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Data Pools Module For Blesta

Data pools module is a magic module that can help you offer so many services with a simple task . admins can add manual data in a system that act as a pool, when the client make the order, the service creation get one record  data from the already saved data list, and attribute it the client and remove it from the list .


  • Selling Gift Card
  • Selling Preconfigured Servers/Switch/Vps
  • Selling Pin Codes
  • Selling License keys
  • Selling info/Links






Order Info

More Info

you can order the Pro subscription and add $5 (order here), or get it with other popular add-ons with the VIP subscription  order here.

any bug/feedback report it here .

best regards

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10 hours ago, satyajit said:

Buy links are different. purchased this but recieved different plugin ( xtreme codes)

Hello Sir

you have purchased another module that is not the same module as data Pools . the data pools module a silver or gold subscriptions



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On 6/14/2020 at 6:00 PM, Abhieet said:

Hi there,
I want to buy data pools module but the link at forum is different so I purchased xtream code module by mistake can you please refund me or compensate the amount with silver subscription

Hello Sir

we have changed the link, thank

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