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  1. coreyman

    Remove PayJunction from Supported Gateways

    Stripe is continuing to support hosting businesses. Just got in contact with them.
  2. coreyman

    Remove PayJunction from Supported Gateways

    I've been dropped by Bluepay as well. I can't remember if it was because I got a charge back or if it was because I was a hosting company. This was in early 2016. As far as PayJunction goes I was only ticketing in to support@payjunction.com There are two others on your list that are dropping hosting providers as well. 2checkout, and stripe. Granted I still have a stripe account but I am reaching out to them now to confirm. https://www.lowendtalk.com/discussion/145709/stripe-not-going-to-support-hosting-company-to-get-payment
  3. Blesta's tagline is 'The Billing Platform for Hosting Providers'. I read the manual at https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/Gateways and contacted some merchants. This is the response I got back from PayJunction ->
  4. coreyman

    Automated NET_30 Payments

    Can we create/generate these invoices via API calls?
  5. coreyman

    Automated NET_30 Payments

    We are looking to charge customers credit cards automatically on a net-30 basis for services rendered(including hourly services). Is this possible?
  6. Ahh so this doesn't exist yet?
  7. We only want clients to be able to add a minimum amount of funds (say $20) to their account from paypal. We were then hoping Blesta would apply this credit to any invoices automatically. Clients should not be able to pay an invoice with paypal directly in our use case. AND Clients should be able to add a credit card via Stripe and be automatically charged for the NET-30 invoice on the due date. I'm pretty sure through my research we can charge 'hourly' for a product as well, how would the above scenario fit in with hourly billing?