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We want to announce that we are near to release our new & Advanced CMS for blesta. but what we have in deference from other CMS?

1 - Built in Domain Checker for any page with a simple short tag .
2 - Our CMS Pro Support HTML, Javascript/Jquery and PHP ... Yes you can write your own PHP code inside any page :blesta:
3 - Our CMS Pro Support Plans Comparison between packages, as a short tag also .
4 - Our CMS Pro Support Multi-languages Pages, and sub-pages .
5 - Our CMS Pro Support a Redirection Options for old links to new links, so don't worry about your old pages indexed in google.
6 - Our CMS Pro totally compatible with Our Multi-languages & Seo , Sitemap generator Plugin,
7 - Our CMS Pro totally configured to any kind of website, and is optimized for the Hosting/Domains Industry Websites.
8 - Our CMS Pro allow you to add your own template structure without touching any plugin core file, so you are safe in upgrades
9 - Our CMS Pro is totally built for better seo practice and technique, so google will be your friend,
10 - Our CMS Pro Pages support multiple  built-in navigation menu (top navbar, footer, sitemap, ect ).
11 - Our CMS Pro Pages has visibility setting, for clients only, only visitor, or all (default).

and so many amazing features, we have tested and we are getting a good result in term of google raking and website ranking, and is totally functional for hosting industry .

We have two others cool features not listed, they are surprise for all our clients, they are the most wanted features for all Webhosters .

Release date can be the new year or before, until the release date, we will post a video or screenshot about amazing features we have prepared for you .

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4 hours ago, Joseph H said:

Already exited for 1 & 2 :)

Hope other will be also.

2 hours ago, CyberHour said:

Make it all-in-one for WordPress like plugin and you my friend will become the next millioner xD

i have not understand your idea, one of our beta testers asked us to make a wordpress page importer, something that we haven't any plan to make it now .

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5 hours ago, CyberHour said:

Make it all-in-one for WordPress like plugin and you my friend will become the next millioner xD

Do you meen a plugin to manage blesta from wordpress or a plugin for blesta to manage wordpress .

I like the second idea. But to be honest as a tester for the new cms pro i will move from wordpress and make my website managed by blesta , is secure and a centralized management , we need only a wordpress importer for pages . The second request we need to run the cms in the root directory and let the client management in a subdomain .

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