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  1. This is ISPManager? A username cannot start with a number, if you are provisioning manually then you can choose another username to enter. However, if Blesta is unable to provision, it may make sense for us to update the username generator to create a username that meets the rules. Normally usernames are generated based on the domain name, but if the domain starts with numbers then we may have to use some random letters at the beginning.
  2. There is not a Blesta -> Blesta import. We would recommend resolving any issues with your install. You can start by re-uploading the same version of Blesta you are running to ensure all of the files are correct. If you are getting errors and missing core tables then you need to identify where this failure occurred and correct it. See https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/Upgrading+Blesta#UpgradingBlesta-FailedUpgrade/ErrorsAfterUpgrade for steps on that. You need to identify what version of the database you are running. If an upgrade failed, it would have failed while running a particular mi
  3. Paul

    Upcoming renewals widget

    Is there a detailed request for this at https://requests.blesta.com? It's something we are not opposed to adding.
  4. Paul

    Error during Backup

    If you have SSH access, you can check if mysqldump exists and where it is by running: whereis mysqldump To make a manual database backup you can run: mysqldump -u USERNAME -p DATABASENAME -r DATABASENAME.sql I agree with Jono, most likely your system is missing mysqldump or it's not executable by your user.
  5. CORE-3941 The task describes scenario #1 above, not #2. If the service has already been upgraded then we would suspend it if it remained unpaid.
  6. We probably should not suspend the service if an upgrade invoice is unpaid, especially if the upgrade does not happen until the invoice is paid. The question I think is whether we should suspend if the upgrade occurs before the invoice is paid and the invoice remains unpaid. Thoughts? If upgrading a service and the invoice is unpaid but not yet upgraded, do not suspend. If upgrading a service and the invoice is unpaid but already upgraded, suspend?
  7. Discord is probably the best place to go https://discord.gg/XCq34pU We are on there, and you can usually find someone else who has an answer. You can also email us. If you have a problem with your license not working and needing re-issued, need to purchase support & updates or an addon company, or otherwise make any changes to your license you will need to contact the folks you got your license from.
  8. I'm not sure a hover based tool-tip is the best way to go, certainly not one that follows your mouse around. Maybe if it showed up at the very end of the table next to the row you are hovering.. or maybe an icon to indicate that it's expandable. Maybe something like this for expand: https://fontawesome.com/icons/expand?style=solid And shrink when it's open: https://fontawesome.com/icons/compress?style=solid Anyone know of any use cases in other applications that have an expanding section similar to this? How do they handle it.
  9. Sounds like whatever you changed did not work. Check that the value is set in your PHP Info. <?php phpinfo(); ?>
  10. It hasn't been very highly requested, but I've created a task here: CORE-3934
  11. When I use the ordered list tool it places a 1. and when i hit enter it does not put anything on the next line. If I click the tool again, then I get another 1. Is that what you mean? It might be a bug with CKEditor. We are upgrading CKEditor for 5.0.
  12. Do you believe this was related to a change with DirectAdmin or has the issue existed for some time? We did create CORE-3915 to address a reseller change to shared IP, but I assume it's unrelated.
  13. You can change the service renew date by clicking Manage next to the service, then select Change Renew Date
  14. Why do you want to change it when 4 hours before you posted this you said you were leaving for a competing product? I mean, it can be done and we could probably get one of our devs to give you instructions tomorrow when we are back at work... but it seems moot?
  15. Paul

    Leaving blesta

    FYI we blocked it because it allows data from Blesta to be PUBLICLY available to anyone who visits the URL. It's a security risk. If that's the kind of company that you want to work with, that puts your data at risk and could care less about security, I don't know what to say.
  16. Paul

    Leaving blesta

    We've sped up development dramatically. Blesta is used by more companies than ever before. "Just create modules" isn't helpful feedback, though we have created a lot of modules over the past 2 years. We add modules that a decent number of people request and will use. We don't arbitrarily create modules that have no demand, that would be a waste of our development resources. I don't recall having a conversation with you or anyone recently about CCAvenue (if it requires mcrypt, just install mcrypt) or internetbs. Pretty unhelpful thread. </thread>
  17. Paul

    clinet order page

    Glad to hear that worked! I'm not sure why /app/views/admin/default/ would have fixed it though, since that's the admin templates and the order form is generated with a combination of client templates and order form templates (/app/views/client/bootstrap/, and /plugins/order/views/templates/) Either way, it looks much better now
  18. Paul

    clinet order page

    To be safe, I would recommend re-uploading all of the files from the official zip for the same version you are running. As long as your IP, hostname, or install path doesn't change you don't have to re-issue the license. Good idea to make a backup of the files first just in case something goes wrong.. (e.g. some FTP clients delete everything and then upload the new stuff, that's very bad because /config/blesta.php is your config file that contains some very important information so don't lose it)
  19. Paul

    clinet order page

    Thanks for the link. The CSS loads on your portal page, on your order page it only loads a partial view. There is no header or footer, so the CSS is not loaded. If you modified any of the templates it's likely that broke it. You can check your error logs to see if there's anything there, ../logs_blesta/ defined under Settings > System > General. This has nothing to do with Nginx as far as I know. Possibly a syntax error. Haven't seen that happen before.
  20. Paul

    clinet order page

    There is certainly a link to the CSS in the markup. Your server is probably returning a 404 error because it can't load it because of the rules. View the page source, find the links to the CSS and find out if they are not correct. There is a possibility that the "Root Web Directory" path defined in Settings > System > General is not correct, it should be the full system path to your document root.
  21. Paul

    clinet order page

    Use the inspector in your browser, or view the source and look for the style sheet links, anything ending in .css. Can you open those files in your browser directly without getting an error? For example, in the demo at https://demo.blesta.com/order/main/packages/hosting/?group_id=1 https://demo.blesta.com/app/views/client/bootstrap/css/application.min.css https://demo.blesta.com/client/theme/theme.css?dir=
  22. Paul

    clinet order page

    It sounds like the style sheets are not being loaded. I also see that /index.php/ is in your URLs. Can I assume you are using a web server other than Apache? If you are running Apache, then you may not have uploaded the .htaccess file that is included with Blesta. If you are running another web server like nginx, then you need the right configuration to rewrite URLs through index.php and handle style sheets https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/Installing+Blesta#InstallingBlesta-Nginx
  23. Selling dedicated servers with Vultr? Seems like there are no available locations returned by Vultr's API for that call. Does this happen with all Vultr servers? Does it work properly with a standard VPS from Vultr? Anything in your ../logs_blesta/ log files when this occurs? I wouldn't expect an API error to result in the page not working at all.
  24. We could be persuaded to make an an option for the staff and client theme in the look & feel section of the company settings. https://requests.blesta.com
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