Blesta 5.2 Released

October 19, 2021 | Posted by Paul

Blesta 5.2 is now available! The domain manager introduced last version has been updated with new features an improvements. Staff and clients can now renew in advance. Configurable option logic has been expanded with multi-select and new operators. We introduced a new proper inclusive tax type and UK HMRC VAT validation, and much more!

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If upgrading from a release prior to 5.0, please review the version 5.0 announcement prior to upgrading. 5.0 was a major release and increased system requirements. ALWAYS BACKUP YOUR FILES + DATABASE PRIOR TO UPGRADING.

See the documentation for details on how to install or upgrade.

What’s new in 5.2?

  • Added an option so that clients and staff can renew services and domains in advance.
  • Added a proper new “Inclusive” tax type.
  • Added UK HMRC VAT validation.
  • Added “In” and “Not In” operators for configurable option logic.
  • Added a multi-select for configurable option logic.
  • Added an option to disable instead of hiding unavailable configurable options.
  • Updated the Domain Manager to separate domains from services into their own widget.
  • Updated the Domain Manager to allow bulk enabling/disabling of TLDs.
  • Updated the Domain Manager to allow simpler setting of addon prices.
  • Updated the Domain Manager to include a client area page for domains.
  • Updated the client area to simplify the navigation, and add a contacts box to the left column.
  • Updated the Braintree gateway to add support for CC offsite / tokenization.
  • Updated the Plesk module to allow an account limit and new add order option to be set.
  • Updated the Order plugin to include a currency selector on domain order pages.
  • Updated the Order plugin to add a TLD pricing table below the domain search box on order pages.
  • Updated the Import Manager plugin to improve importing of contacts from newer versions of WHMCS.

See our beta announcement for more and the release notes for everything.


If you are a developer, you should review the version 5 Migration Guide and update your extensions if you haven’t already done so.

A big shout out to the following companies for sponsoring development for one or more items in this release.

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