Professional Invoices

Blesta creates gorgeous, professional looking PDF invoices, and sends them to your clients automatically. Invoices can be sent via email, fax, postal mail, or queued up for print and delivery by your staff.

Two different invoice templates are currently available, and they can be customized with your own logo, background image and more.

Invoices are generated automatically for any recurring services or recurring invoices that are set up, and one-off invoices can be created as well. Invoices support quantities, both decimal and fractional, so you can easily bill for time spent.

A multi-tier tax system calculates the appropriate tax for the region automatically. Exclusive, and inclusive tax types, cascading tax, and more.



Blesta has automation down so that you can focus on what matters most; growing your business. Through automation and a simple intuitive interface, you're able to spend less time using Blesta and more time getting stuff done.

Blesta automates the creation of invoices, sends out payment reminders and late notices, processes payments, suspends past due services, and even remotely backs up its own database to protect against hardware failure.

You can even schedule what time you want automated tasks to run. Create and send invoices to customers at the most responsive time of day!


Payment Gateways

Blesta supports all the most popular payment gateways, and we're continually adding more.That's a partial list to the right.

We break gateways into two categories, Merchant, and Non-Merchant. Merchant gateways allow the processing of credit card or ACH payments directly from Blesta while Non-Merchant gateways take the client away from Blesta to complete payment. Authorize.NET would be considered a merchant gateway, while PayPal would be considered a non-merchant gateway.

Some merchant gateways support the storage of sensitive card and bank details offsite. Those that don't store these details offsite store them encrypted securely with RSA.


Payment Reminders

Blesta can send payment reminders prior to an invoice due date, and late reminders after an invoice becomes late. The email message, the number of days before or after the invoice is due, and the time of day the message is sent is all configurable.

Messages include a special link for the client to make payment, which does not require a login. Loginless payments increase the bottom line and provide for a good customer experience by making it easy to make payment.



Accept money in any currency you like. Gateways, once installed, allow you to specify which currencies to accept from the ones it supports. Pricing can be specified on the package level in various currencies, but if it isn't, you can rely on todays exchange rate to convert the price automatically and process the payment in the currency selected.

Multi-Currency is there if you need it and you can process different currencies through different gateways.

Client Management

In Blesta, client management happens on each client's "Client Profile" page. This page contains all information pertaining to the client, and all actions that can be performed on their account. Information is neatly displayed for Staff, and can be customized to their individual roles and preference. Widget boxes can be moved, minimized, and customized by each staff member on a per-company basis.


Account Actions

Every action that can be performed for a client can be performed from their client profile page.

There are various actions that can be performed throughout the client profile page, but the majority of actions can be found under Account Actions within the left pane. Basic actions can be performed, including creating new invoices, making payment, adding services, even logging in as the client, and more. When working with a client, you never leave their profile page which means you never lose track of who you're dealing with and have all the information you need, front and center.


Widget Badges & Drag-n-Drop

On a client profile page, and throughout the system, widgets make use of badges. Badges are indicators that appear when a widget window is minimized and display the number of items within.

Widgets can be re-arranged via drag-n-drop, and plugins can make additional widgets available for staff members to add.

Blesta remembers the state of every widget for every staff member in every company. The state is saved via AJAX automatically. When staff can organize Blesta in a way that works for them they are likely to be more productive.


Client Groups

Client groups are powerful in that they can override default company settings. Bill certain client groups x days in advance, and others y days in advance. Send out late notices at different times, auto-debit credit cards at different times, allow only certain invoice methods, and more!

Blesta does more than simply categorize clients into groups with colors.

Support System

The Support System features a clean and intuitive, ajax powered ticket system.

Clients can open tickets in their client area, or by email through piping, POP or IMAP. Tickets are assigned to departments where staff can respond. New and updated tickets show up automatically in the ticket queue, which can be displayed full screen; great for dedicated support staff.

As with many things in Blesta, the support system is a plugin. If you're already using a third-party support system, you can uninstall Blesta's support system quickly and easily.

Customize & Extend

Make it your own. Customize your dashboard, add or remove widgets, drag and drop them into new positions. Minimize them, maximize them, and configure them to your liking.

Install new plugins, modules, and gateways that extend Blesta in powerful ways, unlocking new native-like features. There is Blesta core, and there are extensions. Configure Blesta to be exactly what you need, without the confusing clutter.


Blesta ships with several Staff and Client area themes to choose from, and you can create your own.

Themes can also be shared through the import & export feature. Theming Blesta to match your website is fast and easy and there are no files to edit, so you can get up and running quickly.

Custom Themes


New with v3, full multi-company support lets you run all your companies from a single installation, each at their own domain name. Staff can be assigned to one or multiple companies, with different roles and permissions for each, and easily switch between them. Companies can be themed differently from one another, and there is full separation between each company's client base, invoicing, email templates, payments, and more.

Additional companies are licensed separately, purchase as many addon companies as you need.

Developer Friendly

Blesta is well written, source documented, object oriented code that is more than 99.4% open. Less than 0.6% and only 3 files are encoded, just enough to protect licensing.

Functionally, you have full control over the source code for every feature. While we strongly recommend extending Blesta through the plugin system, there's nothing like having the source code at your finger tips.

We are not ashamed of our code, it's poetry.

Over 99.4% open code



Developers need documentation, great documentation. We can tell pretty quickly when building our own modules with third party API tie-ins which are going to be a dream and which are going to be a nightmare. We want working with Blesta to be a dream.

We have both Developer Documentation, and Source Docs available. Since all public model methods are accessible over the API, including those for plugins, the source docs double as the API docs.


Core & Plugins

We like to think of Blesta as consisting of a "core", and everything else as an "extension". All the basic billing functionality is built into the core, and virtually everything else is an extension which can be installed or uninstalled at anytime. Blesta is a powerful integration platform.