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Stripe not reporting customer_id customer_email


When I download reconciliation reports from Stripe, client information for clients we setup in Blesta some time ago - say a year or so ago, is included, so we get customer ID & customer email in the report.

Recent clients are not including this information. I checked with Stripe support, Stripe tells me:
I took a look into the CSV file you've supplied me with and took a look into your account as well, it appears that some of the missing data is due to not having the data set in your Stripe account. For example: Charge for 770, $12 shows no customer on the charge. Therefore, it wouldn't have any of the other columns or rows filled.

Anyone know what is going on here & how we can fix it?

Blesta has the information, I am not sure why it's not finding its way to Stripe. We are on Blesta 4.7.2

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This is really gonna depend on how you set up Stripe in Blesta.  So first, since these are from some time ago, it's safe to say that they are using "Stripe" rather than the new "Stripe Payments".

One thing to note is that one time payments will not have an associated Stripe customer.  Only payments made with payment accounts stored in Blesta will have that association.  

The first place I would look is in the gateway settings under Settings > Company > Gateways when you click Manage on the Stripe gateway.  Is the "Store Card Information Offsite" box checked?  If not then the customer never would have been created in Stripe.

If the box is checked, then I'd say to look at your database in the accounts_cc table.  Find one of the payment accounts associated with stripe (you can compare the gateway_id to the stripe id in the gateways table) and see if that record has a value for the reference_id column.  If it does not then it was created at a time when the box was unchecked and thus would not have a matching customer in Stripe.

If it does have a reference_id then you should be able to use that as the id to search for the client in stripe.  If the client doesn't exist in stripe then it must have been deleted from outside Blesta.


Hope this was helpful :)

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Reading your post more carefully, you said that the problem is with recent accounts.  My suggestions still apply if you are using the "Stripe" gateway, let me know though if you made the switched to "Stripe Payments" because that will be slightly different.

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