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Hi All,

I am proud to announce that first release of Blesta-Cerb plugin.

What is it?

This plugin enables Cerb integration with the Blesta clients to create, update, reply, attach files and close tickets in the native Blesta client interface. This plugin replaces the built-in Support Manager with Cerb.

Why do I want it?

  • What is it good for?: If you receive high volume of emails or helpdesk tickets then replacing Blesta’s helpdesk for Cerb’s would increase productivity and reduce time spent answering emails.

  • What is it not good for?: If the Blesta built-in helpdesk and support system meets your needs then switching to Cerb might add additional complexity. However Cerb’s features are unmatched in the industry.

  • What is it not yet good for?: Cerb offers knowledge base articles that can be viewed by staff and published on its own support center portals. This functionality is not yet integrated into the blesta-cerb plugin.

  • Common use cases for Blesta-Cerb Plugin: If you find that you need to do any of the following then Blesta-Cerb would be a good fit.

    • Email and Helpdesk services are out source
    • Notify workers and staff of new emails and events
    • You offer out source services and need a central place for all support requests
    • Need the ability to automate email and support workflows such as password reset, IP unblocks, etc.
    • Collect Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) or Customer Effort Score (CES) scores
    • … and so much more with their bots 


This plugin is 100% open source under the MIT license and is offered at no cost to you. Paid support is available for those who need it. Otherwise support is offered as best effort on the BitBucket issue page.

Screenshot Tour:

Visit: https://docs.solidnet.software/blesta-cerb/tour/

How do I use this plugin?

Visit our online documentation: https://docs.solidnet.software/blesta-cerb/getting-started/


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Spent the last two hours foraging the around internet trying to figure out how to install this plugin.

1) - One link show how to download a .TAR file

Then a different link on a different page shows a link to download the zip.


2) - After we UN-zip it we get " solidnetwork-blesta-cerb-f520f65efb16 "


3) - We uploaded it to the "plugins " folder within Blesta

And then try to install it.

amongst the plugins list we cannot find it anywhere.

We have tried RE-name the plugin folder in five ( 5 ) different ways.

Still cannot find it amongst the list of plugins.


Took a look at the documentation at . . .




What is the correct name for the plugin folder so that we can see it in the plugins list, so that we can install it ?

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Hi Turner!

The recommend way to download this plugin is via git. Git allows you to:

  • Quickly upgrade by fetching only changed files for the last update
  • Track local changes that you have made
  • Easily revert files back to their default condition
  • See what changes would occur before performing an upgrade
  • Continuously merge your local changes with our future updates.

If for what ever reason you do not want to use git, then you can download a tagged release as indicated from the documentation: https://docs.solidnet.software/blesta-cerb/getting-started/install/#download-direct

As mentioned, you will need to name the folder cerberus


I did take your feedback and update documentation website to make sure to emphases to name the folder cerberus within the plugins folder. 


Hope this helps.

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