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  1. A year and a half later and I see this is still an issue and, it looks like the fix I found doesn't work in the latest version of blesta since we upgraded from 4.4.1 to 4.10 I've tried setting every port and security combination available. I know what ports work and are configured on our server, imap/993/ssl. This same combination works in any mail client I use. There are no errors in logs_blesta when it is configured with imap/993/ssl/blank box name. In fact I do not even see a login attempt in my mailserver logs.
  2. https://www.php.net/manual/en/jsonserializable.jsonserialize.php
  3. Yes we are working in nodejs. Thank you, The BitAccel Team
  4. Currently if you interact with the blesta API you have to send a plain text password to the API to become authorized - http://source-docs.blesta.com/class-Users.html Anyone able to eavesdrop on the conversation will learn the client’s secret. If the client is talking to the wrong server it reveals its secret to that potentially malicious server Are we solely relying on TLS to keep the communication secret?
  5. This said it was resolved but I created an order form and was wondering why /order wasn't working. Found this thread and fixed it by selecting the default order form.
  6. My only point was that all software has bugs since you wanted to point how how you found a bunch of bugs, no need to get an attitude with me or be snarky. I found and reported several bugs in the WHMCS API when I used it as well. If software's inherent nature was to be bug free there would be no reason for sub version releases that fix x or y.
  7. I've found bugs in the blesta importer with Paul's assistance pretty recently (was fixed promptly). Just because you found a few bugs doesn't mean they didn't already squash 200 of them before they launched the cms
  8. Oops. I got confused. Line items have descriptions not the invoices.
  9. We are going by http://source-docs.blesta.com/class-Invoices.html and have implemented getList to get a listing of all invoices and get to get a single invoice. Neither of these endpoints return the description of the invoice, how do we retrieve that data? Edit: getAll() does not return the description either.
  10. Make your own docker image? We did , but we are using it for development environments. Our production environment is a 'full blown vps'. I don't know why you would want to introduce the limitations of docker for your production billing system. If you want to save money that bad, maybe don't use AWS.
  11. Oh yeah I'm aware, I was just pointing him in the right direction
  12. I found this - So I tried accessing an endpoint via the attached image method in postman and it looks like we are on the right track. Looks like the arguments are as follows - "contact_info" => $contact_info, "amount" => $amount, "currency" => $currency, "invoice_amounts" => $invoice_amounts, "options" => $options, "gateway_id" => $gateway_id This method and docblock can be found in \components\gateway_payments\gateway_payments.php /** * Returns an array of HTML markup used to render capture and pay requests for non-merchant gateways * * @param array $contact_info An array of contact info including: * - id The contact ID * - client_id The ID of the client this contact belongs to * - user_id The user ID this contact belongs to (if any) * - contact_type The type of contact * - contact_type_id The ID of the contact type * - first_name The first name on the contact * - last_name The last name on the contact * - title The title of the contact * - company The company name of the contact * - address1 The address 1 line of the contact * - address2 The address 2 line of the contact * - city The city of the contact * - state An array of state info including: * - code The 2 or 3-character state code * - name The local name of the country * - country An array of country info including: * - alpha2 The 2-character country code * - alpha3 The 3-cahracter country code * - name The english name of the country * - alt_name The local name of the country * - zip The zip/postal code of the contact * @param float $amount The amount to charge this contact * @param string $currency The current to charge * @param array $invoice_amounts An array of invoices, each containing: * - id The ID of the invoice being processed * - amount The amount being processed for this invoice (which is included in $amount) * @param array $options An array of options including: * - description The Description of the charge * - return_url The URL to redirect users to after a successful payment * - recur An array of recurring info including: * - start_date The date/time in UTC that the recurring payment begins * - amount The amount to recur * - term The term to recur * - period The recurring period (day, week, month, year, onetime) used * in conjunction with term in order to determine the next recurring payment * @param int $gateway_id The ID of the nonmerchant gateway to fetch, * if null will return all nonmerchant gateways for the currency * @return array An array of HTML, indexed by the gateway name */
  13. This is just a guess, but if you look in \projectfolder\vendors\components\gateways\nonmerchant\paypal_payments_standard\paypal_payments_standard.php you will find PaypalPaymentsStandard extends NonmerchantGateway It looks like you are required to have a Blesta invoice to pay to use this gateway, so you will probably need to generate an invoice first. On line 232 there is buildProcess where I found this information. It looks like it's building the request to paypal. Maybe someone else can shed some more light.
  14. Ahh ok I didn't know cron was creating those files. I'll change this. Thank you!
  15. So I checked php7.1-fpm configuration and it's running as www-data. Files inside logs_blesta are being created as the root user and as such php scripts running through php7.1-fpm can not access the files. This causes lots of issues such as password reset emails not going out, unable to change client product pricing etc. I set the sticky bit on logs_blesta hoping that would solve my www-data problem by preserving permissions in the directory but it doesn't, files still get created as root owner. Every day I am stuck going in and chown -R www-data:www-data logs_blesta so I can perform administrative actions. drwsr-xr-x 2 www-data www-data 4096 Mar 4 14:33 . Any ideas why files are being created as root and not www-data?
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