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    today we want to share with the community our upcoming release "Auto Backup System" . this plugin is a revolutionary backup system for Blesta, it has some features that is not exist in Blesta and either in other Competitors. the New Plugin is making backups in two sense, Database and Files, then they are send to cloud storages system like dropbox and gdrive, amazon s3 (more storages will be added ) . some features - The backup System store the backup files and database in upload directory . - The database backup is made with a native php function and not by the mysqldump command that a lot of hosting providers disable it for accounts . - The backup system send files/database to configured remote cloud storages . - Option to exclude tables from database . we have the intention to add this features after the first release : 1 - Email Summary for the backup done 2 - Add Microsoft Drive as Cloud Storage 3 - Option To restore Files, Database the plugin already done, and we are testing it in live production now to see the results . What do you think? any feature you want to see in this plugin?
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    retention period is included in our first release for local backup only . then we will add it to cloud storage instances. This already included in our plugin, we have two crons, 1 for database that has interval from min to 24 hours, so you can set every 3 hours or hours ect ... for files we have time, that mean the backup is run 1 time a day, also you can disable the cron to disable the files backups . we have the intention to have a internal settings for files to be (weekly or monthly ..ect ) exlude folders is not implemented yet, but we have thre option for backup folders : Root Blesta Directory Uploads Directory Blesta Logs Directory so you can check wich of them are included in the backup, so you can exclude Uploads directory that include the support ticket attachements. Our Plugin is totally bulot to be more flexible in term of options and settings, so you can set a backup rule to include only database and send it to Dropbox, and other rule to include files to a custom local folder or Dropbox ect ...
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    Deleting clients || services || invoices

    In v4.3 you can delete a client and all of it's related information, including services. Packages can be deleted so long as no services exist that use it. So in v4.3, if you delete your test client that has test services, you can then delete the test package afterward.
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    It would be great if the mass mailer recipients could be filtered by module row data. For example, say when using the cPanel module you need to email the customers of a single server for a maintenance window. Currently this is not possible. I'm aware of the WHM mail utility but that has a number of downsides one of which is potentially wrong/outdated email addresses, poor deliverability, people don't expect that sender, etc.
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    Mass Mailer Filter By Module Row

    Shoot, it is possible! Awesome! The trick is moving the selector over to "module" instead of "package"
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    I could have sworn this was possible. I don't have an example I can pull up with cPanel, but here it is with the universal module. In the example, the universal module has one product called "Servers", but for cPanel this should be a list of all cPanel servers that you can multi-select.
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    How do I become a dealer in blesta?

    I chat with @DeanCollins about this today, in case anyone thinks I didn't respond. Hopefully we can get you up and running in the near future.
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    A few comments on this: Blesta is TLS agnostic. This is more an issue of OS, though I'm not sure if older versions of PHP are capable of modern TLS. I would set up a CentOS 6.9 server with PHP 5.2/5.3 and test it. I *think* v2.5.4 supports up to PHP 5.3, but I'm not totally sure. Blesta v3 was a full rewrite. No modules for 2.x will work in 3.0+. If you want a module for 2.5.4 ported to the latest release, feel free to reach out. And finally, I would highly recommend migrating over to the latest release. There are so many improvements over 2.5 it's crazy.
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    Great move to make too. As Blesta.Store said Paul would be able to answer RE the dealer. Regarding the plugins, you can just start creating them. https://docs.blesta.com/display/dev/Creating+a+Plugin Personally, I found it easier just to have a look at the code of a similar plugin/gateway/module and work from that. I find the below helpful as well https://docs.blesta.com/display/dev/Module+Methods
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    Blesta Addons

    Sessions table not emptied

    it was resolved by editing the value of the above config in php.ini session.gc_probability = 1 session.gc_divisor = 100
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    As stated, I would reupload all files to be safe. If you've made any javascript or template edits you may have something conflicting. Try with the default file set and see if that resolves your issue.
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    I suggest re-uploading all of the files for Blesta and clearing your browser's cache. The drop-down menus should appear on click.
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    It would be nice to allow using markdown or styling html in the offline gateway description . as now it show only text and break lines. that way we can show a notice message, alert boxes or even if some bootstrapped message .
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    You're not charged VAT unless you buy from Licensepal, then you can reclaim it back.
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    Adopting a subscription business model requires of you a dramatic shift in thinking about your customers, products and... metrics. You need to realize that businesses, especially those in the realm of web hosting, are full of levers that you need to push and pull in the correct sequence in order to achieve your goal of rapid growth. Being able to see the correlation between different pieces of collected data is one thing, but how do you even decide which values to measure in the first place? Konrad Keck, ModulesGarden Founder & CEO has come up with a list of most vital metrics that you should track if you wish to know what is really going on inside your web hosting business. Master the techniques of Business Intelligence with these requisite billing reports! https://www.blog.modulesgarden.com/billing-reports-web-hosting-business
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    You got the Blesta Owned Unbranded, which came with 1 year support & updates. We didn't offer the $500 Lifetime version until after v3 was officially released, so it wasn't available when you purchased v2 and got a free v3 license.
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    Markdown in Offline Payment Gateway

    So you want to show the information, and then continue to show the confirmation page? Or continue to pay offline, and then show the confirmation page? I think it doesn't do that, because then it would have to register a transaction.. but maybe it should register a PENDING transaction.. so that as an admin, you know they selected that option and intend to pay. Then when they send payment, you can change the status from PENDING to ACTIVE. Thoughts?
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    BlestaForums Development

    So I've been a bit busy on my time off, doing bits I can. I've also had help from @timnboys who has been adding features like locking a thread and staff only permissions as he needs them for his own personal forum as-well. So added them to the forum whilst I've been working. But this is what I've done: Forum Index: - Purple Arrow: Now has the last poster (Will link to their profile - I've still got to fix the updating the username and UID to the table). - Violet arrow: You can see the colour of the client group and the link goes to their profile. Member List: Updated User profile: Still got a lot to do to tidy that page up so the comments have the main thread title (I'm having errors grabbing the title.) Maybe limit the characters per post on the profile so a big post doesn't overflow.
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    SMTP username problem

    Ok solved, I had www.domain.com instead domain.com in all mail templates...
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    Memories !!!!
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    Upgrade to latest version and ask them to write the module for latest version .
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    thanks, now it works.
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    I've improved this in CORE-2733 for v4.3.0-b2
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    Markdown in Offline Payment Gateway

    The Offline Payment Gateway "Instructions" currently support Markdown syntax. It just doesn't show you that in the UI because we don't currently have a Markdown editor available.
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    public function success (array $get, array $post) { # # TODO: Return transaction data, if possible # //$this->Input->setErrors($this->getCommonError("unsupported´╗┐"));´╗┐ } just change the success function to this code . as you are not doing anything so it should not return any error .