Blesta 4.3 Beta Released

June 15, 2018 | Posted by Paul

We are pleased to announce that Blesta 4.3.0 BETA 1 has been released!

Can I participate in the beta?

If you have an owned or monthly license with us directly, you may download in the client area now (Login Required). If you obtained your license from a reseller or distributor, you may be able to participate. Contact your reseller to find out. As with any beta, this release is for non-production use only and is unsupported. During installation, choose to start a free trial, open a ticket to request a trial key, or use your dev license if you have one.

Once you are up and running, head to the forums to report any issues and let us know what you think!

Visit the Beta Forums!

Adding and Sorting Package Groups on Order Forms

(Caption: Adding and sorting Package Groups on an Order Form)

So what is new in 4.3?

Blesta version 4.3 includes several new extensions, and new features, including features to help you respond to GDPR requests and ease the burden of compliance.

New Extensions

These extensions will be included in the final release of 4.3, but can be downloaded separately now.

  • Vultr module (Download from the forums).
  • TeamSpeak 3 module (Download from the forums).
  • CyberPanel module (Download from the forums).
  • CoinPayments gateway (Download from Github).
  • CoinGate gateway (Download from forums).

Updated Extensions

  • Order Manager
    • Clients may now order Restricted Packages that are assigned to them.
    • Package Groups can be sorted by drag and drop, changing their order of display on order forms.
    • Embed code may now be set for the order form, for tracking or conversion data collection. (See docs.)
    • Listens for the Clients.delete event, and removes a deleted client’s order data (For GDPR).
  • Support Manager
    • Tickets may now be permanently deleted, normally after a defined period of time in the trash.
    • Added new ticket status “On Hold”.
    • Now listens for the Clients.delete event, and removes a deleted client’s tickets (For GDPR).
  • Download Manager
    • Improved staff management UI.
    • Unauthenticated users now see a message when there are hidden files in a directory to indicate so.
  • Billing Overview
    • Proforma stats can now be displayed.
  • SolusVM: Added a password generator for root password changes.
  • Client Documents: Listens for the Clients.delete event and removes associated documents (For GDPR).
  • PayPal Payments Standard: Payer’s email address is now stored in the transaction reference field.

Changes to the Core

  • Clients may now be fully deleted (GDPR: Right to erasure / Right to be forgotten).
  • Client data may now be exported in JSON file format (GDPR: Right to portability).
  • Clients may now opt-in to email marketing (GDPR: Consent).
  • New addon services can now be prorated to renew at the same time as their parent.
    • The option may be found under (Settings > Company > Billing/Payment, and within the Client Group).
  • Staff may set a reason when manually suspending a service.
    • To include the reason on your Service Suspended template, use the tag {service.suspension_reason}.
  • Most submit buttons are now disabled on click to prevent duplicate submissions.
  • Added JSON format to the Report Manager.
  • Added a new log for client setting changes, to track marketing opt-in/opt-out requests.
  • Google Finance discontinued their exchange rate service. See the list of current processors.

Changes for Developers

  • Plugins can now register service management options like modules. (See docs.)
    • Note: If any plugins implement this, a section will appear for Packages to assign them.
  • Modules can now create their own automation tasks like plugins. (See docs.)
  • Added a new event, Clients.export. (Clients.delete should be used in your plugins for GDPR.)
  • Added a new javascript password generator, that can be used by extensions.
  • The Event System has been updated, and the Events component has been deprecated. (See docs.)

And more! See the release notes for more details.

Is there something you want to see in Blesta? Create a new feature request or upvote an existing one!

When is the final release?

Version 4.3 will be officially released after the beta phase has completed, which we expect to take a week or two. Once we deem 4.3 stable for production, a final release will be issued. You can help by participating in the beta!