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Coupon Percentage



I have created a coupon and gave if a 100% rate, so i can use to test services etc.


i also have a tax rate of 4.5% as a processing fee, but adding the coupon only takes into account the plan rate and not the tax, so a plan at £1.50 will at a 7p tax (£1.57) but using the coupon for 100% removes the £1.50, but leaves the 7p as payable


how can i get this to be 100% in total discount

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The removal of tax from a 100% discount is not currently possible, as you've encountered. A future release will update this when the remainder of the system is converted over to the new item pricing calculations. In the meantime, manual intervention is required to resolve the issue. You can disable tax from every line item of the invoice, or as Licensecart said, void the invoice altogether.

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3 hours ago, chriscpop said:

Has this been resolved? I'm also running into the same problem.


1 hour ago, Licensecart said:

I believe it's fixed in 4.0.0, @Paul would be the best guy to ask :D

To be honest, I'm not sure. I'd suggest testing with beta 5. If it's not, it'll be easier to implement with the new item pricing.

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