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Jason Ryan

Missing client_data directory


Hello -

I setup a brand new install of Blesta 4.6 and configured some stuff similarly to my production site running 4.3.2 to test out my custom client theme and I found that in my dev environment, a directory "client_data" was missing from my plugins directory. Does anyone know what plugin this directory is/was associated with? Was it absorbed into another plugin in a recent update or something? My client theme is trying to pull data from it like "number of open invoices" and "number of open tickets". Here is some example code:

	$(document).ready(function() {

	function fetchSupportManagerTickets(status) {
		$(this).blestaRequest("GET", "' . $this->Html->safe($this->base_uri . "plugin/client_data/client_main/count_tickets/open/") . '" + status, null, function(data) {
			if (data)

Just wondering if this has to be rewritten for compatibility with 4.6. As a test, I copied over the "client_data" directory to my dev environment and it was then able to pull the necessary data and display it in the client area, so I am scratching my head. Any insight would be appreciated.


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5 hours ago, Tyson said:

Blesta doesn't come with a ClientData plugin, which explains why it was not in your new installation of Blesta.

It looks like your ClientData plugin is a third-party plugin from @Blesta Addons. You should contact him if there are any compatibility issues.



Ah, it makes sense because I saw that the guy who originally developed the client theme I am using posted in that same thread. Thank you @Tyson

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