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    Blesta Addons

    Blesta Addons Widget

    Hello All, a lot of users claim about the quick releases/updates we made, and they can't search every time about what was released and what was updated. so we have made a new plugin that allow all our clients see what was released and what installed addons from us has a update. The widget is free, in some next release we will add a 1 click update, install of all our addons from admin side .
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    Hubtel Payment Gateway (Alpha)

    A new Hubtel gateway (alpha) is available for testing. Hubtel is a Ghana gateway for processing GHS To install, download the attached hubtel.zip, unzip and upload the "hubtel" directory to ~/components/gateways/nonmerchant/ and visit Settings > Company > Payment Gateways to install and configure.
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    Blesta Addons

    [Plugin] GeoIP Updater

    Again & Again, we never STOP a new plugin has been released, GeoIP Updater, the plugin allow to update the GeoIP database from admin side, and a daily cron is added to update the database, no need any more to download and extract and upload file via FTP . This plugin is out of the box, just install and sleep this plugin requiere a the Pro (Silver) subscription . Order Link Product Page Screenshoot
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    a temporary fix i have posted in the above post, you can try it, i use it
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    Blesta Addons

    Black Friday At Blesta Addons

    Hello 50% OFF for all our paid subscription . use coupon BLACKFRIDAY enjoy .
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    Joseph H

    Black Friday At Blesta Addons

    Did not see this coming Purchased. Thanks Again
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    Square Payment Gateway (Alpha)

    You sure did Thank you!!!!!
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    Square Payment Gateway (Alpha)

    I found the problem, it looks like Square's API has been updated and broke the gateway. Square released the Connect v2.5 version on November 2nd, with changes in transaction management. I fixed the API and tested the gateway in Blesta 4.x and works pretty well. I attached the fixed version in this post. square.zip
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    What do you think about cryptocurrencies?

    Just FYI, if anyone is interested in buying any BTC, LTC, or ETH on coinbase.com you can sign up with this link and if you deposit $100 or more both of us will get $10 in bitcoin. https://www.coinbase.com/join/5a1a0e84942a40026d012e3f
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    Invoice Logo Missing

    Paul, I found a suitable PNG - it looks great. Thank you.
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    PDF Invoices are large

    Bravo!!! Invoice email dropped to 8.3KB
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    PDF Invoices are large

    change the font I assume you are on dejavu or something font. That makes invoice sizes massive due to supporting every language like Arabic and ç ć č à â etc
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    SSLCommerz Payment Gateway (Alpha)

    A new SSLCommerz gateway (alpha) is available for testing. SSLCommerz is a Bangladesh gateway for processing BDT To install, download the attached sslcommerz.zip, unzip and upload the "sslcommerz" directory to ~/components/gateways/nonmerchant/ and visit Settings > Company > Payment Gateways to install and configure. Additional notes:
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    ISPConfig Module

    This module has been added to github at https://github.com/blesta/module-ispconfig. This has been updated since the original post on this thread, but the original code is available under the 1.0.0 tag if you run into problems in the updated version.
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    No State/province In Hong Kong

    By default Hong Kong cannot be used as there's no state to select and Blesta does not like this and won't accept it.
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    I just reset my password and removed the special character and everything works now! Woot woot! Thanks for all your help. -Jonathan
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    In my humble opinion, I believe that cryptocurrencies will be the future of online payments. On local payments and in person, their future is not yet clear, at least for me. Many debit card providers backed by crypto currencies stopped offering their services outside the European Union, I had 2 prepaid bitcoin cards, which were cancelled. Also, in some countries (such as Colombia) the crypto currencies they are completely prohibited. I had 1 BTC about a year ago that I got as payment for a job, when 1 BTC was still about $500. I regret spending it, today I had about $10K Although I like the world of cryptocurrencies and personally believe that revolutionize the way money is moved around the world, on the other hand, this caused the price increases and the shortage of video cards, which my gamer side regrets a lot.
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    that was the cause, thanks, resolved .
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    Blesta 4.2.0 Beta 1 Release

    Blesta version 4.2.0-b1 (BETA 1) is now available. You can download it from right here (Client Area Login Required). This is a BETA release. Beta releases are not considered stable enough for production use, and are UNSUPPORTED. DO NOT INSTALL IN A PRODUCTION ENVIRONMENT. Please report any bugs you find in the v4.2 beta bug forum. Installing Blesta See Installing Blesta in the User Manual for instructions. Upgrading Blesta See Upgrading Blesta in the User Manual for instructions. Release Notes See Blesta Core - Version 4.2.0-b1. For older releases see all Change Logs.
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    Rounding errors

    Hello, With the last annual financial statement we found some rounding errors in our outgoing invoices (15-20%). Example (negative invoice): Correct calculation: -0,1103 * 1,19 = -0,1313 = -0,13 Example (positive invoice): Correct calculation: 16,18 * 1,19 = 19,2542 = 19,25 How are these values calculated?
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    The browser's default option is the first item in the list, which for an alphabetical list of states in the US is Alabama. You can override it by specifying a state in the AdminClients controller: Open /app/controllers/admin_clients.php Find: $vars->language = $company_settings['language']; Add beneath that line: $vars->state = 'MO';
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    Blesta Addons

    [Plugin] Stats & Reports

    Statistics & Reports For Blesta Stats is an advanced statistics gathering plugin, it give the staff the ability to know about their clients, services, products ... ect, the plugin now display the fallowing data : Clients (Overview Data) Top Clients Due Top Clients Credit Top Clients By Income (Overall, This Year, This Month, This Week, Today) Top Clients By Services (Active, Suspended, Canceled, Pending) Top Clients by Country Services & Packages (Overview Data) Top Active Services (Overall, This Year, This Month, This Week, Today) Top Canceled Services (Overall, This Year, This Month, This Week, Today) Top Packages by Income (Overall, This Year, This Month, This Week, Today) Top Packages by Sold (Overall, This Year, This Month, This Week, Today) Packages Unordered (Packages never ordered by term) Packages Forgotten (12 Month, 9 Month, 8 ,7,6,..... 1 Month) package that was not ordered for a while . Transactions (Overview Data) Top Revenue by Gateway Top Revenue by Payment Types Revenue by Months Revenue by Years Revenue by Days Revenue by Periods TODO : Add transaction Reports Add Graphs Send Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reports to Email . this plugin requiere a the Pro (Silver) subscription . Order Link Plugin page
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    Blesta Addons

    [Plugin] Disable CSRF Protection

    Disable CSRF Protection in some pages this plugin will allow admin to set the pages that will not be checked again form token ( aka CSRF Protection). you don't need to change the config.php anymore . this plugin will save you time and costs . this plugin requiere a the Basic (Bronze) subscription . Order Link
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    The next week I will send the second alpha to all the contributors,
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    Blesta Addons

    [Plugin] Stats & Reports

    new version released , added : Transactions (Overview Data) Top Revenue by Gateway Top Revenue by Payment Types Revenue by Months Revenue by Years Revenue by Days Revenue by Periods Please , delete the old files before upgrade .
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    Blesta Addons

    Payment Refunded Notice

    it would be better if the client receive a email about payment refunded, something like the payment received or Payment Declined . as now when we refund a payment inside blesta, the client/admins is not receiving any notice about it .
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    GosuHost has gone bonkers!

    This sale has ended.
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    [Ideas] Quotes/estimates System

    https://blesta-addons.com/plugin/membership_club/main/ First paid one.
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    Hi there sorry about that please see: https://blesta.store/order/main/index/premade-themes
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    By default, you can't set the pricing levels. This task should take care of it once it's ready:
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    If you have a number of clients, it would be nice to be able to sort by first_name or last_name when looking for a client. If I manually edit the url to: /admin/clients/index/active/?sort=last_name&order=asc the client list is sorted by last name, so it seems like this would be an "easy" change. I am populating the company field with last_name, first_name; it would be better if we had two columns.
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    Square Payment Gateway (Alpha)

    Download again from the first post, it has been updated.
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    [Module] WHMPHP Module

    That's the something that most blesta based provider needs. Great work. (Y)
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    Black Friday At Blesta Addons

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    some client asked us that there are now option to enter coupon when they want to upgrade their service . in client side exist the option and the coupon is applied . Hope to see this in the future.
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    I needed my transactions in QuickBooks, I am using Stripe, so I wanted each transaction reduced by the cost of Stripe to make everything easy to reconcile. I worked a developer to put together the attached files which are placed in /exportcsv I am thrilled with the results, let me know if you have any questions. This is running on a cpanel host, I see no reason it wouldn't run on any host with rights to access the Blesta database. A couple modifications I have planned: - We use Transaction Pro Importer to pull the csv file into QuickBooks. I am thinking about using qodbc or CData's remoteconnector to make things a bit more seamless. - It should be possible to get the database connection parameters from /config/blesta.php config.php index.php Output.xlsx
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    How to create your own Email Template within CKEditor I successfully created my own custom newsletter-style template, with its own graphical header within CKEditor This is for those of you wanting to know how to create your own custom HTML template when you go to "Account Actions" - - > "Email Client" - - > from within your Admin panel ========================= Within the CKEditor folder open up the Default JS file found at... /vendors/ckeditor/plugins/templates/templates/default.js ========================= Make certain to place every HTML tag and every line of text between two (2) commas , along with a plus-sign at the end of each of the ending-commas. FYI - The plus-sign should NOT come after the VERY LAST HTML tag. ========================= CODE EXAMPLE: '<span style="font-size:18px">'+ '<strong>'+ '<span style="color:#003366">'+ '<span style="font-family:Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif">'+ 'Here is some sample text'+ '</span>'+ '</span>'+ '</strong>'+ '</span>' ======================== ONLINE EXAMPLE: https://github.com/ckeditor/ckeditor-dev/blob/master/plugins/templates/templates/default.js ========================= If you do not see any changes from within the front-end WYSIWYG for CKEditor , try clearing your browser's cache. Please " Vote this Up " if you like it.
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    How to Disable CSRF Protection

    You need to update your configuration file to set specific controller methods that should bypass the CSRF check. You can update /config/blesta.php, then find and update Configure::set('Blesta.csrf_bypass', array()); to: Configure::set('Blesta.csrf_bypass', array('client_login::index', 'client_login::reset')); That will disable the CSRF check on the client login and client reset password pages. The ISO-3166 for Bangladesh includes multiple districts and divisions, and some of the divisions have the same name as the district, hence why "Chittagong" appears duplicate--one refers to the division and the other refers to the district. If you need to update the States in Blesta to better represent provinces in your area more specifically than the ISO-3166 can represent, you can try the States&Countries plugin to update them.
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    Invoice Logo Missing

    I miss-typed, I meant PNG without transparency. If you send me your logo in JPG, I can try saving in Photoshop as PNG for you to see if it works.
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    Paul Stuffins

    Recurring item without a package

    That is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks
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    Another cool update. So this whole thing started when I tried to install Blesta locally on my MacBook Pro running AMPPS. I shifted to installing it on my production server via another subdomain. Thanks to your help Paul, I was able to get it running. So I went back to my laptop and turned on error reporting and debugging. It turns out I was getting a "Session already started..." error. AMPPS default setting in php.ini was session.auto_start = 1. I set that to 0 and everything works locally now too!
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    Billing overview

    Thank you Tyson!!! That's what I wanted. Works perfectly fine. Thank you once again. Jarek
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    Blesta Addons

    Payment Refunded Notice

    ow i have not see the request and i have forget about it, i have voted for it a long time ago.
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    two domains for 1 company

    Personally this is what I was going to do: english = blesta.store french = blestafrdomain -> redirect to blesta.store/fr/
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    Blesta Addons

    [Plugin] Stats & Reports

    Updated. thanks
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    Very nice! Just FYI on the HTML-in-JavaScript where you mention adding plus-signs--the plus-sign is the JavaScript concatenation operator which appends the string before it with the string after it. You could just have one large string (contained in single-quotes or double-quotes) without any concatenation, but I think the original template is written that way for readability. I'm sure those familiar with JavaScript will already recognize that.
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    Staff Emails not sending

    The BCC notices you configured for the staff group makes them available to any staff in that group, but each staff user still must set whether they want to receive BCC notices from their [My Info] > [Notices] page by subscribing to them.
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    DST Still a Bug

    Good news. CORE-1485 was the original task I was looking for.
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    Integrate Blesta or Not?

    I abandoned all CMS, and just went with plain old html5, with my IDE to perform my page content edits. Performance is better, and much less overhead.