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[Ideas] Notification Center

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our friend @activa has requested a days ago a notification center, we found this request is very helpful for us also, so we have decided to go with it, today we want to share what we are doing.

The plugin will be modular and designed to host Apps components, as the the actual plugins system. so the Notification Center will act as a Apps Hoster for it Usage, with this way we or any other developer  can add it own Apps to send notification, of course install/upgrade/uninstall are already implemented .

The plugins will has some sort of rules, like what should be send from the notifier App, let say i want to send to slack channel XXX only Notification when new n tickets /updated tickets /closed tickets, New Order waiting review. and in another channel YYY you can set for new order, new client, payment received ect ...

For slack we are debating how we should  implement it, Via API key or via Webhooks.

Blesta now has some Events, but the lock of Order and Support Manager Events will force us to do our way to make them work properly with the notification center, of Course when @PauloV update their Support Manager Pro we will support it also.

What Action Will Be Supported in the first Release ?

Client Signup
Client Login
Client Logout
Payment Received.
Invoice Created
Invoice Closed
Invoice Voided
Service Added
Service Suspended
Service Canceled
New Ticket
Update Ticket
New Order

In Next Release :

Package Created
Packages Updated
Add Client Note
Delete Client Note
Add Contact
Edit COntact
Delete Contact


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9 hours ago, Lampard said:

This should have been present in Blesta from first, i wonder why it isn't present...

Because Blesta have it planned but it's not a priority because people want other things first :D can't have everything at once haha. 3.0.0 was a full re-write so it's not like a competitor who has been building on the same core for years.

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