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    BlestaCMS is now open-code!

    After a long and great time building the CMS we wanted to change our way we do business to help others get the best out of Blesta and we can grow a bigger community with Blesta. The BlestaCMS is now open-code and the "base" is free to everyone. That's currently 1.2.7. We will fix bugs and patch the version when needed for free but to upgrade to a new version let's say 1.3.0, you will need a license. We're still working on this to make sure the updates are safe and secure. You'll also need a license if you wish to get support from us with active support and updates. If you do need support you can go to our support ticket page, click on BlestaCMS Support and then enter your license key. This will allow you to submit a ticket. You can download the latest version of the BlestaCMS Base here: https://blesta.store/client/plugin/download_manager/client_main/download/26/CMS-1.2.7.zip Support: Valid: Suspended: PS: We've fixed the spelling on complimentary, sorry for the error on the screenshot. Cancelled: --- BlestaCMS previews: https://blesta.store/cms Share / View the code / Modify / fork freedom on Github: https://github.com/atlanical/BlestaCMS-Community-Edition
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    They are working no ETA!😛 So wait lifetime
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    It's almost 3yrs gone and no update! Paul Any update on this?
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    Michael Kinder

    User Variables

    Hey everyone! Paul asked me to share this with you guys, as it may come useful for anyone trying to identify logged in users in a chat system. Below are the variables you can use in the structure.pdt file. <?php $this->Html->_($contact->email);?> <?php echo $this->Html->_($contact->first_name, true) . ' ' . $this->Html->_($contact->last_name, true);?>
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    CRM for Blesta

    Hello everyone. It's been a while no hear anything from me So... let me show off the CRM for Blesta. https://demo.isip.ca/admin/login/ user: crm pass: crmcrm
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    Just moved the install to a different server. It works fine now. Must of been some weird coincidence that what ever happened, happened while doing the update. That activity must have been the straw that broke the back. This server was for Blesta only, though I did have two light websites temporarily on this server. Certainly was not working hard, so who knows what happened. Some PHP files must have got corrupted Years ago it was common for amazon aws instances to just go bad, nothing could be done, delete and start up new one. Netflix spent a lot of time trying to figure that one out, and never did, per their blog. Only solution was delete instance start new one. Even though a lot of people and companies like Netfix have experienced data corruption, amazon aws has never admitted that data corruption ever happened. I have not had a server failure that necessitated deleting and starting a new one in a couple of years. I suppose I was due. Sucks when something happens and there are no logs to even point in what direction. Specially when it happens while doing an update, as it appears it is a problem with the update. Fortunately building a new server is a trivial matter. I would much rather rebuild a server than rebuild Blesta.
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    Thanks, I think that would be a useful addition. We'll look into it for CORE-3066.
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    Redo web hosting HTML Template with integrated Blesta client area for web hosting providers, Beautifully designed pricing showcase for all products i.e. Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Server & SSL Certificates. Take a moment to discover live demo. Fully responsive Easy customization Custom light weight slider 3 styled header Supported with Blesta 4.1.1 OR later Easy Installation No Encoded Files, Open Source One time cost, No renewal, Free Life time updates Instant Download Compatibility: Firefox, IE9+, Chrome, Opera, Safari Single Domain License Supported Blesta 4.1.1 OR later Buy now single domain license In Just $99 One time We believe long terms support and regular updates are the most expected things for a buyer, and believe us this is our most priority. We are very much committed to respond each and every query at earliest. Regards, Team ThemeMetro
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    Staff member signature

    Support > Staff, click to edit the Staff member and add a signature for them under "Settings". Whatever is added to the signature will be inserted automatically into the editor when the staff member goes to respond to a ticket. The signature can optionally be removed, but it'll appear automatically.
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    BlestaCMS is now open-code!

    Nice! Looks like you may have another typo in the success message. It says 'you can how submit a support ticket'.
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    Time based HMAC

    Yes, it asks you to enter a one-time password as you would be requested going forward to ensure that you have set it up correctly. Because if you haven't, then you would effectively lock yourself out.
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    Amit Kumar Mishra

    Selling Blesta Owned Unbranded

    thanks @Paul, & @BeZazz the license transfer may now be initiated
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    Selling Blesta Owned Unbranded

    I responded to your PM. The license needs valid support & updates to be transferred, and cannot be pushed off to a later time.
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    You can't for certain but you can disable replies for everyone in 4.5.1:
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    Selling Blesta Owned Unbranded

    I can confirm it is eligible for transfer.
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    2checkout payments not recorded

    2Checkout payment gateway is now recording payments after i used Secret Word.
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    2checkout payments not recorded

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    Sending Voided Invoice says Invoice Due

    Since the voided invoice is an unpaid invoice, it sends that email template. You can update the email template if you'd like to be more specific. For example, since that email template accepts multiple invoices, you might check that the status of the first invoice and set the subject conditionally: {% if invoices[0].status == "void" %}Invoice Voided{% else %}Invoice Due{% endif %} I did not test this, so you should before using it.
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    2checkout payments not recorded

    @Jono I can confirm this issue. I hope that it is fixed as soon as possible...
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    Translation menu entries

    You should translate languages files indide every plugin .
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    My new company after leaving my old business partner.
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    we have a gateway that set a error if returned from the gateway and set it to the returned data, but blesta is not showing the returned error . i have made a simple test and made the buildprocess return a error, but blesta client side is not showing it when the client want to pay with that gateway. $this->Input->setErrors($this->getCommonError('invalid')); return; is blesta not showing the returned errors in process view, or we have missed something ?
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    That's right, but the headers can be spoofed, that's why the ticket hash.
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    Paypal CC End Point

    Oh yeah I'm aware, I was just pointing him in the right direction
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    Paypal CC End Point

    If you're trying to use the API to fetch a non-merchant gateway's payment HTML, see Payments::getBuildProcess as @coreyman mentioned above. The arguments required are the method's parameters. If you are making a merchant CC payment, look at the other end-points available on the same page.
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    Paypal CC End Point

    That's cause it needs 3 values to work not sure which ones though.
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    Paypal CC End Point

    I found this - So I tried accessing an endpoint via the attached image method in postman and it looks like we are on the right track. Looks like the arguments are as follows - "contact_info" => $contact_info, "amount" => $amount, "currency" => $currency, "invoice_amounts" => $invoice_amounts, "options" => $options, "gateway_id" => $gateway_id This method and docblock can be found in \components\gateway_payments\gateway_payments.php /** * Returns an array of HTML markup used to render capture and pay requests for non-merchant gateways * * @param array $contact_info An array of contact info including: * - id The contact ID * - client_id The ID of the client this contact belongs to * - user_id The user ID this contact belongs to (if any) * - contact_type The type of contact * - contact_type_id The ID of the contact type * - first_name The first name on the contact * - last_name The last name on the contact * - title The title of the contact * - company The company name of the contact * - address1 The address 1 line of the contact * - address2 The address 2 line of the contact * - city The city of the contact * - state An array of state info including: * - code The 2 or 3-character state code * - name The local name of the country * - country An array of country info including: * - alpha2 The 2-character country code * - alpha3 The 3-cahracter country code * - name The english name of the country * - alt_name The local name of the country * - zip The zip/postal code of the contact * @param float $amount The amount to charge this contact * @param string $currency The current to charge * @param array $invoice_amounts An array of invoices, each containing: * - id The ID of the invoice being processed * - amount The amount being processed for this invoice (which is included in $amount) * @param array $options An array of options including: * - description The Description of the charge * - return_url The URL to redirect users to after a successful payment * - recur An array of recurring info including: * - start_date The date/time in UTC that the recurring payment begins * - amount The amount to recur * - term The term to recur * - period The recurring period (day, week, month, year, onetime) used * in conjunction with term in order to determine the next recurring payment * @param int $gateway_id The ID of the nonmerchant gateway to fetch, * if null will return all nonmerchant gateways for the currency * @return array An array of HTML, indexed by the gateway name */
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    {ticket_hash_code} is designed in such a way that Blesta can use it to identify the proper ticket, without leaving room for someone to maliciously modify the code to reply with updates to tickets that belong to other customers. It's designed with security in mind. ticket.id and ticket.code have direct relationships with real tickets, particularly ticket.id which is auto incrementing. Someone who receives a ticket with an ID of 100 can be reasonably sure that the ticket with an ID of 99 has already been created just before this one and is probably still open, and that ticket ID 101 will follow.
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    Paypal CC End Point

    This is just a guess, but if you look in \projectfolder\vendors\components\gateways\nonmerchant\paypal_payments_standard\paypal_payments_standard.php you will find PaypalPaymentsStandard extends NonmerchantGateway It looks like you are required to have a Blesta invoice to pay to use this gateway, so you will probably need to generate an invoice first. On line 232 there is buildProcess where I found this information. It looks like it's building the request to paypal. Maybe someone else can shed some more light.
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    logs_blesta files created as wrong user.

    Ahh ok I didn't know cron was creating those files. I'll change this. Thank you!
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    update 4.5.0 to 4.5.1 license invalid

    Do you have a ticket open? When you updated from 4.5.0 to 4.5.1 did you apply the patch originally or the full version? There's nothing in the update that should cause the error you received, unless it was a coincidence and your license hadn't been validated in quite some time. When you updated to 4.5.0 was everything working fine? Did you run /admin/upgrade to upgrade the database? If it was working fine, and was upgraded properly, then applying the 4.5.1 update should be fine. However, you could pretty easily roll it back by re-uploading the 4.5.0 release, or restoring from backup. Does it work if you do that?
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    Staff member signature

    That's it. Thank you.
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    Figured it out - I had upgraded the server to php 7.2 and the path had changed. All good now.
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    BlestaCMS is now open-code!

    Not an option right now. People can download and install it.
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    BlestaForums Beta 1

    We're almost ready for the Beta 1 of the BlestaForums. Myself and Timothy (our collaboration together) are testing everything to try and keep bugs to a minimum. We're testing everything and when it's ready for Beta 1, we will update everyone here. We will be having a trial for 14 days to try it and then you can purchase a license from either Blesta.Store or CubeData. Each has their own licensing system. We've agreed on doing what I did with the BlestaCMS in the beginning and that will be that it will be open-code minus the bits for licensing. We will be adding features as we go along and I'm looking into a way to integrate this forum plugin into the CMS so it can be a paid addon or free if you have the forums and the cms. You can view my forums alpha version if you're a customer of ours: https://blesta.store/client/plugin/blesta_forums/ Please note if you find a bug please let us know here and I'll get us onto it to fix it.
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    it takes courage to take this decisions excellent move mike...
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    It appears the problem cleared itself, however support emails to our support@ address are now mysteriously not importing and we haven't changed anything regarding that.
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    I'm new to Blesta and empty installation. But yes now i added group and one product which i added to the that group and now AJAX order template shows up.
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    The problem is that you are trying to access the /cart/ URI on an AJAX order form template. The AJAX order form templates don't have a cart template because the AJAX template represents a single page that makes AJAX requests for most of the checkout process (including the cart), so there is no cart page. I'm curious how you got to that page, though, are you linking directly to it? If so, take a look at how to link directly to a product. If you want that link to work, you can update your order form to use one of the Wizard templates instead.
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    cPanel Module not updating passwords

    Changing a password in cPanel doesn't update the password in that other billing application. They just used SSO. Stay tuned, there's a rumor than the cPanel module may be updated in Blesta 4.6 to do this. Of course, I can't confirm nor deny this, time will tell.
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    Upgrade of blesta and php

    I left a detailed response to exactly this question yesterday
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    BlestaCMS is now open-code!

    More adoption!
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    Blesta Addons

    BlestaCMS is now open-code!

    Great Work .
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    BlestaCMS is now open-code!

    Thanks mate wouldn't be possible without your help making the tickets and I'll fix that haha how is now in the future haha. Fixed.
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    What Mike said. There is likely a pending service that is failing to be provisioned. Could be resulting in an error. Check your logs at ../logs_blesta/ (Defined under Settings > System > General) Pending services listed under Billing > Services: Pending
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    Support manager API

    It sounds like you want to POST each form to a separate location. <?php // POST to the valid method $this->Form->create('/validate/valid/', [...]); ... $this->Form->end(); // POST to the index method $this->Form->create(null, [...]); ... $this->Form->end(); Your Validate::valid() method really shouldn't require an argument if you want to POST to it
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    Blesta 4.5 Beta 2 Released

    Blesta version 4.5.0-b2 (BETA 2) is now available. You can download it from right here (Client Area Login Required). Read the blog post announcement at https://www.blesta.com/2019/01/31/blesta-4.5-beta-released/ This is a BETA release. Beta releases are not considered stable enough for production use, and are UNSUPPORTED. DO NOT INSTALL IN A PRODUCTION ENVIRONMENT. Please report any bugs you find in the v4.5 beta bug forum. Installing Blesta See Installing Blesta in the User Manual for instructions. Upgrading Blesta See Upgrading Blesta in the User Manual for instructions. Release Notes See Blesta Core - Version 4.5.0-b2. For older releases see all Change Logs.
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    User API Access

    You wouldn't need someone familiar with blesta functions to create the API. Just someone that is familiar creating API's. I use freelancer.com for work that I hire out.
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    Blesta Addons

    new admin dashboard

    we are almost finished the integration of coreui template with admin dashboard . the original free theme are available here https://coreui.io/demo/ what do you think ?
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    Hello, As other users reported in the forum, this issue is making troubles for services that doesn't have proper provisioning modules. By doing the following changes, a Tab will appear at client's manage service page, showing all the service fields that have the public_ tag on their name. Instructions: 1. Open components/modules/universal_module/universal_module.php Find: private function isUrl($str) { return preg_match("#^\S+://\S+\.\S+.+$#", $str); } Add After: /** * Returns all tabs to display to a client when managing a service whose * package uses this module * * @param stdClass $package A stdClass object representing the selected package * @return array An array of tabs in the format of method => title. Example: array('methodName' => "Title", 'methodName2' => "Title2") */ public function getClientTabs($package) { return array( 'moreinfo' => array('name' => "More Info", 'icon' => "fa fa-gears") ); } /** * The More Info tab * * @param stdClass $package A stdClass object representing the current package * @param stdClass $service A stdClass object representing the current service * @param array $get Any GET parameters * @param array $post Any POST parameters * @param array $files Any FILES parameters * @return string The string representing the contents of this tab */ public function moreinfo($package, $service, array $get=null, array $post=null, array $files=null) { $row = $this->getModuleRow($package->module_row); $out = ''; $servicefields = array(); foreach ($row->meta as $key=>$value ) { if (strpos($key, "service_field_name") !== false) { // Here we match the service field label with their key and value foreach($service->fields as $field) { if($field->key == $value) { $name = 'service_field_label_' . str_replace('service_field_name_', '', $key); $servicefields[] = array("label" => $row->meta->$name, "key" => $value, "value" => $field->value); } } } } foreach($servicefields as $field) { // Filter out for showing only public fields if(strpos($field['key'], "public_") === 0 ) { $out .= "<p><b>". $field['label'] . ":</b> " . $field['value'] . "</p>"; } } return "<h4>Service Information</h4><br />" . $out ; } 2. Make sure that the service fields that you want to show to the client start with "public_" prefix Preview Setting up public service fields Service fields being shown on client's "Manage Service" page Download drop-in replacement file (if you don't want to manually add the above lines) (Only for Blesta 3.2.1): universal_module.php Caution: This file will be overwritten if you update Blesta and the Tab will disappear (there is no other risk or any service data loss). If you change the service field name of a existing field, the data will not be preserved (bug?) EDIT: This still works for Blesta 3.5.1. I'm not sure if it's still needed, but I'm already using it for my production blesta website so there's no way back
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