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Canadian Sales Tax


Just having a look through the v4 demo and it appears that the required sales tax setup for Canada is not part of it.   So, I'm wondering how I can go about getting that done?   Is the codebase such that someone can write a custom module or can it be included?

Basically, what we have is a multi sales tax system, all of which must show separately from the price.     Some provinces/territories have a single tax (HST or GST).    Some provinces/territories are both GST and PST.   (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sales_taxes_in_Canada for more info).   

We also require the ability to produce reports showing how much of each tax was collected against the sales.

To make matters worse, some items may be exempt from one or both taxes.   As well, particular clients may be exempt from one or both taxes.

Any advice here?   Unfortunately, this is still make or break for using the product.   It's a legal requirement for Canadian business to do it this way.

Thanks in advance for your time!

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13 hours ago, Hopla said:


I would also like to know if this is finally possible or not?

@jamiepenner Did you make it?
If not, what else do you use to bill your clients?


Hi there!   I am still searching for a solution that handles the taxes the way we need them.   For the time being, I'm still using an archaic Perl script setup I created back about 22 years ago   I REALLY need something more modern.  lol   

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8 hours ago, jamiepenner said:

The problem as I see it (and would be happy to be corrected) is that you can't exempt 1 of multiple taxes on some products, and for some customers.   As well, the invoice doesn't break out each tax separately, it only combines them.

i have not tested multiple taxes , but from what i have see in the settings, the multiple tax are applied to the product, there are no option to allow only one tax if there are 2 taxes . and the tax are applied separately, and the total show the total amount with all the taxes applied . i'm not aware how taxes in canada, but if there are multiple taxes for state and only will be applied, then add only 1 tax for this state .

just curios, how it will apply one tax if exist two tax for the state? what is the criteria to exempt the tax for product x ?

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Different provinces (and territories) in Canada have different rules.      There is GST (the federal sales tax that every province has), PST (which each province can set their own rate and rules for and, in one province, there is no PST), and HST (which in some provinces is a combined PST and GST (Harmonized Sales Tax) that is collected by the federal government on behalf of the province).    

In British Columbia, where I am located, some products are subject to PST and GST, and some are PST exempt and you only charge GST.     If you are selling to another province, you collect either the GST or HST, whichever is applicable there.  So, as an example of a sale in BC, if I sell hosting and domain registration, the hosting gets charged 5% GST and 7% PST, and the domain is only charged the 5% GST.    In some cases, the client can also be GST and/or PST exempt under different circumstances.   

The criteria for exemption could be the type of product (i.e.: hosting is a communication product so is taxable with both taxes, but the domain is not so it is exempt from 1 of the taxes), if a product is for resale, etc..   The exemption rules are insane!

We are required to breakdown the amount of tax on an invoice as separate lines items, for example:

GST (5%): $5.00
PST (7%): $7.00

More information on this mayhem can be found at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sales_taxes_in_Canada


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