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Blesta Addons

What you want to see in our next work ?

New Addons to develop  

14 members have voted

  1. 1. Wich addons you want to see first ?

    • Generic Domains Module
    • AdminLTE Update Theme
    • Dynadot module Module
    • Affiliate System Plugin
    • Logicboxes Hosting Module
    • Close Account Plugin

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We have now a small time to develop something new for our subscribers . so we need your vote to decide what we will develop in the next weeks .

1  - Generic Domains Module

a module that will manage domain, availability without the need to any registrar, it will support almost all tlds, cctlds, and new gtlds, something that we have seen request so many times in the forum .

2 - AdminLTE Update Theme

so many clients request the update to the latest blesta v4, so we can do it .

3 - Dynadot module Module

Dynadot is one of the most popular registrar in the world, has a great price for so many extensions, we believe it can help growing the businesses for some blestars.

4 - Affiliate System Plugin

we have already something done, that need a core and order plugin files changes, but if you vote we can re-look again to try make it standalone or at least need a small core files change, we prefer that blesta release it, but if they can't now, we can make the work , if blesta has the intention to release it soon we won't make it to not lose time in something that we be done in the near future.

5 - Logicboxes Hosting Module

logicboxes platform support a lot of product not only domains, the blesta core has the domain one, we have released the Gsuite one for logicboxes, now is time for Hosting products :)

6 - Close Account Plugin

a plugin that allow admins to close accounts that has all the services canceled and invoices closed or voided after x days, and give the clients to self close account .

we opt for your vote, so the ball in your side now :blesta:

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what we have here . 3 options are equals :huh: ( Generic Domains Module / AdminLTE Update Theme / Affiliate System Plugin ) . we will wait more time to see what happen .

some users ask about proxmox, we haven't included proxmox in the list because we have the dedicated time to that. we need now just a test server with latest proxmox .


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