Offering Blesta licenses to your customers is a great way to add an additional revenue stream or value-add to your existing offering. There are two types of reseller accounts, Standard and VAR (Value Added Reseller). Which type is best for you depends largely on your target audience. If you want to sell licenses to the public, for installation with any hosting provider, a Standard reseller account is what you’ll need. If you are a hosting provider and want to offer licenses to your existing customers for free, as part of a hosting reseller plan for example, a VAR account might be right for you.

Standard Account

  1. Can sell licenses to the general public.
  2. Can sell both monthly and owned licenses.
  3. Pay per license model means you only pay for licenses you have.
  4. Pricing is determined by volume, the more licenses you sell, the lower per-license cost.

VAR Account

  1. Can only sell or offer licenses to customers as part of a value-add, such as inclusion as part of a web-hosting reseller account.
  2. Unlimited licenses for a flat monthly fee. Your cost stays the same regardless of the number of licenses, easy to budget!
  3. Just pay first month’s service to start.

Standard Reseller Pricing

Our tiered pricing structure means you get the best pricing for your volume bracket. To become a standard reseller and get discounted pricing you just need to contact sales once you have at least 4 active licenses.

Once a standard reseller, you can add and remove licenses from your account at anytime. Once a month we take a look at how many active monthly licenses you have and bill you for those. Owned licenses are billed when ordered.

License Count Monthly Branded Owned Branded Discount
5-9 $10.35/mo $200 20%
10-24 $9.05/mo $175 30%
25-74 $7.75/mo $150 40%
75-149 $6.45/mo $125 50%
150+ $5.15/mo $100 60%

* Plan to offer Blesta exclusively? Email for further discounts on our standard reseller plan.

If you have an owned license, you can start with your first monthly license (Does not require 5 licenses). Signup in the client area under the “Reseller” section and get started right away!

VAR Reseller Pricing

Value Added Resellers get unlimited licenses for a fixed monthly fee. Give us a call at 714-398-8132, or email

so we can discuss this program and pricing.

Reseller API Docs

Version 2.0 of our Reseller API documentation can be viewed here.