pricing_id and search your "services" table for it. That should be the one you are looking for.
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    I was wondering if you could also add a non-merchant Stripe Checkout payment gateway, since you have already updated Stripe payments with Intents API (huge thanks for that). Stripe offers a chargeback protection (waved disputed amount and any fees) if the payments is made through theirs checkout page. That's extremely useful option for some higher risk markets like low end hosting market. I'm sure many companies would benefit from it.
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    It has come to our attention that under some circumstances in Blesta 4.7.0 (e.g. when a client is adding an addon service through the client interface) users can receive a fatal error "Undefined property: Services::$Clients on line 5159 in path_to_your_blesta\app\models\services.php". This is a bug that will be resolved in 4.7.1 (CORE-3271). You can fix this issue by changing app/models/services.php lines 5112-5114 from if (!isset($this->Packages)) { Loader::loadModels($this, ['Packages', 'Clients', 'ClientGroups']); } to Loader::loadModels($this, ['Packages', 'Clients', 'ClientGroups']) Or you can override app/modelsservices.php with the attached services.php file services.php
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    Blesta transactions are too complicated

    Declined, generally means no money in account. Error, network issue etc They are completely different.
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    I think the best question is, what are you intending to use the transactions for? You don't have to use a status like "Returned" if you don't want to or your payment processor does not support a similar status. Different payment gateways provide different transaction statuses, and the statuses Blesta supports covers pretty much all of them in a generic way. Typically: Approved - payment received Declined - payment declined/refused Voided - payment voided/invalid Error - payment error occurred Pending - payment may be received but awaiting confirmation; on it's way; authorized but not yet captured Refunded - payment was probably Approved in the past, but has now been refunded back to the client Returned - payment was probably not Approved in the past, but any money received was returned back to the client Use, or don't use, those statuses to your liking, but "Approved" should be your successful payment received status and all of the others are not.
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    OpenSSL is the alternative and has been for some time, which is already a minimum requirement of Blesta.
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    Blesta Addons

    [Plugin] Notification Center

    We have Pushover, Hipchat and Discord integrated; if you need a mobile notification i think Pushover you will love it. for Onesignal we will integrate it after the next release .
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    Web Hosting UK

    Blesta 4.7 Beta Released

    Thought i'd add this on the news forum incase you're not aware the release of 4.7 Beta https://www.blesta.com/2019/09/05/blesta-4.7-beta-released/
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    It sounds like you may not have installed his "CmsPages" plugin. He linked to it above in one of the posts.
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    if @Paul wins lottery, i am sure blesta will become more robust, and may be even free...
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    Blesta Addons

    Transactions - Filter Options

    it would be nice and totally usefull to have filters in transactions page (billing/transactions/) . some times we need to filter by a gateway, amount or by dates ... ect. with the actual view i not possible we have ony option to order by or search option.
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    Deleting a service

    A Package can be deleted if there are no services that are linked to the Package, which includes cancelled services. This is the case because services have a direct relationship with Packages and a service floating around without a Package could cause issues. The typical recommended action is to mark old Packages as "Inactive" instead of deleting them. But, if you are doing some testing you can delete the services in the services table in the database manually, and then you should be able to delete the Package in the UI. Always use the UI where possible. So, service deleted in database, then delete Package in Blesta. We may change this in the future, but the restriction is there to be safe and we need to spend more time determining whether it's safe to delete a Package that has linked services.
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    Are you having trouble using the existing template system? We are not opposed to something like twig, but changing things now would be involved and the current template system is simple and works well. Why change it now?
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    Can't Apply payment

    Don't you need to put the comma? Like for in my instances if it's £15.00 I don't put 1500 I put 15.00
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    Void Open Invoices on Service Cancellation

    Is there a reason it has to be a dropdown and not an input tagged as numeric and validated? If there aren't technical limitations to arbitrary lengths why limit it? Just default the number to something reasonable (30 days maybe).
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    I re-read it and understand but it's not how the order form works because if you have the correct order form as DOMAIN AND OTHER, and not having the domain group as the "package groups" then it won't show anything like that. You'll see the search and then the configuration page. then: Configure:
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    selling blesta theme with whmcs demo... moreover opening a dispute to get support reply...
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    @Tyson @MBH2006 @Nahuel Hello We have made some years in 2015 lol, long time ago a tool to map/move services from one module to outher in this case was moving from "Blesta Universal Module" to "OpenSRS Module" We only need the Services ID from Module A (cPanel) and Module B (Direct Admin) Here is the code exemple on the Plugin: public function install($plugin_id) { $sendreport = null; $module_A = array('1','2','3'); // put here the Service Package Id's from Module A $module_B = array('4','5','6'); // put here the Service Package Id's equivalent to Module A to migrate $module_migrate_map = array_map(null, $module_A, $module_B); foreach ($module_migrate_map as &$value) { $upackages = $this->Record->select(array("pricing_id","package_id"))->from("package_pricing")->where("package_pricing.package_id", "=", $value[0])->fetchAll(); $sendreport .= "Module A Package ID = ". $value[0]."\n"; foreach ($upackages as $upackage) { $upricings = $this->Record->select(array("id","period","term"))->from("pricings")->where("pricings.id", "=", $upackage->pricing_id)->fetchAll(); $sendreport .= "Module A Package Price ID = ". $upackage->pricing_id."\n"; foreach ($upricings as $upricing) { $gterm = $upricing->term; if ($upricing->period == "month") $gterm = ($upricing->term / 12); $sendreport .= "Module A Price Period = ". $upricing->period."\n"; $sendreport .= "Module A Package Price Term = ". $gterm." -> Original Term = ".$upricing->term." \n\n"; $sendreport .= "Module B Package ID = ". $value[1]."\n"; $opackages = $this->Record->select(array("pricing_id","package_id"))->from("package_pricing")->where("package_pricing.package_id", "=", $value[1])->fetchAll(); foreach ($opackages as $opackage) { $sendreport .= "Module B Price ID = ". $opackage->pricing_id."\n"; $opricings = $this->Record->select(array("id","period","term"))->from("pricings")->where("pricings.id", "=", $opackage->pricing_id)->where("pricings.period", "=", "year")->where("pricings.term", "=", $gterm)->fetchAll(); foreach ($opricings as $opricing) { $opricingid = $opricing->id; $sendreport .= "Module B Package Price Period = ". $opricing->period."\n"; $sendreport .= "Module B Package Price Term = ". $opricing->term."\n"; $sendreport .= "\n\n---------------BEGINING---------------\n"; $oservices = $this->Record->select(array("id"))->from("services")->where("pricing_id", "=", $upricing->id)->fetchAll(); foreach ($oservices as $oservice) { $sendreport .= "Migrate from A to B Imported Service ID = ". $oservice->id."\n"; $this->Record->where("pricing_id", "=", $upricing->id)->where("module_row_id", "=", "2")->update("services", array("pricing_id"=>$opricingid, "module_row_id"=>"3")); $this->Record->where("service_id", "=", $oservice->id)->where("key", "=", "user1")->update("service_fields", array("key"=>"domain")); $this->Record->from("service_fields")->where("service_id", "=", $oservice->id)->where("key", "in", array("opt1","opt2","pass","user2"))->delete(); } $sendreport .= "\n------------------END-------------------\n\n"; } } } } $sendreport .= "\n\n"; } mail("notify@mydomain.com", "Blesta - Migrate from Module A to Module B Report", $sendreport); } Hope this help someone Regards, PV
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    Moving between modules would require some manual updates. I'm not aware of a utility to map from cPanel or DA or vice-versa. You will need to make 2 primary changes: Update the service fields (`service_fields` table in the database) saved for the cPanel services to map them to DirectAdmin in Blesta. Alternatively, you can do step #2 first and then manage each service in the admin UI to add the appropriate fields for the service. cPanel fields include: cpanel_domain cpanel_username cpanel_password cpanel_confirm_password DirectAdmin fields include: direct_admin_domain direct_admin_username direct_admin_password direct_admin_email direct_admin_ip Based on that information, you will need to map the fields by renaming the `service_fields`.`key` of affected services to their DirectAdmin equivalent: cpanel_domain => direct_admin_domain cpanel_username => direct_admin_username cpanel_password => direct_admin_password cpanel_confirm_password can be deleted direct_admin_email should be added direct_admin_ip should be added Update any of those values as necessary (e.g. if the cPanel username is different now that it is on DirectAdmin, update the value for it). The password fields are encrypted, so you can update those through Blesta by managing the service in the admin UI if necessary. Update the module row for each affected service from the cPanel module to the DirectAdmin module Making this change will only affect Blesta. You will still need to move the service yourself from your cPanel account to your DirectAdmin account Assuming you are doing a one-to-one mapping (i.e. you have 1 cPanel module row and 1 DirectAdmin module row), you can update all module rows for all services in a query: UPDATE `services` SET `module_row_id` = DIRECT-ADMIN-MODULE-ROW-ID WHERE `module_row_id` = CPANEL-MODULE-ROW-ID; Replace those IDs with the appropriate module row IDs for those modules
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    pre action events

    For a dev, all actions have to be able to run pre eventes and after events, thas common sence For me this is a priority one inclusion and its very easy for Paul/Tyson/etc to include in next release
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    Blesta Addons

    custom client fields for contacts

    it would be better to allow contacts also to have custom fields like clients account. now the custom fields is apply to clients account only .
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    Blesta Addons

    Config Addons Quantity field

    it would be more professional and simple if Blesta change how the quantity field is rendered now . a more simple quantity filed should be more elegant and all device compatible . something like this sample sample code https://bootsnipp.com/snippets/dGWP
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    Config Addons Quantity field

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    Currency Format

    +1 to Portugal/Europe
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    Blesta Addons

    Currency Format

    let me vote for it
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    invoices Deliver via email and logo

    The issue is a bug with TCPDF. See here. They have not yet included a fix in TCPDF. You could fix this in your installation by updating /vendors/tecnickcom/tcpdf/tcpdf.php:6849 by commenting out the "return false": if (!@TCPDF_STATIC::file_exists($file)) { return false; } to if (!@TCPDF_STATIC::file_exists($file)) { //return false; } Note: I did not investigate what, if any, issues may arise because of this work-around. I would consider updating Blesta to include a downgraded version (v6.2.19) of TCPDF for the last known working copy except that a security vulnerability was fixed in the same patch release as this issue.
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    invoices Deliver via email and logo

    I was able to confirm https://dev.blesta.com/browse/CORE-3228
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    The module really should make several attempts at generating a username if one is already taken before it fails in Blesta. I've created CORE-3225 to look into adding that behavior.
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    You haven't got the correct order form you need to set it as Domain. Looking more closely it might be you have another group. Blue: Domain package group Purple: Hosting packages.
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    Blesta Addons

    pre action events

    i have already requested this feature, the competitor do this from years now, they have pre-events and after-events (hooks) and they look to response to complete the action or return the returned errors. i think this behavior a great way to extend the software and give the developers the ability to do more features and staff . the events now in Blesta is just like a notification system about completed actions, and also i think is no sense for look for after-events return as the action is already completed.
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