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[Plugin] tawk.to Chat Widget

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Hello Again

LAST UPDATE : 30-08-2016 , Version 1.0.0


is time for chat plugins , another chat system , is  tawk.to Chat plugin .

tawk.to is a free live chat app that lets you monitor and chat with visitors on your website or from a free customizable page. No catch. No spam. No wares. It's truly free and always will be.

The Tawk.to Chat plugin will add the widget to your blesta website in client side .

screenshoot :

admin side



client side :



This Plugin is tested in our test server , no bugs at the moment .

the installtion steps is :

1 - download the file from Blesta Addons .
2 - upload the tawk
folder inside plugin directory .
3 - goto plugins , and install Tawk.to
Chat   .
4 - manage plugin, enter Tawk Site
ID . (from admin dashboard , Property Settings  of your website page)
5 - enjoy the free content

The Plugins / Modules take from us a lot of time , so any donation are welcome .

Any Suggestion/Bug Please report it here .

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10 minutes ago, AnthonyL said:

Quick question : can't we just add the chat code automatically to the footer area or something in blesta? What does the widget do differently? 

that need from you a template modification, and if you are using the default template every upgrade you need to reinsert the code , the widget insert the whole code, you need just to enter the site id , and the plugin will do the rest for you without any file modification , and if you want to can disable , uninstall it without any file change !

why i haven't make a option to paste the will code ?

simply because some server's rules or mode security rules detect the code as injection of malicious code and block it . also is better to save in database on code than the whole JavaScript code .


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Wooo cool slim chat service :P

Never heard about that service, very cool finding naja7host :)

For anyone that tink Blesta is not great comparing with WHMCS, just take a look on the FREE stuff that Blesta includes made by Blestars Devs for Blestars Useres :blesta: 

I have to catch you up naja7host on the free stuff :P eheh I have to develop more lol :lol:

Keep it up ;)

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