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    Hello all, I have finally finished the module you can use to resell SSL Certificate through SSLTrust: https://gitlab.com/ssltrust/besta/-/wikis/Installation https://www.ssltrust.com.au/
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    Affiliate module for Blesta

    Affiliate commissions can be recurring or one time. No ETA, but 4.11 is well under way at this point. We just released 4.10 this week.. maybe late June? We'll see.
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    HSC: Free Contact Form For Blesta

    What is blesta contact form? Contact form plugin for Blesta is the best solution to receive messages from customers right to your email address(-es). It's a clean and simple, secure, plug-&-play contact form. The contact form has fields for Name, Email, Subject and Message. For added piece of mind this plugin also allows you to add a google reCAPTCHA. The contact form plugin has user friendly interface, so it should be relatively easy to use for most users. The contact form plugin can be installed with multi companies each company can use different email address(-es) and google reCAPTCHA. Why do you need it? If you're running a company that sell online products you really need to use our contact form plugin for pre-sales questions. Most customers have a lot of questions before buying a product as many of you know that blesta come only with support ticket system and this confuse the customer as they only want to ask one or two questions and need direct reply to their email address that’s why you need to use our contact form plugin for blesta How it works? After installing the contact form plugin, the admin can manage the plugin on how it going to work for each company. The admin can enter multi email addresses and an option to enter google reCAPTCHA site key and secret key if you need to use google reCAPTCHA. The contact form plugin creates an item in the client area menu so that customer can easily find the contact form. Every time a customer uses the contact form an email will be send to the email addresses the admin enter in the contact form settings. Features Multi email addresses Multi companies Google reCAPTCHA v2 Name, Email, Subject and Message fields Add contact form to client area menu Multi language User friendly interface For more details and screenshot visit the product page https://www.hardsoftcode.com/products.php?p=product&a=blesta-contact-form Other free blesta plugins Blesta Privacy Policy https://www.hardsoftcode.com/products.php?p=product&a=blesta-privacy-policy Blesta Terms of Service https://www.hardsoftcode.com/products.php?p=product&a=blesta-terms-of-service
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    We will not stop releasing updates entirely while we finish up big features. We did that when we were rewriting Blesta for v3.0, and it was a mistake. We need to be consistent with releases, and there are tasks big and small. Filtering was pretty simple, and it's useful for the majority. Everyone has this "one feature" that they need, and all other features are "useless" to them. That's the wrong way of looking at it. New features that you may not care for, someone else cares for greatly. We can consistently release updates with new features, while still working on the big ones. Affiliate system excludes tax in the payout amount, it looks at the package price pre-tax. So if your payout rate is 10%, and the item costs $100 + $30 tax ($130 total), the payout would be $10, not $13. You referenced quite a few potential new features, if you don't mind, please check that they are individually listed at https://requests.blesta.com with sufficient detail. When we plan new releases, we review the requests site.
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    Hi all, I found the issue. Apparently our server provider implemented some new anti-fraud thing, and it was blocking outbound requests. So because I had a URL in the post notification of the universal module, the request wasn't making it out to the endpoint and the whole process was failing. Thanks for the input.
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    Thank you, it is PHP 7.3.17. Based on the latest Blesta release notes and core developments, I would say every one is working very hard. Happy to be patient on this one
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    @SmallWeb Which version of PHP are you using when the issue occurs? This is a known issue with the XML parser in PHP 7.3.17 and 7.4.5 specifically and not neccessarily Blesta itself https://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=79528 There is currently an open pull request for the namesilo module that fixes it https://github.com/blesta/module-namesilo/pull/9 and the next PHP releases should also fix the issue with the XML parser, but we will likely have to wait until early next week for the changes to be merged into the blesta module's master branch (cant work Jono too hard, he's probably already got too much on his plate) https://github.com/php/php-src/commit/cb265a0addf15c5cf0c029f167a9de030150cf15 https://github.com/php/php-src/commit/54148fd68677e8b13b5a11c309c601d1248fb78b
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    Email Server or External Service?

    Hi Stu, Google and others can be convenient but if you really care about your data you might want to self-host this. If you're not keen on that, you can meet in the middle and go with a mail provider that is smaller and more focused on the security and integrity of your data. Cheers
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    for me the 4 point, this is not only for plugins but also for core specially the Pre/Post actions. for other part, the docs in first time was not a really strong enough to help me make addons, but i have learned for blesta source code and the practice that make from us a long time .
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    [Plugin] Support PIN

    Support PIN Plugin Assign clients a support PIN to use when making contact. Features Configurable length PIN Client & admin widget Optional PIN expiration/rotation Validation API endpoint It's open sauce https://github.com/webmastery/blesta-support-pin/ https://marketplace.blesta.com/#/extensions/98-Support PIN
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    Blesta Addons

    Duplicate Invoices Generated

    we have this issue in the past, but it was occasional, we have discovered the origin or the real issue, since it not repeated and it was 2 times during this and last year i haven't made any action. but i can confirm this issue exist and occasional .
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    > for Vies and VAT MOSS the same but yeah still lagging. Interesting, but not for the accounting reasons, just to show the correct price at checkout to customers... also because it's need to be done with GeoIP. But about VAT MOSS you know that almost two part must match finally, as IP<->Phone number Credit Card country <-> IP etc... so it's something more complex rather than simply transfer it to an accounting tool. We know tools like Quaderno, Octobat, Avalara do that match. Avalara & TaxJar already do this in US for example, and them can filing sales tax returns too. >I'm not fan of closed source Me too, as I'm coming from Linux since 1998 #184306 and supporting GNU too, so we preferred to change to Blesta and another OpenSource for main CMS (not WP 😉 > 1% of annual sales profit can cover side expenses like the yearly price for the competitor solution. Yes that's true and depending on how you can realise that affiliate promotion .. I know about hosts that spend money to achieve referrals 🙂 >We focus on both SEO & Ads and Facebook. Facebook/Twitter are actually driving tons of traffic / shares and sales. Probably it depends on product and region. 🙂 But we (and others ) tested on that traffic from FB is not totally correspondent to hosting products even FB suggested is it. Something is not working ... and traffic / likes from people have anything _real_ interest in Hosting / IT is not an opinion. So about FB it's a true lottery ... that's all! (ps. last week Germany disappeared from FB countries list in ADS manager 😄 How you can rely on something like that??? >that doesn't mean that should lag with the basics. Agree. Completely.
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    Ok, so have we to choose about iDevAffiliate or does make it more sense to wait for ver. 4.11 and Blesta own affiliate system? What are your suggestions about? Also if someone have now iDev or will switch to it, have we to expect some incompatibilities ? I mean also simple things like if an affiliate system cannot be switched off , you can find referring (link url etc) on the client portal or logged in client area of this integrated affiliate system.
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    Simple reason, when the client has order the service and pay manually, we activating the service manually and then we need to select wish server we should use .
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    This is getting a lot more attention after we release the affiliate system, would should be in 4.11. Affiliate System, and Domain Manager are the 2 biggest items on our todo list right now.
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    New order notifications

    Also, just to add to this.. each staff member can subscribe to order emails if they have access to the Orders widget by clicking the cog/gear icon and subscribing.
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    Upgrading/Downgrading a service via API

    Do you really mean to use a ServiceChange? Would Services::edit do what you want instead? Service changes are processed automatically via cron after their invoice is paid. An edit would happen immediately. use_module tells Blesta whether to invoke the module when making the edit, so yes it will work with or without it. That being said, I'm not sure of your question at this point. Are you asking what parameters should be submitted to getPresenter?
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    Thanks Paul, i have received the trial key and success installed. Will back to you if i have questions
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    Order flow

    I mentioned this in discord, but it is worth having it here as well. Order form settings control whether to require manual approval on orders. If manual approval is not required by the order form and "Automatically Provision Paid Pending Services" is check at /admin/settings/company/billing/invoices/ then it should provision automatically.
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    Multiple services Plesk

    Hello, i actually trying Blesta with plesk panel all work well, but i would like to know if it's possible to "group" services on same user ex: M.XX buy website aaaa.fr and zzzz.fr Plesk will create 2 user M.XX one with aaaa.fr and second with zzzz.fr website It's possible to blesta add service on existing user and not send to plesk creating new one ? Thanks for reply
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    Order form does not work

    I'll send you a PM, give me a minute. I've deleted the .htaccess file and there are no SSL rules for the sake of debugging the instance to make sure it's not due to SSL. Regards, Sixten Peterson EDIT Works now, tried a third browser. Thanks to SmallWeb for helping out.
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    Order form does not work

    Hi SmallWeb, Yeah, I had it working during my Trial and remember having the issue for a while. Also made some changes but can't remember what the heck I did. I've tried two different order types and different browsers. My apache logs have not been helping out. I'll continue to try different things. Thanks for your post. Regards, Sixten Peterson
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    Order form does not work

    Hi Sixten, My experience of this has only been brief and usually cleared up after a while, I don't remember the history of changes I made unfortunately. My first thoughts would be to try different order form types, clearing cache, cookies, trying other browsers and checking your website logs. Regards, Michael
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    With 9 location offerings and 3 packages per location, my package list is growing quite full. I decided to convert my reseller offerings to 3 packages, with 9 configurable options instead. To accept the order, I have to select the correct server (as opposed to the default package one) that correlates to the configurable option, and that's that. Some sort of automated connection between that configurable option and the server would be great to automate this. Cheers.
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    filter options for client widget

    I like the changes, let's do it!
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    Service with adjustable price??

    You can change the price of a service for each user individually, modifying the service and overriding the price with the new price for that user in specific.
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    filter options for client widget

    Maybe something like this? Or with input-sm
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    Hello Blestars Update 31-07-2019 Fixed compability with PHP 7 or above Old updates: Fixed: Bug on "TempUnlock", detected by aosoft Fixed: Whois Get/Edit fields Fixed: Renew Added: Commands TAB (for now only Renew works, later on I will finish the Transfer and Registter Command) Fixed: opemsrs default error handeling (now it uses a global var to store errors, is the quckiest way) Added: .co.uk adittional fields missed. (thanks to richwalker) Fixed: Removed GLOBAL variables, thanks to Carl Fixed: Code cleaned for better understand Added: Whois Get/Set in Admin and Client Side Changed: From Alpha to Beta, if no bugs found in 2 weeks I will change to Release Candidate Fixed: Temporary unlock domain to make changes, and then lock again after changes Added: Better error handeling, displying the direct error message from OPENSRS api on Client and Admin side Optimised in only one core modify file, the patch file for set diferent prices for diferent types: Domain Register Domain Transfer Domain Renew Added: [Admin]->[Settings]: Set/Get Registrar Lock Added: [Admin]->[Settings]: Get EPP Code (Transfer Key) Added: [Admin]->[Nameservers]: Set/GET Nameservers Added: [Client]->[Settings]: Set/Get Registrar Lock Added: [Client]->[Settings]: Get EPP Code (Transfer Key) Added: [Client]->[Nameservers]: Set/GET Nameservers What Can it do: Domain Register Domain Transfer Manage Domain Nameservers Manage Domain Lock Get Domain EPP Key Todo: Manage Domain Whois Manage Domain DNS's Records Manage Domain Email Fowarding The download and instrution will be at the bottom of this post Here is some teasers: ### Atention: This is only For Blesta 4.6 or any version above! ### How to Install (this is an Beta Release, we need your help to debug and test it) 1º- Download the Blesta OpenSRS Registrar Module here: Download Here (updated 31-07-2019) 2º- Uncompress, and upload the folder "opensrs" to blesta /components/modules/ directory. 3º- Go to Blesta Admin, and click on Setings->Company->Modules->Available and it will list the "OpenSRS" module, just Click on "INSTALL" 4º- Now you can manage the Module and add your OpenSRS Username, API Key, and a random Salt Key. 5º- In your Packages->Create Package you can select the Module->OpenSRS to configure your TLD's do regist/transfer, you will also see that in "Type" you can choose wich typw you want to add prices for. How to Upgrade 1º- Download the Blesta OpenSRS Registrar Module here: Download Here (updated 31-07-2019) 2º- Uncompress, and upload the folder "internetbs" to blesta /components/modules/ directory. 3º- Go to Blesta Admin, and click on Setings->Company->Modules and it will list the "OpenSRS" module, just Click on "UPGRADE" How to Uninstall Go to Blesta Admin, and click on Setings->Company->Modules and it will list the "OpenSRS" module, just Click on "UNINSTALL" Hope you like it
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    Blesta Addons

    HSC: Free Contact Form For Blesta

    Nice Work 👍, i predict that more more add-ons are coming from our fiends.
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    some of our clients asked us to change the mass mailer plugin to limit the emails sent on the cron, as the actual one some times block the smtp or the hosting account if the list is a big one. so we have decided to look in the code and i have found a simple way to do the jobs, and since is simple we have decided to share it with the community . open the file plugins/mass_mailer/Cron/Email.php and change this lines (begin from line 55) while (($task = $this->MassMailerTasks->getByJob($job->id))) { // Send the email $this->MassMailerEmails->send($task, $email); // Delete the task $this->MassMailerTasks->delete($task->id); } $this->completeJob($job->id); by this one $counter = 0; $limit = 15; while (($task = $this->MassMailerTasks->getByJob($job->id))) { if ($counter > $limit) { break; } // Send the email $this->MassMailerEmails->send($task, $email); // Delete the task $this->MassMailerTasks->delete($task->id); $counter += 1; } if (!$task) { $this->completeJob($job->id); } you can set you limit by editing the var $limit, in our example every cron (5min) it well send only 15 emails. i hope if Blesta staff can look into this simple task and add a limit to the mailer plugin via the plugin setting.
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    Email Server or External Service?

    Hey Stu, you may get more interaction on this if you post in our discord server https://discord.gg/UNs26C. If you feel like being an especially nice person you could even post back on here some of the answers you get
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    Affiliate module for Blesta

    What he said ⬇️
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    Affiliate module for Blesta

    I'm happy to be able to say, this is actually the main focus of v4.11.0 https://dev.blesta.com/browse/CORE-3356
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    Create Invoice cron task fails

    Yes, this is a known issue in 4.10.0 beta 1 and will be resolved for beta 2 or final, whichever is the next release.
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    Namesilo and Blesta 4.9 integration

    Yup, so two things. First, those requests happen when you save the module row details, just to make sure the credentials are valid. Second, it unfortunately seems the regular availability checks are not being logged. To add logging to that method you can add the following line at line 2280 of app/components/module/namesilo.php: $this->processResponse($api, $result);
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    Create Invoice cron task fails

    Nvm it's CORE-3614
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    Gabriel Gutierrez

    Change Clients Menu language

    Thank you! I was now able to change "Log In" to spanish.
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    Yes. It's not ideal, which is why I created the task. But it does at last allow you to show categories in each language, and after they select the language category things will look pretty much the same as if it did support multi language.
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    Blesta Addons

    Extend Container

    Blesta use container, and from v4.0 it's possible to extend the container. but we can't extent it globally unless we load our class in config/services.php . extending the container from preAction event is not working. any chance to allow us developers to load our classes in the system without hacking the core files (init.php file or the services.php file) ?
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    Package Pricing Display...

    The "Starting At" price is from the /plugins/order/views/templates/wizard/main_packages.pdt template. It currently shows the lowest numeric price, however, it would require several changes to show the lowest price per month. It becomes more complex if you have non-monthly terms in the mix as well. As an example, I will only show changes for the Wizard Boxes template, and ignore non-monthly terms for simplicity. Find: foreach ($package->pricing as $price) { if ($lowest_price === null || $lowest_price->price > $price->price) $lowest_price = $price; } Replace with: $lowest_monthly_price = null; $lowest_monthly_currency = null; foreach ($package->pricing as $price) { if ($lowest_price === null) { $lowest_price = $price; } if ($price->period == "month" && $lowest_price->period == "month" && $price->term > 0 && $lowest_price->term > 0 && ($price->price/$price->term) < ($lowest_price->price/$lowest_price->term)) { $lowest_monthly_price = ($price->price/$price->term); $lowest_monthly_currency = $price->currency; } } Find: <div class="package panel-blesta <?php echo ($this->Html->ifSet($package_id) == $package->id ? "selected" : "");?>" data-group-id="<?php $this->Html->_($package_group->id);?>" data-pricing-id="<?php $this->Html->_($lowest_price->id);?>"> Replace with: <div class="package panel-blesta <?php echo ($this->Html->ifSet($package_id) == $package->id ? "selected" : "");?>" data-group-id="<?php $this->Html->_($package_group->id);?>" data-pricing-id="<?php echo $this->Html->safe($this->Html->ifSet($lowest_monthly_id, $lowest_price->id));?>"> Find: <h4><?php echo $this->CurrencyFormat->format($this->Html->ifSet($lowest_price->price), $this->Html->ifSet($lowest_price->currency));?></h4> Replace with: <h4><?php echo $this->CurrencyFormat->format($this->Html->ifSet($lowest_monthly_price, $lowest_price->price), $this->Html->ifSet($lowest_monthly_currency, $lowest_price->currency));?><?php echo ($lowest_monthly_price !== null) ? "/month" : "";?></h4>
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    Package Pricing Display...

    It's possible, but it's not natively supported. It would require you to make core changes, which will be overridden during upgrades. You would need to maintain the changes in your installation. Amounts are displayed in several places across the admin/client interfaces, but for brevity I'll give an example of one place on the Wizard order form. The other order forms (i.e. Standard/AJAX) would need to be updated similarly. This example will change the price display on the Wizard order form's drop-down menu for Term and Price. This will show prices using the per-month price rather than the price for all months combined. Open /plugins/order/views/templates/wizard/config.pdt Find (line 37): $prices[$price->id] = $this->_("Config.index.package_price", true, $period, $this->CurrencyFormat->format($price->price, $price->currency)); Replace with: $amount = $price->price; if ($price->period == "month" && $price->term > 0) $amount = ($price->price/$price->term); $prices[$price->id] = $this->_("Config.index.package_price", true, $period, $this->CurrencyFormat->format($amount, $price->currency));
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    nice! what id really like to see is support for the email reselling side of things. once you get past 50 domains hosted, it gets a bit fun to keep it all straight. i do think a email module will be my focus after migration from HostBill.
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