Blesta 5.8 Released

August 28, 2023 | Posted by Paul

Blesta 5.8 is now available! We added the option to include a free domain with qualifying hosting plan. We added a new Managed Accounts feature allows clients to invite other clients to manage their account with permissions. A new PayPal Checkout payment gateway was added, and we updated the importer to allow imports via CLI to avoid timeouts, and more!

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If upgrading from a release prior to 5.0, please review the version 5.0 announcement prior to upgrading. 5.0 was a major release and increased system requirements. ALWAYS BACKUP YOUR FILES + DATABASE PRIOR TO UPGRADING.

See the documentation for details on how to install or upgrade.

What’s new in 5.8?

  • Added a Managed Accounts feature. Clients can invite other clients to manage their account.
  • Added an option to offer a free domain with qualifying hosting package.
  • Added a 1 minute interval to some automation tasks, including Process Service Changes, Process Renewals, Provision Paid Pending Services, and Unsuspend Services.
  • Added an option to Packages to allow clients to select module group during checkout (Useful for location).
  • Added an option to Custom Client Fields to include a link within the field name.
  • Added a new PayPal Checkout non-merchant gateway.
  • Added an option to preview client themes and templates by appending ?bltheme=THEME-ID, and/or ?bltemplate=TEMPLATENAME to the URL.
  • Added a read-only option to Required Client Fields to prevent clients from changing those fields later.
  • Updated the affiliate system to allow hidden packages (domain names) to be excluded from commissions.
  • Updated the order system to observe custom order links when using the Domain and Other Order type.
  • Updated the order system to reduce the number of steps during checkout when using only 1 non-merchant gateway.
  • Updated the import manager to allow importing via CLI, improving reliability of large data sets.
  • Updated the Two-Factor Authentication page for clients to show both Hex and Base32 keys in addition to the QR code.
  • Updated the PHPIDS plugin to make it compatible with PHP 8.

See our beta announcement for more and the release notes for everything.


  • Reminder: If you are a developer, we recommend updating your extensions to support PHP 8 if they don’t already. PHP 7.4 has been EOL since November 28th!

A big shout out to the following companies for sponsoring development for one or more items in this release.

Sponsored development is a good way to support Blesta and get a shout out for your company! Interested? Reach out and say hello.

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