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Blesta 4.6 Beta 2 Released

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Blesta version 4.6.0-b2 (BETA 2) is now available. You can download it from right here (Client Area Login Required). Read the blog post announcement at https://www.blesta.com/2019/05/28/blesta-4.6-beta-released/

This is a BETA release. Beta releases are not considered stable enough for production use, and are UNSUPPORTED. DO NOT INSTALL IN A PRODUCTION ENVIRONMENT.

Please report any bugs you find in the v4.6 beta bug forum.

Installing Blesta

See Installing Blesta in the User Manual for instructions.

Upgrading Blesta

See Upgrading Blesta in the User Manual for instructions.

Release Notes

See Blesta Core - Version 4.6.0-b2.

For older releases see all Change Logs.

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Release Notes - Blesta Core - Version 4.6.0-b2


  • [CORE-3119] - Adding a new config option does not incur a setup fee
  • [CORE-3157] - Markdown editor style issue
  • [CORE-3165] - Custom client fields that are not required and not displayed to clients result in an error
  • [CORE-3166] - Support Manager: Image attachments with caps not embedded
  • [CORE-3170] - Service upgrades calculating incorrect pricing when price overrides are set
  • [CORE-3175] - Services with coupon shows different total price than generated invoice due to tax
  • [CORE-3181] - Order: Remove unnecessary white-space in maxmind tooltips
  • [CORE-3183] - Client service info box doesn't show config option price for one time services
  • [CORE-3184] - Applying coupon code in admin service edit readds config option setup fee
  • [CORE-3185] - Remove unnecessary white-space in HTML tooltips
  • [CORE-3186] - System Overview: Remove unnecessary white-space in HTML tooltips
  • [CORE-3189] - Unable to remove checkbox as only config option in client interface


  • [CORE-2964] - 2Checkout: Update gateway
  • [CORE-3163] - Add renew column in Package pricing expandable area
  • [CORE-3171] - Order: Remove Standard template arrow icons from summary
  • [CORE-3178] - Allow gateways to be fetched by class


  • [CORE-3159] - Show package renew price below/near price


  • [CORE-3180] - PayPal: Subscription functionality has been removed


  • [CORE-3164] - Order: Show package renew price next to initial price

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