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Zapier Integration


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The solutions we found were pricey. I ended up having a RentaCoder write some PHP code to create a csv file we import into QuickBooks using Transaction Pro.

It works flawlessly, once in QuickBooks we get it into our CRM (Act!) using a QB to CRM bridge. I avoided Zapier because for me, the point of using Blesta is to avoid quasi-public cloud services.

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Not yet. I was considering reaching out to these folks who built the quickbooks plugin for WHMCS to see if he would be willing to make a Blesta version.


The Zapier approach may prove to be a better path, but for billing I'd prefer to keep the man out of the middle.

Let me know if there is interest in pooling resources.  Also want get Blesta's blessing before we initiate because at some point I would like to turn over the code so they can maintain it as part of the core like they do with the other plugins/models.

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