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I am new at Blesta platform. I need to customize order form inputs. My question is

Is there any hook or way to enable/disable any custom Options created by custom module display under configuration Options at Order page from Settings/Admin area? 

As in attached file. I want to enable/display Location from Settings/Admin area

Thanks in advance


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There are a couple ways to include additional information in that section:

  1. Update the custom module you're using to accept that field. This is usually done if the module itself uses the value of that field for some purpose
  2. Create a configurable option under Packages > Configurable Options. Then, assign it to a Configurable Option Group and assign that group to the package. If the configurable option term/period/currency matches what's available on the package, that configurable option will be displayed on the order form.
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On 1/9/2019 at 7:14 AM, lamlai said:

Hi everyone,

I also the same question above. I want to sell hosting packages with lots of Location so what do I do? I want all to automate. Thank!

To add to what Tyson said, you need to consider the module that is being used. For example with the cPanel module and most shared hosting panels, you can sell based on location but it won't appear as a configurable option. You'd do something like this:

  1. Create a "Server Group" in the module (Settings > Modules > cPanel) for each "Location", assign your servers to the right Server Group/Location.
  2. Create a Package Group for each Location, called something like "cPanel Hosting - Los Angeles".
  3. Create your Packages, selecting the "Server Group" that you created in cPanel for each Location.
  4. Create an order form, assigning all your Package Groups to it that you created.

The result is you'll have a Package Group, containing Packages, for each location. If you have 5 locations, then you'd have 5 Package Groups, and 5 of each Package. A configurable option instead would cut down on the number of packages you would need. If you want to make a feature request for a Configurable Option that controls the "Server Group", you're welcome to do so. It's something we would consider. https://requests.blesta.com

Some modules support Configurable Options that can impact location like SolusVM with the "nodegroup" option. https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/SolusVM#SolusVM-ConfigurableOptionsOverview

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@Paul & @Tyson thanks for the sharing. Tyson's way will make our form an additional value of $0 because my hosting packages are priced between the Location. Paul's Way I'm using it but it's not really optimal, it makes the list in my order form long out. I hope Paul you will develop this feature, I just want to have an option for my clients in the order form like that will easily give them a lot more. Thanks again!

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