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Coupon Can Only Be Used Once Per Account!

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Hi, I have a coupon that people can use one of my service for trial, but it is not good if the client keep using it again again :|

So I open this topic to request the feature "Once per client" in Coupon settings

It would be great if Blesta has this feature in next version  :blesta:  :blesta:  :blesta:

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I sort of prefer the "limit 1 service per client" option. I see this as a package option, only allowing a client to order 1 service from the package. Does this conflict with your suggestion @feezioxiii?

That is perfect ... better than coupons .

I was the last days trying to get this done via our custom order type . We have done a great job in this sense we have played with cart event , the only obstacle is the client should be logged . This will be resolved in v4 with the new order forms visibility .

When we are 100% success in it i will release my hosting odrer type (real hosting order type) .

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