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    lutfi-master.zip You're welcome!
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    Affiliate module for Blesta

    It's in development right now.
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    Like DirectAdmin, it was also requested as I know and we are still waiting @Paul
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    Error activating product

    Blesta is trying to send an email but fails to do so because some tag in the email template is not being used correctly. Double-check your "Service Creation" email template and how you are using the tags. If email is sent successfully for other services, then the problematic tag is probably in the package's Welcome Email section instead (which is imported into the "Service Creation" email template as the tag "{package.email_html}"/"{package.email_text}"), so edit that service's package and take a look at the Welcome Email template for both text and HTML. Some tags cannot be displayed as written because they are not strings, and instead need to be iterated over. You should take a look at the package module's documentation for what tags are available and how to use them. For example, when using the cPanel module, there is a tag "{module.name_servers}". That tag cannot be displayed as a string since its data is an array of multiple nameservers. If you attempt to display it as written, you will receive the error that you encountered. In this example, you would use a "for" statement in the email template to loop over the nameservers as mentioned in the cPanel documentation: {% for name_server in module.name_servers %} Name server: {name_server}{% endfor %}
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    Thanks. It's not obvious that settings controls that too, maybe it would be worth adding some help text.
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    Lutfi - Free Premium Blesta & Hosting Theme

    I do not like your chances. This thread is over three years old and the creator of the theme has not been on here for a year.
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    Blesta support renewal

    Thanks guys, dashboard now says: Your support and updates are good through Jan 04, 2021.
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    cPanel Extended Module

    Do you have enabled this option?
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    In the close vicinity of the holiday season, our entire team joins in sending you the warmest wishes of tranquil, cheerful, and warm Christmas. May this magical time be the moment of a well-deserved rest and let the New Year bring you prosperity in all business matters! In heartfelt response to your continuous support and trust in our company, we have once again prepared for you a special Christmas Promotion! Visit our newly published Blog article for an earnest token of our appreciation –12% discount code available until January 6th, 2020 and applying to every single product from our Marketplace!Choose your dream Christmas present!
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    Run PHP modules check

    During the install process, there is a page that checks for the required and recommended modules. Is there a way to view this page post installation? I just want to check that everything is still green after making some server configuration changes.
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