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Empty cart button does not work

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If a non registered user clicks on a product from my website,  that user is then directed straight to the order form page in Blesta that correlates to the selection they made on my website products and services page.

From here they are shown the option to "login" or "register a new account" and also the cost of the purchase they are about to make.

If at this point, the non registered user simply chooses to "empty cart" ....nothing happens!!!


What i would like to have happen in this situation is for the user to be redirected back to a custom URL I specify in the blesta backend dashboard! (in this case i would usually want it to go back to my website homepage where the user can select an alternative product/service)

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In any order form, when you Empty Cart, the product is removed from the cart and the customer is redirected back to the main order page (i.e. /order/main/). If nothing happens for you, then I'm curious whether there are errors generated on the page that results in no request being performed. Do you have any custom code integrated into the system? It would be useful to have additional information as described in How to Report a Bug so that we can understand your environment configuration and how to reproduce the issue you're having ourselves. Currently, my order system functions as I would expect when emptying the cart.

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