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stripe new europe law

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any update in this ?

We’re writing to let you know about required changes to your Stripe integration to prepare for new European regulation. Starting 14 September, Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) regulation will require two-factor authentication on many payments in Europe. Payments without SCA may be declined. You’ll need to update your integration by 14 September in order to avoid an increase in declined charges.
If you charge your customers when they're not actively using your application (i.e., off-session, as with a subscription, a crowdfunding campaign, or a card saved for a travel reservation) your customers may need to authenticate when saving the payment method. We've released updates to our APIs to support this use case.
With this update, all businesses will find the set of APIs they need to update their integration to be SCA ready. We recommend starting your update soon to ensure that you have ample time to test your updated integration before September.
Visit the Dashboard to learn more about how your business is impacted by SCA and what changes you’ll need to make to get ready.


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Yes i've also had an email stating that this will need implementing before the 14th September, will the option to process payments safely be included as we have to currently leave this option disabled?


As the module currently is at the moment we've also had some issues where they has been a lot of fraud transactions, hopefully this will all be sorted before the implementation date.


We also get the following message:


"You've sent 2 requests with full credit card numbers to Stripe's API in the past day.

We strongly discourage this. In order to process payments securely on Stripe, change your integration to collect payment information using tokenization.

Need help? Contact us at or chat live with a Stripe developer at #stripe on freenode."

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This cant come quick enough, all i've had for the past month is several users ordering hosting then requesting a refund to their bank knowing the API isn't secure and doesnt offer a two factor authentication the bank is going in their favour. 

Whats the BETA release / release date @Paul as I need to get this updated as soon as possible.

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