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Paypal CC End Point


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This is just a guess, but if you look in \projectfolder\vendors\components\gateways\nonmerchant\paypal_payments_standard\paypal_payments_standard.php you will find 

PaypalPaymentsStandard extends NonmerchantGateway

It looks like you are required to have a Blesta invoice to pay to use this gateway, so you will probably need to generate an invoice first.

On line 232 there is buildProcess where I found this information. It looks like it's building the request to paypal. Maybe someone else can shed some more light.

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I found this -

So I tried accessing an endpoint via the attached image method in postman and it looks like we are on the right track. Looks like the arguments are as follows -

"contact_info" => $contact_info, "amount" => $amount, "currency" => $currency, "invoice_amounts" => $invoice_amounts, "options" => $options, "gateway_id" => $gateway_id

This method and docblock can be found in \components\gateway_payments\gateway_payments.php

     * Returns an array of HTML markup used to render capture and pay requests for non-merchant gateways
     * @param array $contact_info An array of contact info including:
     *  - id The contact ID
     *  - client_id The ID of the client this contact belongs to
     *  - user_id The user ID this contact belongs to (if any)
     *  - contact_type The type of contact
     *  - contact_type_id The ID of the contact type
     *  - first_name The first name on the contact
     *  - last_name The last name on the contact
     *  - title The title of the contact
     *  - company The company name of the contact
     *  - address1 The address 1 line of the contact
     *  - address2 The address 2 line of the contact
     *  - city The city of the contact
     *  - state An array of state info including:
     *      - code The 2 or 3-character state code
     *      - name The local name of the country
     *  - country An array of country info including:
     *      - alpha2 The 2-character country code
     *      - alpha3 The 3-cahracter country code
     *      - name The english name of the country
     *      - alt_name The local name of the country
     *  - zip The zip/postal code of the contact
     * @param float $amount The amount to charge this contact
     * @param string $currency The current to charge
     * @param array $invoice_amounts An array of invoices, each containing:
     *  - id The ID of the invoice being processed
     *  - amount The amount being processed for this invoice (which is included in $amount)
     * @param array $options An array of options including:
     *  - description The Description of the charge
     *  - return_url The URL to redirect users to after a successful payment
     *  - recur An array of recurring info including:
     *      - start_date The date/time in UTC that the recurring payment begins
     *      - amount The amount to recur
     *      - term The term to recur
     *      - period The recurring period (day, week, month, year, onetime) used
     *        in conjunction with term in order to determine the next recurring payment
     * @param int $gateway_id The ID of the nonmerchant gateway to fetch,
     *  if null will return all nonmerchant gateways for the currency
     * @return array An array of HTML, indexed by the gateway name



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