Feature Highlight - Navigation Editor

December 30, 2020 | Posted by Paul

How do I edit the navigation? This question has become increasingly common, so we implemented a new navigation editor.

In Blesta version 5 (currently in beta as of this post), you can create, delete, and sort navigation items for the staff, client, and public areas. Previously you had to either edit a template file, write your own plugin, or use a third party CMS plugin. Editing the navigation now is super simple and requires no code.

How does it work?

Watch the short video below!

  1. Visit Settings > Company > Look and Feel > Navigation.
  2. Create your own Actions (Navigation links) for the staff, client, or public navigation.
  3. Click to add or remove, and drag & drop to sort navigation links.

Tip! Drag items into a primary navigation item to make it a sub-navigation item.

Have you installed the 5.0 beta yet?

The Navigation Editor was added in Blesta 5.0 (currently in beta as of this post), but you can install the beta and give it a try!