Blesta 5.3 Beta Released

January 27, 2022 | Posted by Paul

We are pleased to announce that Blesta 5.3.0 BETA 1 has been released!

Can I participate in the beta?

If you have an owned or monthly license with us directly, you may download in the client area now (Login Required). If you obtained your license from a reseller or distributor, you may be able to participate. Contact your reseller to find out. As with any beta, this release is for non-production use only and is unsupported. DO NOT UPGRADE YOUR PRODUCTION. During installation, choose to start a free trial, open a ticket to request a trial key, or use your dev license if you have one.

Once you are up and running, head to the forums to report any issues and let us know what you think! If you have a license and are verified or become verified on our Discord chat, you’ll have access to a license holder only beta forum.

Visit the Beta Forums! Visit Discord Chat!

Staff can now push services from one client to another within the services widget on the client's profile page.

(Caption: Staff can now push services from one client to another within the services widget on the client’s profile page.)

So what is new in 5.3?

Blesta version 5.3 includes improvements and updates to the Domain Manager including OpenSRS, services can now be moved between clients, staff can set client dashboard widget sort order and enable or disable widgets, many new client messenger templates were added, ACH support added to Stripe Payments, new Accept.js gateway, and more.

Updated Extensions

  • Domain Manager now supports importing and updating pricing with markup and rounding from Enom, Logicboxes, Namecheap, and Namesilo. TLD’s must be created first, but automatic TLD creation will be implemented in a subsequent release.
  • Namesilo registrar module now supports TLD configurable options.
  • Order plugin now supports CAPTCHA when logging in, if enabled.
  • New OpenSRS domain registrar module.
  • New Accept.js merchant payment gateway.
  • Added ACH support to Stripe Payments payment gateway.
  • Modules and gateways updated to log curl errors to help resolve issues.
  • Pterodactyl service provisioning will no longer fail if there is an email conflict with a sub user.
  • Paystack gateway now supports GHS and ZAR currencies.

Changes to the Core

  • Client area dashboard widgets can now be sorted and enabled/disabled by staff.
  • Expanded the Messenger System to add many new client messenger templates.
  • Services can now be pushed from one client to another.
  • Staff and Client templates that have missing views will load the default template instead.
  • Added a new setting to append package descriptions to invoice line items.

Notes for Developers

  • Added more registrar module methods.
  • Added before/after event actions.
  • When creating templates, missing views will be loaded from the default templates.
  • Modules and plugins can now write to the cron log.

Client Template Changes

  • /app/views/client/bootstrap/client_accounts_ach_info.pdt updated
  • /app/views/client/bootstrap/client_accounts_cc_info.pdt updated

Staff Template Changes

  • /app/views/admin/default/admin_billing_services.pdt updated
  • /app/views/admin/default/admin_clients_account_achinfo.pdt updated
  • /app/views/admin/default/admin_clients_add.pdt updated
  • /app/views/admin/default/admin_clients_services.pdt updated
  • /app/views/admin/default/admin_company_billing_invoices_form.pdt updated
  • /app/views/admin/default/admin_company_lookandfeel_layout.pdt updated
  • /app/views/admin/default/admin_company_lookandfeel_layout_tab.pdt updated

Note Regarding Hotfixes

Blesta no longer supports versions older than PHP 7.2 as of Blesta 5.0, so there is no longer a need to ship hotfixes for these versions.

See the release notes for more details on this release.

Is there something you want to see in Blesta? Create a new feature request or upvote an existing one!

When is the final release?

Version 5.3 will be officially released after the beta phase has completed, which we expect to happen soon. Once we deem 5.3 stable for production, a final release will be issued. You can help speed things along by participating in the beta!