Blesta 4.7 Released

September 12, 2019 | Posted by Paul

Blesta 4.7 is now available! A new Stripe Payments gateway provides compliance for SCA (Strong Customer Authentication), 3DSecure. Updated Support Manager allows re-assigning of tickets. Updated DirectAdmin, cPanel, Plesk, VestaCP, and BuycPanel modules, search improvements, and much more!

Download 4.7

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See the documentation for details on how to install or upgrade.

What’s new in 4.7?

  • Added the new Stripe Payments gateway with SCA, 3DS support and a migration utility to move Payment Accounts from legacy Stripe. (See docs.)
  • Updated the merchant gateway system in the core, adding the interface MerchantCcForm to support other SCA gateways in the future.
  • Addons shown in the expandible area now show renew price and service information.
  • Updated DirectAdmin so that it no longer asks for a username and password, but automatically generates them, and added a password generator when changing the password in Blesta.
  • Updated the Support Manager so that tickets can be assigned and re-assigned. Email tags include additional client information, and buttons are disabled on click to prevent duplicate submissions.
  • Updated the BuycPanel module to add support for the new cPanel license types.
  • Updated the VestaCP module so that it now always generates a unique username.
  • Updated cPanel so that domains starting with the word “test” no longer result in usernames with that word.
  • Updated the Order Manager so that the domain name being purchased is now displayed in the order summary.
  • Updated the API URL endpoint for the Payza gateway.
  • Search has been improved to allow searching by Order Number, and contacts are now included in client searches.
  • Amounts are now rounded to the precision specified for the currency.
  • Client Setting changes are now visible in the log under Tools > Logs.
  • Pay Now links sent in emails now show a message if the invoice was already paid.

See our beta announcement for more and the release notes for everything.

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