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CubeData's new "are you sure you want to open a ticket" catcher

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I have made my own "are you sure you want to open a ticket" modification to the support manager

screenshots follow:





my bookmarks bar is redacted on purpose for security reasons 

but as you can see in the url when you click the button to continue it puts a timestamp in the url which it uses to validate when you completed the first part to avoid people abusing it without it and getting around the system. if you don't finish your ticket and submit it before 2 minutes is up(and the time interval can change at any time) after the timestamp is made it makes you wait again and do the first part again which after that you will have another 2 minutes to write up the ticket and submit it

you may be asking why do something like this? my answer is to make sure people don't open up random tickets for everything and make sure there ticket actually matches the conditions on the first page as who doesn't like as a person who handles tickets getting irrelevant tickets that aren't in the scope of your support policy or worse they open a ticket on a subject that has absolutely no relevance to your business slowing down the ticket queue for other customers that do? well that is why I did it as I tried to "wait and see" before having to do this but after trying that approach it was apparent that wouldn't work anyway and the best solution is what I made above.

  • is it an inconvenience...yes
  • is it worth it to support the customers faster that do need help that match the conditions...yes

I just wanted to show this off to everyone as I couldn't do this in whmcs which is why I love blesta instead! :blesta: since blesta still has owned licenses and allows you to customize all of this yourself without no encryption preventing you from doing so(aka ioncube)

Fair disclaimer: I already spoke to @Licensecart about this when making this so he saw it first lol.  

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