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    Vultr Module (Alpha)

    A new Vultr alpha module is available. To install, download the attached vultr.zip and unzip the file. Upload the vultr directory to ~/components/modules/ and go to Settings > Company > Modules to install it. Be sure to check out the documentation. Any comments or suggestions, please post them below. This module was sponsored by hostjane.com. Be sure to check them out.
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    The new version will include confirmation popovers on all irreversible action buttons, such as the "Delete" button. There is not yet available.
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    Check My admin tools plugin ; it has a feature to re activate a canceled service .
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    The mail log is just a log of what was sent. If there are invoices that upon edit have the email box checked, they will be sent at the first opportunity. The solution to having these all go out, is to mark all invoices in the system as sent. I think this query will do it for you, but be sure to backup your database first! UPDATE `invoice_delivery` SET date_sent="2018-03-12 00:00:00" WHERE date_sent=NULL AND method="email"; Query will set a sent date for all invoices that have not been sent and are queued for email delivery.
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    Not a bad idea. I wonder how much demand there would be for this. - Ask for email for out of stock items - Save email, linked to package - On Package edit, if item quantity available > 0, send email Pretty logical.
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    Hello To All Just to update that im still working, I was thinking that I could finish this week but there is more work to be done on the Plugin. Give me a few more days to finish Regards to all
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    Blesta Addons

    [Plugin] Merge Invoices

    Hello All we have a new plugin to allow staff merge Invoices. this plugin requiere the Pro (Silver) subscription . Order Link Plugin Page as always the installtion steps is : 1 - download the file from client area . 2 - upload the merge_invoices folder inside plugin directory . 3 - goto plugins , and install Merge Invoices. 4 - enjoy the free content .
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    my Blesta.store Experience

    Hi everyone my name Is David I have been with the company since Licence Cart days Never had a issue with Mike or his team in fact they have been one of the best company I have had to deal with Also liking the looks of the new forum feature what they have planned Ps thanks to Mike and the team for everything
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    BlestaForums Development

    Today I've been sorting a social network section and ready for expansion (new database table). I've also sorted the mobile views and fixed the Add user page on the admin area. My Account: Profile: Username: Your username. Client Groups: Your client group on Blesta. User title: Member title / User title you set. Customer since: The date you joined the Blesta installation as a client. Twitter / Facebook: These sections show up if there's a setting value. It links to the facebook / twitter profiles. Status: This is shown to just staff, it's the status of the client account ( Active: Green / Inactive: Orange / Fraud: Red ) Users who have an account: Add Users via Admin (This is good if you are adding staff users to a client account): Please note the admin area won't really be needed soon when staff don't need a client account, and they can just create an account and then link it up to their admin account via the frontend. 3rd March update: You can now hide your signature when you post a thread or comment: Huge thank you to @dweiruk for helping me test the Alpha and helping me crunch a few bugs on the user side ready for the beta.
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    Blesta Addons

    Merge Invoice

    We have released the plugin, the staff select wich invoice to be the target. we like the idea to create new invoice, we will add it to our todo list
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    Start accepting cryptocurrencies in your Blesta store via CoinGate! During previous year, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have proved to be not just a convenient way of making payments, but also an extremely valuable group of assets. Are you interested to know how your online business could benefit from digital currencies? There are plenty reasons why, and here are our favorites! Attract new customers that wish to spend their coins. The total cryptocurrency market cap has quadrupled in 2017 alone, and coin holders are very willing to spend their tokens on products online! Accepting cryptocurrency payments is cheap, easy and safe! No chargeback risks, huge intermediary fees, or country restrictions for your customers. Most importantly, setting it up takes just an hour or so, since you don’t need to fill any paperwork or sign agreements. Bitcoin gives you a sustainable competitive advantage! Every business needs some marketing tricks to be different to other players in the market. Even though the adoption of digital currencies is growing, don’t miss the chance and be at the forefront of cryptocurrency adopters in e-commerce. Okay, so how do you get started with accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? CoinGate is a company that offers a flexible and easy solution for all online merchants. Integration of our gateway is super simple, and we provide 24/7/365 support to our merchants as well as their customers who need help with making payments. The perks we offer: CoinGate is one of few companies that allows accepting not only Bitcoin, but Altcoin payments as well. This feature is integrated automatically for all of our merchants! Receive payouts in USD, EUR or Bitcoin (we cover Bitcoin transaction and SEPA transfer costs). Never worry about the technicalities of cryptocurrencies - all payments made with Altcoins are converted to Bitcoin, and paid out in Bitcoin or your currency of choice. We charge only 1% from your orders that get paid, and there are no monthly, registration or other fees. CoinGate has simplified all the procedures for the merchants. Now, you can extend your invoice expiration time and set up a desired threshold up to which partial payments are automatically accepted. We have developed free payment extensions for almost every e-commerce platform, including Blesta! Spend less than an hour to start accepting cryptocurrencies and do not hesitate to contact our support team and developers for integration assistance at https://coingate.com/contact Our plugin is already listed on Blesta marketplace - you can download it here: https://marketplace.blesta.com/#/extensions/77-Accept Cryptocurrency Payments Visit our website for setup instructions and download the Blesta module straight from GitHub: https://coingate.com/plugins/blesta
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    Chris van der Westhuizen

    WHMCS Import

    I found that my staff had more that one record with the same name in WHMCS for some reason, although in the WHMCS front end no duplicates shows. I deleted them and tried the import again, and Voila! :-)
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    Blesta invalid email. How to fix?

    This may help a bit Maybe your firewall is blocking DNS queries?
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    Joseph H

    Websitepanel Module

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    Logic of upgrade + coupon

    I will look into this. It does make sense. Prorate remainder left from today, then full charge the new term and bump the renew date from today + term (ie today + 1 year). I think this would be less confusing.
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    Blesta Addons

    Logic of upgrade + coupon

    This is other real case that show blesta need to be adapted for hosting industry. if i have a client that is ready to pay for extend his service to 12 MONTH , blesta bill him only for what the diference between now and end date of the actual term . so if teh end date of the term is in the next 3 month, we will cover only 3 month, and after maybe his can change mind and do not renew !!! and before he was ready to pay for 12 month so we will lose 9 month of payment only because blesta do this like this !!!! Normally blesta should do us the fallowing : Calcul how mush we should return to the clients as credit to make the end date now create new invoice for the ne full term, and and the credit to invoice, allow client to pay then update the renew date to reflect the Now + the ne term chosen . and of course it should make in consideration that the actual term is monthly and the old term is yearly ect ...
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    Directadmin module Bug

    I fixed the bug by doing this in direct_admin_api.php: 'suspendUser' => array('POST','','CMD_API_SELECT_USERS',array('suspend'=>'Suspend','location'=>'CMD_API_SELECT_USERS')), 'unsuspendUser' => array('POST','','CMD_API_SELECT_USERS',array('suspend'=>'Unsuspend','location'=>'CMD_API_SELECT_USERS')), from: 'suspendUser' => array('POST','','CMD_API_SELECT_USERS',array('suspend'=>'Suspend','location'=>'CMD_SELECT_USERS')), 'unsuspendUser' => array('POST','','CMD_API_SELECT_USERS',array('suspend'=>'Unsuspend','location'=>'CMD_SELECT_USERS')), that was likely a oversight on the blesta dev's part but is actually easily to fix as shown above, since directadmin's api information here: http://www.directadmin.com/features.php?id=807 states the default CMD_SELECT_USERS will not return the standard json api response like the module is expecting, CMD_API_SELECT_USERS does return the standard json api response and therefore it works finally, tried to find the module on github to submit a pull request to apply this patch to module but didn't find it so thought would just post it here instead. thanks to @Doctrine for providing the directadmin panel to patch the issue and make sure it works. information redacted for security reasons.
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    Support Manager: Bulk updater dialog

    Hello, There is a simple fix that I have added to Support Manager Pro in my latest update Its because the CSS Position: fixed, has to be changed into Position: absolute The problem is the position of the box that will Drop to the end of the page but will always be visible in all browsers Hope that helps
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    Hello blestars Update finally here Get it while is HOT! on first post! Any bugs please tell me Regards, PV
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    CyberPanel Module (Alpha)

    Wow, too great, thanks, admin!
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    Vultr Module (Alpha)

    I have updated the vultr.zip in the original post, please download again and give it a try. It now strips out the information pertaining to Vultr, and will replace any other instances with your own company details.
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    This is one of the small changes (but useful) that will be included in the next version of cPanel Extended.
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    product out of stock shown but when in stock customer/subscriber received a mail. email field shown like: enter your email address to be notified when this server is back in stock:
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    What are Email Mobile Templates?

    Just to add, if for no other reason than to take a few more wacks at this dead horse: My mobile email is set to my phone number @ my cell provider. Many cell providers provide an email to SMS gateway. Email the address, get a text message. In this way, the mobile emails go to my phone as a text message. Great for emergency support and orders.
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    Hi Thank you for your readiness to support. Paul help me on this. Actually the issue was with the memory limit in php.ini . After increasing the memory and set all the uploads folders properly it just worked fine. Thank you very much
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    Merge Tickets

    We resolved that issue with the dialog box not appearing for v4.3.0. It appears to affect the Chrome browser.
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    Support Manager - Email Template

    We have plans to include client information in the email template if it is available, but the {ticket.email} tag wouldn't be updated to include the email address unless the ticket/reply was emailed in.
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    What are Email Mobile Templates?

    tl;dr Sometimes staff don't like to be woken up at home. Example: Go to Support > Staff > Edit (one of the staff users). Notice that there are several checkboxes representing different ticket priorities you can select (e.g. "Emergency", "Critical", etc.) Some Staff may want to receive all of those ticket notifications to their work email at their work computer when they're at work. However, when they're at home sleeping, they may not want their phone to wake them up because of a ticket notification unless it is an "Emergency" ticket that they need to deal with. That page allows them to configure the ticket notice emails they will receive. The Order email is similar, but you configure your settings for that under Billing > Overview > (click the settings/gear icon at the top right of the Orders widget).
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    BlestaForums Development

    The last update before the Beta opens After our Alpha testers @dweiruk @Michael Foland with Callum and myself we have finally got the last Alpha out of the way. New Client profiles: We've now moved the social networks to the right and made the activity section smaller as you can add quiet a few networks now. New Postbits: Now we have re-vamped the post bits to make them much cleaner and modern.
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    PauloV's OpenSRS.
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    Cron Task Stuck

    Thank you for the fix and I will download it soon. I also want to thank @GosuHost who helped to provide a fix for this a few days ago as well.
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    nice reading ; )
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    I would suggest Logicboxes, as currently there is a great plugin by @Blesta Addons (3rd party Dev)
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    Trial License wont expire. Bug?

    Thanks for the tip. I will do that because I want to buy the license. Just posted this because I thought it was a bug.
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    Hello to all Just one more week to release the update to Support Manager Pro After the update I will add the option to be able to migrate to "Support Manager", and also an option to migrate from "Support Manager" to "Support Manager Pro" so in the future for blesta clients be able to continue using the oficial Plugin witout loosing most of the data (maybe only loosing custum fields and service id relation). Stay tune eheh
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    i use cpanelextend module, open up the module inside components folder and find the main php files, here for cpanelextended the files is; cpanelextended.php, then find; function generatePassword , and look for ; public function generatePassword($length = 8) { replace to 12 and it would be like this; public function generatePassword($length = 12) { then finish.. see here for more details;
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    i have figure out myself by changing the generate password length .. it is better than lower the security level on my hosting, it is risky.
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    Blesta Addons

    Blesta version and company name

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    Blesta Addons

    [Ideas] Notification Center

    of course, as you have the VIP subscription you can benifict from any beta test. I hope we can finish it soon and release it.
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    Great job, good to see that you are still working!
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    Joseph H

    Vultr Module (Alpha)

    I have tested the module, works great. Just one thing that can be improved for future releases if there will be any. For a re-seller It's important to hide the source of the service for this case vultr.com But that is given out after application installation under "Service Information".
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    Blesta to WordPress SSO

    Hi Everyone, As mentioned in a few other places on this forum -- many like myself looking for a Blesta-WP proper SSO Plugin. I have a development team working on it to satisfy our own requirements, and will explain those. Please reply accordingly if you think there is something that should be done or looked at. So we are limiting signups to only email (hiding username) ; that could come into play with this. So someone could test it with a username enabled setup. Of course, email & password is sync'd to WordPress. If user changes either, the related WP user gets updated. This is already tested and working. Functionality: When a user signs up and has no product purchased (yet), they get added into WP under "X Inactive" group. (Ex. General Inactive). After completed Purchase, they are then re-assigned into "X Active". This is how Amember does it also with their SSO, and makes sense, so you can limit access/restrictions in Wordpress according to that "Role". *NOTE* In Blesta its called a "Group" ; in Wordpress its a "Role". Relax if I say one or the other in the wrong spot, it basically amounts to the same thing. Bonus: Multi-Company Ability So I'm having this setup where Company X in Blesta will SSO with Wordpress installed at URL 123.com ; and Company Y will SSO with Wordpress Installed at ABC.com. So seperate Company, seperate WP installs to SSO with. Of course, some of you may have "pipe dreams" (aka: requirements/preferences) of this working where, Company X adds to WP under configurable "X Active/Inactive" Roles. And Company Z adds to same WP under "Z Active/Inactive". Its not happening, atleast not in this initial version from my side. But there is hope for the future. As I said above, reply if you think there is anything else that should be looked at. Look forward to doing this properly. P.S. We are also developing under nginx and PHP 7.1.x. Will wait a bit later in the year to go with PHP 7.2.x
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    Increase Session Timeout?

    Yes, they are already in the config file, however, there is no distinction made between admins or clients in the session TTL. Open your config file /config/blesta.php and update the session/cookie TTL values: // Length of time (in seconds) that a session will be valid for Configure::set('Blesta.session_ttl', 1800); // 30 minutes // Length of time (in seconds) that a cookie will be valid for Configure::set('Blesta.cookie_ttl', 604800); // 7 days
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    You can resell domains with Namecheap via the module on Blesta but you have to get a api account with them. As for Logicboxes: - ResellerClub (EIG) - NetEarthOne - ResellBiz are the ones I know, but there's loads.
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    Merge Tickets

    Yep, I had to change the CSS as you said for the menu to show. Thanks! Do you know if there is already a open bug on Blesta development for this?
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    Blesta Addons

    Merge Invoice

    We have done the plugin as you have descrived . under client profile a new link called merge invoices . that list the invoices (Open / Closed / Void / All). the admin can select multiple invoices to merge them, we are not coping the lines, but movind them to the target invoice, then we create a new line with total 0 in old invoice, adding a note and voiding it, then updating the service_invoices if exist, and the transaction if exist. finnaly we calcul the total and paid ...ect with setClosed() . the limitation is only in currency, the merged invoices should has the same currency. as now we can only think only in adding a ACL permissions for staff.
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    Blesta Addons

    Merge Invoice

    The intention is only merge unpaid/open Invoices/Proforma . or porforma if some laws not allow merge invoice ( i think exist a action called group invoices that is allowed, void 3 invoices and create new one) closed/paid invoice we can't touch it .
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    I sure hope so but the lack of any official ETA is not that reassuring...
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    Blesta Addons

    [Plugin] Stats & Reports

    new release 1.3.0 . fixed last year income and transactions bug.
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    *** RESOLVED ( I believe )*** I believe this is a JS issue. And I believe I found the solution from within the forum ================== Please see... https://www.blesta.com/forums/index.php?/topic/2001-plugin-support-manager-pro-tickets-delete-merge-spam-multiple-tickets/&do=findComment&comment=41487 ================== To fix it just open the file /plugins/support_managerpro/support_managerpro_plugin.php Find on line 1233: if ($params['portal'] == "client") Replace with: if ($params['portal'] == "client" && $this->client) ================= So far everything is working fine using your NEW version on PHP 7.0 Thanks. You might consider adding this to YOUR version of "Support Manager PRO" .