Statement on Recent Industry News

April 12, 2021 | Posted by Paul

Last week, on April 6, 2021, our competitor announced that they would no longer continue to provide updates or support for owned licenses. As a result, their owned license holders must either forgo updating the software, switch to monthly licenses – which also (at the same time by the way) received a massive price increase, or migrate to another solution. This news is currently the topic of debate in industry circles, and the backlash has been nothing short of tremendous.

We’ve heard from hundreds of folks, and more and more each day. Companies and developers alike are flocking to Blesta. There are more Blesta trials active now than ever before. We issued more developer licenses in the past week than the previous three months. Some of the most popular third-party developers are shifting their efforts toward Blesta, and for good reason. Demand for various integrations is skyrocketing as companies plan their migrations to Blesta. There’s an opportunity to be part of what we may all look back on as an industry shift.

We have been receiving several different types of emails, chats, tweets, and Facebook and Linkedin messages. Encouraging well-wishes, questions about migrating to Blesta, developing on our platform, and whether we plan to restructure our licensing similarly. Naturally, people have questions, so I wanted to answer some of the most common ones here.

Can we expect Blesta to do the same?

Integrity is worth far more than ill-gotten fortunes. We have a consistent track record of saying what we mean, and doing what we say. Blesta has been around since 2007, and we have the best reputation in the web-hosting billing market. We owe a big thanks to all of our current (and future) customers for their very real support in bringing us to where we are now and for where we end up tomorrow. Gratitude should play a part in the decisions that impact your customers.

As long as I have a say in it, we will continue to put integrity first. Treating customers well is more than just a good thing, it’s our duty – and purpose. We owe it to everyone to remember that. No bait and switch. No empty promises. That doesn’t mean that changes at times aren’t necessary, but there is a way forward that preserves integrity with gratitude. Blesta is privately owned, so there are no cold Venture-Capital hands pulling strings here, and we have no plans to sell. We aren’t making any changes.

Is there a migration path to Blesta?

Absolutely! Download and install Blesta and select “Start a 30-day free trial” when prompted for a key. Then just follow the documentation to import your data. If you run into any trouble or need any help, reach out and let us know. We are continually making improvements to our importer and we will do what we can to ensure a successful migration.

I need XYZ (feature, module, gateway), can you create it?

We are continually adding new features, payment gateways and modules to Blesta. Over the past few days we have issued a large number of developer licenses to developers who are just beginning to switch to our platform. If you are a developer, reach out, and we’ll get you a license too. As a result, you can expect to see many new extensions coming to market in the weeks and months ahead from a wide variety of sources. We also build extensions that get enough support on our requests site, and offer a sponsored development option. Sponsored development helps cover our costs implementing a feature or extension, and gets the sponsor a shout out on our blog. If you’re interested in sponsored development, let us know.

I’m a fan of Blesta, what can I do to help?

If you are using a competing product, seriously consider moving to Blesta. If you are a hosting provider that offers reseller hosting, please consider becoming one of our Value-Added Resellers and offering Blesta to your clients. Use your influence to ask companies to integrate with or offer Blesta too. We will continue to invest more and more into Blesta as we are able, and your help will directly contribute to our growth. If you haven’t already, please join our Discord server, our affiliate program, or reach out and say hello.

We are thankful for you and we won’t soon forget your support.

To our mutual success,

Paul Phillips

President & CEO